“I won’t bore you with my life story because, frankly, it’s as dull as fuck. Let’s just say I’ve spent the last 30-plus years trying not to let anybody down.

I’ve made ‘sensible’ choices about my education and career, I’ve avoided unnecessary risk, earned my keep, planned for the future, sought approval constantly and generally got on with what I thought other people thought needed to be done.

As a result I am in a fairly safe position financially, and I am also bored, miserable and frustrated much of the time. But that sounds whiney and ungrateful. I’m sorry. You must think I’m a bitch – and that bothers me, even though we’ve never met (and round I go again).

The first time I ever heard about Garrett and his work was last year when my brother announced he’d be providing the food at a workshop that his friend, Will, was organising; it was something to do with ‘the art of not giving a fuck’.

As one of the world’s most prolific givers of fucks, I was immediately intrigued …

I found some of Garrett’s stuff online and was amazed at how closely the symptoms he described – i.e. that feeling of frustration and being held back by something inside – matched my own experience.

I was also struck by how his promises to ‘set me off on a path of never-ending adventure’ seemed like complete horse shit. If it sounds too good to be true, I reasoned, it’s probably a scam. Or a cult.

I would have almost certainly dismissed it all entirely if it weren’t for the fact that I had met Will a few times and knew him to be an excellent bloke. If he was putting his time and money on the line to get Garrett over to England and put this event on, there must be something in it.

So, when the workshop started a few weeks later, I decided to go down one day and ‘help my brother with the cooking’ (spy).

I was immediately made to feel very welcome, both by Garrett and the rest of the guys attending the course.

They were all friendly, relaxed people who were evidently having a great time and getting a lot from the experience. They were also surprisingly ‘normal’.

I’m not sure what I’d expected; maybe some sulky dweebs who were pissed off at being scammed by an American con man. Or perhaps a load of unquestioning disciples, following Garret around on their knees and chanting while they took turns to kiss his all-knowing arse.

Whatever my preconceptions were, they were wrong. This was just a good group of blokes trying to get past some ingrained bullshit that was holding them back in life.

I’ve seen the testimonial videos on Garrett’s emails and I can confirm that they are an accurate reflection of what the guys were actually like, and how they actually felt. Which is why I’ve decided to give it a shot myself this year.

Maybe I’ll see you there.”

–Editor’s Note: Thanks to Pete B. for sending us this letter about what got him excited to sign up for the Art of NGF UK workshop. (Still a few spots remaining–going fast!)



Stop ignoring the magic inside and around you.

Finally, a failsafe way to separate the fake news from the real.

No more will you suffer under the ravages of information attack.

No more will you believe in the lies cascading across your Facebook feed.

No. You’ll be the one in a million who can tell the difference.

And it’ll make a huge difference in your life, in all situations you find yourself in

(Not the situations you don’t find yourself in…presence is a prerequisite.)

Want to know the trick?

Here’s how it works:

You notice a piece of news (or just an erroneous thought)…

But you can’t tell if it’s real.

Now ask yourself the question out loud:

What the hell is going on here?

Let everything that surrounds you fill your awareness, inside and out.

All of that?

That’s the real news.

That shit on the screen?

Can’t hold a candle to the majesty and glory of the raw facts of your own existence.

And there’s only so many more hours left of it,

How many more you wanna waste on fake news?

When you want to learn how to squeeze the absolute best from all your remaining hours, get on board the NGF train for this August.

Here’s How: Art of NGF UK Workshop

It’s your natural state.

You’re an explorer.

Don’t realize it fully?

Maybe you’ve spent too much time living like a corpse, mouldering around in graves and mausoleums with other corpses.

My friend Claude (author of Just Because Club and the Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased) and I were talking about this the other day.

Someone said, “when you were a sailor, sometimes you wouldn’t expect to get back home for years at a time.”

Claude said, “For an explorer, there is no ‘back home,’ there’s only the next place.”

That’s how life works–whether you trap yourself in a mausoleum for most of it or not.

Things always change.

Who you were yesterday is gone.

While many get scared back into the tomb by this realization–some know how to embrace it.

Some know that life consists of a constant, neverending exploration.

