Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Garrett and Lance go deep into what you can expect during the final live run of the Command Z 4-Week Radical Undoing Intensives.

-How to stop feeling like a fraud in your own skin
-How to find adventure just under the surface of your ignored daily life
-How to stop ignoring and avoiding your daily life and everything in it.
-Your way into authenticity, creativity, and enjoying your life all the time.
-a Hell of a Lot More.

The CZ Intensives are for those few adventurers bold enough to seize their lives and enjoy the massive expansion offered during the 4 weeks.

DO NOT take the intensives IF you aren’t willing to invest the daily effort to make it work for you.

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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Welcome to the Art of Not Giving a F*ck Episode 14: An Evening with Zan Perrion.

Many of you know Zan Perrion from his online and in-person workshops, trainings, and experiential events.

Some of you also know him from his recent book, The Alabaster Girl.

Enjoy the tales of adventure, transformation, exploration, and ultimately transcendence into a completely new, uncharted way of life.


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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

“You can’t just have fun all the time!”

Really? And why the f*ck not?

(censored for FB and iTunes purposes. If you feel you’re mature enough to see the whole word, please let both companies know.)

Seriously. I used the word “f*ck” in that last sentence to express the absolutely stomach-twisting, face-mangling frustration I feel when I hear people arguing against having fun.

It just blows my mind beyond anything I can possibly put into words.

Literally, sit on your deathbed with me for a moment. Right now.

Don’t avoid it. Look me in the eyes here.

You’re headed for an ending of that body of yours, and everything you thought you knew is on it’s way out of your life.

Sooner or later, it all goes away.

So stop taking it all for granted! (including all the really difficult stuff…)

On Season 4 Episode 10 of Loius (Loius CK’s brilliant TV show), Loius complains about his heartbreak to an old man on the street.

The old man is Charles Grodin, and the blistering transcendence he dumps on Loius in the clip below will melt your mind and steal your ability to complain about the beauty and richness YOU’RE IGNORING EVEN RIGHT NOW!

Yeah. It’s devastatingly beautiful.

I’d really recommend watching it a few times, just to drink up everything there to feel.

You know you’ve worn those shoes before too.

Time to celebrate?

I sure am.

There’s not a single moment that a part of me isn’t celebrating. And I’ve been through some shit…some of which I’ve talked about, much of which I haven’t (yet).

Even my most difficult and traumatic experiences have been converted into gems of delight, mystery, and enjoyment that I’d never trade away for anyone else’s life.

That brings us back to that little matter of fun.

Fun never lies.

You know whether or not you’re having fun at any given moment.

I propose that if you’re not having fun, that you ask yourself exactly why not.

The answer will always be a version of one of the following:

1. You feel limited and restricted.

2. You feel frustrated.

3. You feel uncomfortable.

If you do feel limited, frustrated, and otherwise uncomfortable, have you chosen your situation?

If not, can you escape it somehow?

If not, can you enjoy it somehow, and make it align with your deepest desires anyway?

Can you steal some of your time and life back from it? Are you willing to?

The funniest thing is that you’ll very rarely get “Yes” answers when you ask yourself if you’re having fun.

Do you know why?

Because when you’re actually having fun, you don’t stop to second-guess and question what the hell you’re doing. You’re too bust having fun.

Get it?

Now that’s just ONE of the many extremely powerful tools and experiences I’ve built into the NGF Elite Training.

I’ve got the new live training almost ready to go.

I’ll send you the invite tomorrow, but mark your calendar.

Lance and I will be going live on Saturday June 20 for a special first look at the Elite NGF Training.

You’ll get a sneak peek into the actual elements of the training and adventure experience, plus get to try some of it out yourself during the show.

Next week, we’ve got something we’ve been working on since 2010, but I never thought we’d release it.

Turns out, this moment in history is perfect for it.

I’m not gonna tell you what it is quite yet, but get this:

It’s going to take you further than Leary, Crowley, Terrence Mckenna, and all the psychedelics in the world combined. (Big statement, I know. And we’re going to show you exactly how to back it up and prove it to yourself!)

Ok, I’m a little excited, so I’ll stop there before I tell you too much all at once.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to work with me, I’d highly suggest responding to this email, or using the contact form here on the site.

This is one of your final notices/warnings, because the rare window of opportunity to work directly with me is about to close, except to a very tiny group of people. If you’re one of them, get in touch. Now’s your chance…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now get out there and have some fun!

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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Ben Settle joins Garrett for part 3 of our Art of NGF Bonanza

The evening’s entertainments include:

Down and dirty guide to getting started in bizness. Follow these tips and you’ll get off the ground in no time.

Find out exactly why competition is a good thing–never something to fear.

If he had to start all over today, Ben said he’d choose this as a focus for his business.

Exactly why you’re no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first.

Secret wisdom from the classic film: Boyz in da Hood.

Why you should never do this specific thing for free if you ever want to make good money.

The vast, secret power of specialization–and why you need to do it in your business right away.

How to find the people who are already 80% sold on the value of what you have to offer.

How to be the Bitch at the top of the mountain and not the Ho at the bottom.

How and why to elevate your performance to match your actual worth.

And a hell of a lot more.

Go deeper with Ben here:

And here:

Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Part 2 of 3: Put your mission on a pedestal, don’t give a f*ck about the rest.

Ben and Garrett pan for gold as the conversation flows on through more terra incognita such as:

Why guys should always have a real fishing rod from, for example. (And figuratively: why guys who do business are such a good catch)

What women really like men for. (let’s argue this one out.)

How the hell to know your role in life–and how to be someone’s king.

What women need to see in men in order to have a balanced, healthy realtionship (you might HATE this one, but it’s true.)

Putting your life’s mission on the pedestal and not giving a fuck about the haters.

Becoming a gravitational force for everything you really want.

And the simple choice we all face all the time between Feel and Die!

Enjoy the show, and find out more about Ben Settle here: and listen to his killer podcast here:

Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Welcome back to our friend and honorary Art of Not Giving a F*ck artist-in-residence Ben Settle.

For tonight’s entertainments, you’ll be delighted as Ben and Garrett traipse and maunder through this terra incognito:

What is happiness and how can you keep it?

Burn your boats on the shore!…The Art of Going Further!

Are 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies?

Waking up from the nice guy trance, forever!

Leaving it all on the table…all the time

How to confront your haters and always come out ahead.

The ins and outs and ins of emotional warfare!

Anti-Ninja Social Hack: The benefits of allowing others to “deflate their own balloons” rather than doing the thankless work of popping them.

“The Battle of the Sexes” (This always gets a laugh and a boot to the head)

The beauty and power of finally admitting to yourself that a drama-free life doesn’t exist and is neither possible nor desirable.

Plus a hell of a lot more you’ll just have to listen and discover.

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See you next time in part 2 of 3…

Learn how to do way better at business with a lot less stupid effort:

And Check out the Ben Settle show for sound advice on business, dating, and all the other sh*t you want to enjoy more in your life. Right here:

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