It’s that time again.

What time?

Consider this your invitation to the 2017 Art of NGF Radical Undoing UK Workshop:

Find out all the details here:

Here’s a video message from Garrett about something new, our weekly group Radical Undoing sessions:

For a limited time, we’re offering the first group session for only $147. That’s a fantastic opportunity to try out Radical Undoing with direct guidance, or to experience the new group format that our workshop participants have been raving about. It’s never going to be more accessible than this.

Go here now for the full details.

Here’s the thing:

It’s great getting Undoing sessions over Skype. It’s the next best thing to getting a session in real life with a skilled practitioner.

The first time I ever had a session with Dr. Hyatt, it upgraded my understanding of the Undoing work in a huge way.

I went from earnest beginner to solid intermediate in that one experience.

But–that was the result of all the practice and efforts I made on my own.

If I hadn’t had the experiences before that, it might not have even made sense to me at all.

Since I decided to stay in Colombia for a while longer, I figured you might enjoy a visit down here too.

It’s especially beautiful on the coast here, right near the equator. There’s so many fruits, so many new foods, so many amazing wild areas filled with creatures and plants I’ve never even imagined before.

It’s time to take a break and get deep into your own organic nature.

It’s also time to immerse yourself in the greater organic and wild flow–because that’s what the flowing life is all about:

Getting in deeper touch with yourself, and learning how to make yourself the primary source of information and authority in your life.

Experience your own bulletproof confidence.

Get a world-class undoing experience.

Fully catered organic meals–including local beer, wine, and drinks.

Spend a week in a beautiful villa on the coast.

Leave your old ways and your limitations behind forever.

Be prepared to take action on anything that inspires you.

Experience the victim to adventurer shift in your own life.

This is the very first time we’ve ever offered a workshop of this magnitude–live–and in a perpetual paradise overflowing with organic beauty.

You can expect to make vast headway on getting rid of fears, self-doubts, procrastination, and worries.

Plus, we’ll setup some adventures for you–and make sure every aspect of your trip is the most expansive, fun, and enjoyable experience you’ve ever had.

Let’s Undo In Paradise!

Click that button and I’ll send you an invite and application for the live workshop.

It’s limited to 10 people, as I want to make it the highest quality experience possible–and that gets tougher the more people you add into the mix.

I’m super excited to meet you in person, to demonstrate the immense power of the undoing work, and to help you EXPERIENCE the shift from Victim to Adventurer over that mind-blowing, life-expanding, limitation-busting week.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little more about the basic NGF training and how it’ll help you to overcome self-doubt, fear, guilt, and your old pesky habits.


From February 11 onward, We’ll be building toward the first round of Elite NGF 3 month training. You’ll still be able to do the basic training, but if you want sessions or to ensure that you get the best results in your undoing work–click here to get some sessions. (Sessions available for a short time longer. I’ll be restricting Undoing and Hypnosis sessions to Elite Training and in-person work ONLY.)

not give a fuck

Christmas can be a real challenge for many of us and it depends how much we give or don’t give a fuck about the story lines, that we will expand or limit the experiences we have.

I used to celebrate christmas with my family until I moved out from my home, 4 years ago. This year I came back and it has been a whole new experience. It has been an opportunity to share with the closest people I love, however, it can also sometimes turn into confrontation with others and mainly with my own self, lots of questioning and overthinking about my decisions, future projects, etc.

It is a time of mirroring my life and self with the characters I chose to be my family. Sometimes I feel weird and different from them, other times super connected and alike. I get scared and sad when I believe “the facts” of life such as dead or failure.

I could find these experiences as a source of enjoyment and growing or as a way to find my self as victim of the circumstances.

And it is definitely when I believe and get immersed in expectations and story lines, that is really hard to enjoy and be open to what is going on.

On the other side, when I don’t give a fuck about what I think others might be expecting from me and I don’t fight against what it is, I can really see the beauty in every aspect of my creation, I feel more motivated and empower to welcome everything and everyone  with no judgments.


One of the undoing exercises that has really supported me in this process of loving without attachments and expectations is to Gag myself from beliefs, fears and blocks.

When I am noticing tension in my breathing and I feel overwhelmed, the gags are excellent to allow my solar plexus to relax and let the air flow easier, helping me to don’t get lost in useless ideas or videos in my head.