The realization of life as constantly unfolding and changing fills these adventurers’ sails with endless joy and motivation.

They wake up every morning feeling like Christmas and all the moments of the day are a pile of wrapped presents waiting for them under the tree.

And it really feels that way.

Get a present for yourself that gives you the training to embrace your own unending exploration:

Your Exploration Awaits (click here)

The lesson goes like this:

Those who don’t unleash and master the imagination will suffer unto death.

And die you will anyways, so cut out the suffering.

Like one of the guys at last year’s U.K. Workshop.

He saw that the only way other people’s actions could hurt him was in his own mind.

He saw that his imagination rules and guides everything he experiences.

He witnessed how it governs all his moods and emotions, perfectly, at all times.

He faced down his worst fears and gave up his false suffering.

And a deep, abiding happiness emerged.

No, not a fleeting joy based on circumstances.

A happiness for having circumstances at all.

Now’s always your chance:


Remember those old commercials for Eggo Waffles?

This one is particularly funny, even a little disturbing:

I’m afraid to get into the whole Ego thing because words fail at this every time, and yet the emptiness of words hints at something you already know–something you can’t describe either.

Somehow, the book The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism ended up on our trip to Bogota, Colombia, from where you’re receiving this email right now.

I’ve read it before. Many times, in fact. But what the hell does this have to do with the real secret about the Ego I’ve set myself up to transmit to you?

And what’s all this about transcending your life as a victim of circumstances and becoming an adventurer in the truest sense of the word?

Worry not, dear Jedi; I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, some background. The only way to understand this great secret of the ego is to live it yourself–in your body and your own perception.

The understanding is just a byproduct of the lived experience. Once you’ve lived it, the understanding is unnecessary; a trifle.

(Ready to live it for yourself? Join us for the next Hypnosis and Undoing Workshop Series…Maybe the last one ever, before we reveal the new direction of Command Z and Art of Not Giving a Fuck.)

One way to begin to grasp what I’m telling you here is to see clearly the difference between Command Z and the mass of self-development, religion, practices, spirituality, and all the rest.

Everything you’ll learn and experience in Command Z gets you back to the ground of you yourself. You as a body. You as the Ego, exactly as you find yourself flowing right now, and now, and now. And NO, ego is not a problem. Far from it.

How many times have you heard in the New Age and spiritual milieu that you’ve got to kill your Ego?

Did it ever occur to you to question that widely accepted–and widely unquestioned–assumption?

It’s the great battle cry of all the wounded egos gathered together in a bomb shelter hiding out from the glory of reality and a life of endless exploration. Hiding out in service of an abstract idea that they pretend to swear subservience to.


The funny thing is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your Ego. Which means there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, right there, as you are now, and now, and now, and now. Now, why did I say now so many times like that?

Because, the Ego is only flowing, only playing, only turning everything into it’s pastime.

What you’ve had beaten out of you since you were a tiny little baby is the ability to enjoy a life of play, of exploration, of adventure.

The fucking beautiful, excellent, amazing thing is that you’ve never lost that life. It never went anywhere. Part of the adventure of Ego is the act of forgetting about the life of adventure and exploring the experience of victimhood. Of believing in something greater than yourself. Of creating concepts and ideas and Gods and morals and ethics and then pretending to serve them.

Of course, you actually serve no one. In reality, everything serves you. You’ve just forgotten how to see it.

Check out these bits from the book I mentioned above:

“All truth in itself is dead, a corpse; it is alive only in the way that my lungs are alive–namely, in proportion to my own vitality.” (118)

And further, about the Ego: “…nothing could erase the self’s being the self–this bodily self, with it’s inherent I-ness, it’s ownness. Beaten down by God, the state, society, and humanity, it nevertheless slowly began to raise its head again.” (116)

And finally, “the Ego claims its uniqueness and ownness, embraces within itself all other things and ideas, assimilates and appropriates them to itself as their owner, and thus reaches the awareness of the unique one who has appropriated everything within his own I-ness and has made the world the content of his own life.” (116)

By negating all standpoints outside the self and rejecting any idea, belief, expectation, or seeking of something higher than self, you end up on a standpoint ofnothing.

