A Self Transformation Story:

“I had always been deeply unhappy working in an office, but couldn’t see a way out. The fear of “not surviving” kept me in a job I hated. After doing a bunch of Undoing with Command Z, and talking with Garrett about other possibilities, some of the fear around making changes dropped away. It became absolutely necessary to make a big change — staying at the job became too painful.

“I ended up going with the flow of the situation as it emerged, and quit first thing Monday morning with a plan to move far away. Days later I was offered the option to work remotely on a freelance basis, with much more favorable conditions.

“Undoing helped to overcome the tension and anxiety around quitting, and mutated my ongoing suffering into a severe allergic reaction that couldn’t be ignored. Working with Command Z helped me to realize that I’d be okay even if things didn’t go well, and that it’s well worth facing the imagined risks in order to take a bold step forward.” 

Andrew B. Essex, England.


Looking for real transformation in your life?

You’ve probably tried a few different things like yoga, self improvement programs, productivity courses, life change therapies, diets, self-help books, meditation practices, and maybe lots of other stuff in that realm. And maybe you’re starting to wonder if those approaches can really give you the results you want…

Have you ever felt guilty for not doing your yoga, or for not meditating enough, or for not living up to what you set out to accomplish?

Do you get confused by the complexity of mystical and magical approaches to life change?

Have you gotten some decent results, only to feel a dull ache in your chest after the newfound joy wore off a little too quickly?

It’s not that your life is terrible, it’s just that most life change practices will keep you running like a hamster in The Wheel of Suffering, trapped in false beliefs that won’t ever allow you to think, feel, and navigate your life with YOUR OWN DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

You’ve settled for something less without even realizing it, and now your tensions and thoughts have you locked into a holding pattern.

Command Z provides practical tools for people who want real, permanent LIFE TRANSFORMATION, but need the inner self-motivation to get there.

Call it a “perception upgrade” if you will, although no metaphor can accurately represent the direct personal experience of deep, abiding joy and transcendence of your external circumstances that comes from UNDOING your chronic tensions and melting away mental conflicts.

“I no longer can stand doing what I don’t really want to do. I am more willing to face the unknown. Words alone wouldn’t really be able to accurately portray the feeling and the shift in consciousness to another person who hasn’t had the experience. The difference between real-life experienced based knowing and mere conceptual knowing. Or thinking “about.” Tony Browne. Austin, TX. 


Here’s how you do it


Be honest with yourself, and start to pay attention to the difference between your ideas about how things should be and your direct observations of how things actually are.

Let’s repeat that in another way:

Your conditioned ideas about reality are very different from what your Direct Experience tells you. 

This internal battle constricts your muscles. (You can FEEL it right now!) Tight muscles send fear signals to your brain. Fear, emergency, and conflict restrict your ability to transcend your perceived limitations. That’s why it’s impossible to think or imagine your way out of the wheel of suffering.

“I see my life as it really is. And who and what I am capable of doing”. Dave V. Pittsburgh, PA



You experience life through your Body. Everything you perceive comes to you through your senses and it is registered and imprinted in every part of you.

Inaccurate ideas about yourself and your life make your muscles tense up, those muscles squeeze your body and restrict your brain’s ability to see reality as it is.

The more rigid your body becomes, the harder it is to experience anything besides your old, familiar patterns.

You wouldn’t wear a 100 pound suit of plate metal armor to a picnic on the beach, but that’s what most people are doing with their bodies: constantly preparing for emergency and never enjoying what’s actually going on.

Think about it this way: you’ve got a beautiful old Victorian mansion, but the foundations are rotten from years of decay and neglect, so no matter how much you work on the Money Pit–painting walls, changing floors, putting in new appliances–the whole thing’ll come crumbling down unless you do a deep and radical reconstruction. 

The good news is that transformation is possible, and the tools you need are already there in your body. All you have to do is interrupt your wheel of suffering by breaking the tension patterns in your body which, again, is the foundation of everything else in your life.

In a word, you undo the knots—both mental and physical—to finally get on with your life, which is not the life your parents, teachers, and society demanded of you. But the one where you feel empowered, expansive and satisfied…no matter what’s going on around you.

“Undo your physical tensions and your psychological tensions will dissipate. And there’s a lot deep inside yourself that you have forgotten or didn’t even know about that has been buried under those tensions for most of your life.” -Scott McNeal. Houston, TX.



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