Another exercise has been to experience fully the feelings of discomfort, just like the You Meditation: Sensing and Feeling without interpretations. 

Later to realize everything has been a creation of my consciousness and appreciate it as it is. In this way, I reclaim the power back and start being the owner and adventurer of my life rather than a victim of external forces.

If you feel interested in learning more of these techniques, sign up in the box below and click here to learn more about Robert Scheinfeld and how to start enjoying everything.

Finally, we’ll be putting on our final Victim to Adventurer: Radical Undoing and Energized Hypnosis workshop starting Saturday December 27, 2014. Click here to read all about it. We’ll help you shed your post-holiday blues and start living your life like the permanent adventure it can be!




Remember those old commercials for Eggo Waffles?

This one is particularly funny, even a little disturbing:

I’m afraid to get into the whole Ego thing because words fail at this every time, and yet the emptiness of words hints at something you already know–something you can’t describe either.

Somehow, the book The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism ended up on our trip to Bogota, Colombia, from where you’re receiving this email right now.

I’ve read it before. Many times, in fact. But what the hell does this have to do with the real secret about the Ego I’ve set myself up to transmit to you?

And what’s all this about transcending your life as a victim of circumstances and becoming an adventurer in the truest sense of the word?

Worry not, dear Jedi; I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, some background. The only way to understand this great secret of the ego is to live it yourself–in your body and your own perception.

The understanding is just a byproduct of the lived experience. Once you’ve lived it, the understanding is unnecessary; a trifle.

(Ready to live it for yourself? Join us for the next Hypnosis and Undoing Workshop Series…Maybe the last one ever, before we reveal the new direction of Command Z and Art of Not Giving a Fuck.)

One way to begin to grasp what I’m telling you here is to see clearly the difference between Command Z and the mass of self-development, religion, practices, spirituality, and all the rest.

Everything you’ll learn and experience in Command Z gets you back to the ground of you yourself. You as a body. You as the Ego, exactly as you find yourself flowing right now, and now, and now. And NO, ego is not a problem. Far from it.

How many times have you heard in the New Age and spiritual milieu that you’ve got to kill your Ego?

Did it ever occur to you to question that widely accepted–and widely unquestioned–assumption?

It’s the great battle cry of all the wounded egos gathered together in a bomb shelter hiding out from the glory of reality and a life of endless exploration. Hiding out in service of an abstract idea that they pretend to swear subservience to.


The funny thing is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your Ego. Which means there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, right there, as you are now, and now, and now, and now. Now, why did I say now so many times like that?

Because, the Ego is only flowing, only playing, only turning everything into it’s pastime.

What you’ve had beaten out of you since you were a tiny little baby is the ability to enjoy a life of play, of exploration, of adventure.

The fucking beautiful, excellent, amazing thing is that you’ve never lost that life. It never went anywhere. Part of the adventure of Ego is the act of forgetting about the life of adventure and exploring the experience of victimhood. Of believing in something greater than yourself. Of creating concepts and ideas and Gods and morals and ethics and then pretending to serve them.

Of course, you actually serve no one. In reality, everything serves you. You’ve just forgotten how to see it.

Check out these bits from the book I mentioned above:

“All truth in itself is dead, a corpse; it is alive only in the way that my lungs are alive–namely, in proportion to my own vitality.” (118)

And further, about the Ego: “…nothing could erase the self’s being the self–this bodily self, with it’s inherent I-ness, it’s ownness. Beaten down by God, the state, society, and humanity, it nevertheless slowly began to raise its head again.” (116)

And finally, “the Ego claims its uniqueness and ownness, embraces within itself all other things and ideas, assimilates and appropriates them to itself as their owner, and thus reaches the awareness of the unique one who has appropriated everything within his own I-ness and has made the world the content of his own life.” (116)

By negating all standpoints outside the self and rejecting any idea, belief, expectation, or seeking of something higher than self, you end up on a standpoint ofnothing.

From that lack of all standpoints, you, the Ego, finally remember the freedom you were born in, which arises as “a nonchalant acceptance of things which appropriates them as the life-content of the self and enjoys the life of the self in all things.” (103)

So remember, the next time God, Truth, justice, morality, expectations, ideas, beliefs, the state, or any other concept or abstraction seem to bring you down–Enjoy the life of the self in all things.

