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You’re watching the newest episode of Breaking Bad. Things start to get real when Walter kills someone. Cut to commercial.

Ya know those local TV ads that run on cable sometimes? Low budget ads targeted at you and your neighbors for the car lot up the street, that carpenter guy who did your cabinets, and that gourmet pizza place–CZ Pizza–you sometimes call to have them deliver their thin-crust sweetness to your living room.

This is the 5th time the commercial raced through your eyes, into your brain, and dropped down into your stomach, where it gestates and grows into a strong desire for some Goddamn Pizza!


They give you that great garlic butter dipping sauce and a side of aged balsamic glaze that transforms the crust into a dessert-like experience to extend the goodness Indian Summer style.

Do you understand the beatific deliciosity of this pizza?

There’s no question, you really want this pizza, and you want it now.

So what happens next?

A. The pictures of pizza and your imaginings about what it must taste like are enough to fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger. You carry on watching TV.

B. You grab the pamphlet menu stuck to your fridge with the cute pizza-slice magnet from CZ Pizza and look at all the different options. The pictures are so great. You remember that time you had a Meatball Hoagy that was one part mess to five parts damn good! Finally, after looking at the entire menu, you feel stuffed and go back to watching TV. Satisfaction!

C. You’re not one of those simpletons who falls for commercials and images and menus. You want more. You’re a DOER! You record the rest of Breaking Bad for later. Now’s the time for action! You read the wikipedia article about pizza. You look up every pizza place in your area and research all the different toppings, flavors, cheeses, sizes and other variables that make for a transcendent pizza experience.

Five years later, you look up from your computer screen and realize something very important has taken place. You finally understand pizza. It all makes sense now. In fact, you’re a pizza expert. So you write a book about pizza, and let your pizza wisdom ring out around the world in 50 different languages. Your satisfaction is so complete, you never have to eat pizza again. Just thinking about it makes you feel full and content. You don’t even remember what TV show you were watching.

No, you’re better than that now. You only care about pizza. You’re too busy for TV now. Pizza is all that matters.

Funny thing is, if someone asked you–which no one ever will–when the last time you tasted pizza was, you couldn’t answer them. You almost forgot that you’ve never actually tried it. But what does that matter? You UNDERSTAND IT.

D. You want the pizza so bad, but you feel so guilty for wanting it. People like you shouldn’t want pizza, but you do want it. Temptation! You know the right thing to do is fight the urge to eat pizza. You mom told you not to eat it, and so did the preacher. The scientists and doctors told you it’s bad for you. If you eat the pizza, you’re going against all your resolutions to be a good person, to keep on track, to do the right thing. The experts agree, you shouldn’t eat pizza, so you don’t do it. You eat a celery stick and read the Bible instead. You hope that no one catches you watching Breaking Bad either. Good people don’t like shows like that.

E. You order the fucking pizza and eat it, and then you let it go. On with the show.


We interrupt this broadcast to let you finish your pizza during the final moments of the show. Come back when you understand just what the hell is going on here?


Here’s your personal invitation. You have 4 options:

A. Feel satisfied that you’ve accomplished something now that you understand this blog post.

B. Read more of the blog posts on the site. Maybe even check out the Command Z youtube videos. In fact, you might want to sign up for the email list, you can do that over in the right sidebar. You’ll get 7 days worth of videos and emails full of practical data to shake up your dusty brain. Watch the videos, read the emails, and make sure you understand everything we tell you.

You can rely on your vast knowledge of philsophy, science, religion, spirituality, self-development, productivity, and personal growth to help you categorize things, box them up, and do you best to forget about it. Agree with some of it, disagree with other parts, feel neutral about the rest. Just don’t think for yourself about it. Your habitual reactions will do just fine. Now you have an understanding that will serve you quite well. Serve you for what?

C. Not only are you going to read the entire blog, study all the videos, try all the exercises, and signup for the email series…you’re going to start a quest to learn and apply every single system for personal development ever invented. You’ll save up meditation points, you’ll find gurus and experts to teach you everything you need to know to advance yourself, raise your vibrations, get a ticket into heaven, evolve your brain, shift your consciousness, attain bliss consciousness, and feel compassion for every speck of dust that ever graced your tile floor.

You’ll join groups, go to events, collect all the books, and become tolerant of all the systems of religion, spirituality, self-development, politics, science, personal growth, and philosophy. After all, all paths lead to the same place, don’t they? Where is that place? Oh nevermind. The point is that they all lead there, and its a GOOD place. It’s just gotta be!

Plus, you’ll be more productive than you’ve ever been. You help everyone you meet. People really like you now. You’re a good person. People tell you that you’re so understanding! You’re happy all the time. Well, not all the time, but most of the time. Well, sometimes you feel happy for a little while, you’ve just got to meditate more, train your brain a little harder, find a new system to embrace, stare at the face of your guru a few more minutes, life hack and mind hack your way to happiness, shun more of those pesky negative emotions, and keep it up. You’ll get there someday, and that’s good enough for now.

Then you write your book. You compile all those experiences you had into a whole new perspective. You’re ready to help people be just like you. You call it: Understanding is for Everyone. People read your book and they understand things better. You’ve made a real difference.

D. You want to transform your life, but you’re supposed to be satisfied. You’re not supposed to analyze your beliefs and assumptions about how things are supposed to be. You feel trapped in the guilt and shame of questioning things for yourself. You don’t want your friends and family to feel bad if you start disagreeing with them. Don’t make waves. Just know that you’re different on the inside, and that’s all that really matters. Even if no one really understands you, at least you’re still a good person, and that’s what matters, right? Do what you’re supposed to do, and don’t think too hard about it.

E. You start thinking for yourself. You let yourself become aware of the assumptions and beliefs at play underneath everything everyone else tells you, and you venture into uncharted waters, beyond the realm of understanding… Into a place where you’re the only arbiter of what’s true or false, real or unreal. Your assumptions and beliefs fall away automatically as you SEE them clearly and realize they don’t contain any truth you can verify at all.

The coolest part is, you get to see for yourself. You get to eat the fucking pizza and find out for yourself just what the hell’s going on. Other people and systems might have pieces of information that help you on your journey, but you walk the journey yourself. After awhile, the realization starts to dawn on you that Life is pretty fucking amazing, regardless of what your circumstances happen to be.

It’s not something you understand. It’s something you know. You don’t have to assume anything or know anything about it at all. It’s just true. Like riding a bike. You don’t have to understand it. You just ride the bike without thinking.


The exercises and material we present through Command Z exists for the sole purpose of helping people move out of the realm of trying to understand, to start the process of seeing through assumptions and beliefs, to initiate the journey of finding out for yourself just what the hell is really going on.

If you feel motivated and resonate with this, try out a guided undoing session. Scroll down to the bottom, click the button, and then use the code: CZOFFER to get your session for $111.

You’ll get to have an experience outside of your interpretations, judgments, ideas, and understanding about things. Once that happens, you can choose to keep going with your journey in whatever way you choose. The cool thing is, you’ll get to eat the pizza yourself, instead of just understanding things other people want you to believe about it.

Enjoy Everything,


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