From that lack of all standpoints, you, the Ego, finally remember the freedom you were born in, which arises as “a nonchalant acceptance of things which appropriates them as the life-content of the self and enjoys the life of the self in all things.” (103)

So remember, the next time God, Truth, justice, morality, expectations, ideas, beliefs, the state, or any other concept or abstraction seem to bring you down–Enjoy the life of the self in all things.

For that is your freedom to enjoy. And there is nowhere you won’t find it, once you remember to simply look.

And the next time someone tells you you’ve got to kill your ego, you can enjoy a deep belly laugh at the joke you just made. Then shout, “Leggo my Ego!”

And for now, dearest Ego, I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams. You can rest easy knowing that your opportunity through Command Z is always to move from the victim of circumstances to the owner of your life and the adventurer and explorer of your world.

See you at the workshop.



PS: My Rabbi friend used to say, “Wherever E-goes, I go.” Ha!

Ever get the feeling there’s more to it?

Like you might have missed something?

That feeling of dread creeping up through your chest, turning into a lump in your throat, and hot flashes across your face…when you realize you’re the only one who didn’t know! (But how could you have known? Even if it’s so obvious after the fact…)

Those things that you’re unaware that you’re unaware of can prove really tough to spot. But there’s moments when you feel drawn into your own life, like an intuitive pulling inward to the richness of your own inspiration and organic drives.

Other times it feels like complete desperation, like that time I had a gun shoved in my back by some dickhead on meth. You know you’ve got to move–there’s no other option–and for some of you, that’s what lead you here.

A sense of wanting to escape the intensity and anxiety of your own insides–to find something more stable, more solid, and more reliable than just running away from your own life–hiding in a blanket of habits out of fear of losing…

Losing what? Your dignity? (do you have any? What does it matter from the grave you’re digging?) Sanity? (What is sanity but another way to measure yourself against an imagined “norm” that literally no one fits into?)

As you stroll through your life, wondering if maybe there’s something more, take a closer look at everything you’re missing right this minute. Even as you start to think about it–right now–you can see,,,,,hear…..;;;;;taste::::smell”””feel a lot more than you did a few seconds ago, when you were completely focused on reading and thinking.

That, my friend, is the terror of your situation. One minute, you feel in full control of things, and the next minute, you feel a victim of the changing tides. Habits and daydreams creep in to blind you to the textures of the life drifting by before your senses.

The only thing it’s possible to prove, or to rely on, is that everything seems to drift it’s way out of your life…out of perception…and as things disappear, do you even notice?

Again, what does it matter?

The only reason for you to suffer is because you’ve unknowingly given preference to something you don’t have over what is.

The way out of that suffering is through bringing your awareness back to the world of what is in this adventure-land of your own perception.

You may never get exactly what you think you want, but if you can learn to want what is, then you can never be defeated. Then you will embrace your own invincible mindset, and find the freedom you’re after to live the life you choose.

Before that, you can only chase ideas, fantasies, and expectations, and find only disappointment when what is doesn’t live up to those ideas.

The cool thing is that what is will always wait patiently for you to come back to it, it will never fail you, and it can never be taken away from you.

That’s the reason I love doing this work: helping to usher you along toward your own realization of what is, and then fractalizing out into your life.

Have you ever taken in the vast, exquisite beauty of what is before it gets drawn and quartered through the filters and funnels of what’s supposed to be?

Every undoing session, adventure, exercise, and experiment is designed to put you in deeper touch with what is, while you UNDO all the shit that ain’t.

What do you think? How does that resonate with you?

Let me know in the comments below. Let’s get a discussion going. I want to hear your take on this.

Chew on that for today, but before I go, I want to invite you to take part in the next 4 week undoing intensives. We’re starting a week from this Saturday (so May 3). Sunday at Noon Pacific, I’ll be holding a live hangout on google. I’ll post the link tomorrow in the daily Undoing email. (Subscribe on the right over there is you haven’t yet. You get new exercises, concepts, and daily undoing boosters!)

It’s the adventure of your life, the best one life has to offer.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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