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Yeah, I get it.

We’ve all got a lot going on. And even when we don’t have a lot going on, we still have things that occupy our time and interest.

Apps, games, hanging out with friends, and just sitting around fucking off…these are all great activities, and I indulge in them myself–sometimes for days at a time.

However, we all know there’s a time to get real.

Maybe for you, that time is now.

I just gave a session to a very successful long-term client today who’s made excellent progress applying the hypnosis and undoing techniques from the recent workshop.

He applied just one of those techniques–The Clear View, which I sent out to you a week or two ago–and was able to overcome a block in his life.

The same night as applying The Clear View technique, he had a dream about the situation that gave him the inspiration and strength to take the action he’d been avoiding for weeks.

And guess what? He got great results. The situation resolved exactly how he wanted, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed when he was avoiding taking action.

Now maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but it really is. not only did he actually APPLY the technique in the context of his life, but he took action based on what he learned.

In just one day, he opened up the door to communication with his unconscious mind, and was able to resolve a difficult situation very rapidly.

Now remember, that’s applying JUST ONE of the many techniques you’ll get from the workshop.

I’m thinking about including the introductory time distortion techniques during the workshop as well, so you won’t want to miss it.

Also, I want to share with you another client’s responses to the first Undoing and Hypnosis workshop:

“I’m now more grounded to what’s really going on and I see more clearly what I really want. Last week I’ve been just naturally feeling the urge to take action towards the things I want authentically.

“I’ve taken care of couple of things that I’ve procrastinated for a long time and I feel the blocks that held me back are now dissolving.

“I was very into self development stuff for a while before I found undoing. Results were basically many wasted hours on reading and it just created more of the expectations about how things should be without fulfilling them. 

“Radical Undoing encourages the most straightforward action towards what you want. Working with the unconscious mind [with hypnosis] then boosts the effects, so you’re going forward almost automatically.”

Thanks to Aleksi for the kind words, and for the amazing persistence and motivation he brings to making his life great.

I look forward to hearing about your results, so just click here to read all about the workshop, and get yourself registered.

Remember, it also includes a personalized handwriting analysis, 4 private sessions, many live demonstrations, downloads of guides for applying the techniques, and recordings of the entire workshop series.

Oh yeah, and you get the NGF Mentalism workshop as a bonus too… You’ll love the secrets that get dropped in that one.

Let’s get started.



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