For that is your freedom to enjoy. And there is nowhere you won’t find it, once you remember to simply look.

And the next time someone tells you you’ve got to kill your ego, you can enjoy a deep belly laugh at the joke you just made. Then shout, “Leggo my Ego!”

And for now, dearest Ego, I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams. You can rest easy knowing that your opportunity through Command Z is always to move from the victim of circumstances to the owner of your life and the adventurer and explorer of your world.

See you at the workshop.



PS: My Rabbi friend used to say, “Wherever E-goes, I go.” Ha!

And by “their attention” I mean virtually ANYONE you need or want to build quick rapport and deep connection with.

Assuming you’re not the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the modern day Elephant Man, this simple approach to people skills will put you miles ahead of the other guys and gals using millions of tricks, lines, and complicated systems to *fake* connection with people.

Photo by Garrett Daun All Rights Reserved.

It’s like putting your people skills on an iron rail fast track.

With this “trick,” you’ll find you don’t really need to worry about your people skills, because you’ll be a natural. Not only that, but you won’t be faking it.

You’ll be deeply connecting with people, and those people will respect and admire you for it. You’ll respect and admire yourself, too, because you’re not relying on some sleazy system to live your life by.

I’ll tell you exactly how to do it in a moment, but first I have something important I need you to know.

I’ve spent thousands of hours researching, experimenting, adventuring, and exploring endless techniques, methods, concepts, systems, and approaches to life change, personal evolution, and ultimately–transcendence of the normal human victimhood.

The good news is that–looking back over the last few years of Command Z, I’m proud to say that everything you’ll find here delivers big-time results.

The bad news is that I can finally see the big mistake I’ve been making all this time.

I’ve tried to reach out to too many people, at much too low of prices.

Can you guess why that is?

The amount of value I can offer the individual ready for true transcendence in his or her life is astronomical. What I’ve put together can free you up from a life of servitude, break the chains of family, society, conditioning, habits, fear, and suffering.

That’s just the tip of the sinking titanic.

Even more, if you diligently apply yourself to the Command Z training, explorations, and adventures, you’ll find out for yourself just how beautiful, transcendent, mysterious, deeply satisfying, and joyous your own life can be.

So I’ve been a complete asshole to both myself, and to you, my dear friend.

Because making these grand promises and then slapping a ten dollar, hundred dollar, or even thousand dollar pricetag on them does everyone a great disservice.

What I have to offer will give your entire life a radical, extreme makeover–inside and out. But not when you get one session and then spend another year deliberating if you’re going to make changes or just sink back into your own suffering.

This takes a deep, potent, diligent commitment to go as far as it’s possible for a human being to go. To explore the final frontier that is your inner and outer life. To drop your problems and baggage to finally be free and start exploring the life you’ve always known was there, but never knew how to access.

This is just the beginning of a major transformation of Command Z, and needless to say, what comes next is going to be very expensive, and will require a massive commitment–as it should, if I’m to honestly reflect the value of what I have to offer you.

With that in mind, I urge you to dive into the various training options while they’re still available. Everyone who has access now to our workshops, trainings (ten bucks? I’m an idiot!), intensives (my personal favorite), and courses like Undoing 101 will maintain access for life.

That’s my ongoing gift to you for seeing the value in YOURSELF and your deepest potentials, even while I’ve dramatically undervalued these offerings.

No more discounts. No more haggling. No more fucking around. This is your life we’re talking about here. Not just some weekend exploration you put down and forget about while sinking back into the doldrums and quicksand and the swamps of sadness screaming “ARTEX” while your trusty steed dies of sorrow.

No. This is for the handful of people on this planet who want serious, permanent transcendence of the standard drama suffering package most people are dealt at birth.

No more pulling punches. This stuff really works. Reliably. Over and over with every single person who puts in the effort and is willing to face a WHOLE and BEAUTIFUL life with a smile and a deep belly laugh–allt he way through hell, if that’s what’s required.

The price will be high–but the return on your investment is out of this world, off the charts, and completely within your reach.

One more thing before I tell you the stupidly simple trick to build rapport and deep connection with other people. I’m putting on this event for free (again, I’m a fool…) on Saturday, so if you want to learn some new techniques for stealing back your time, your mind, and your very life, then I’ll see you there.

Now for that trick I mentioned.

You better listen deeply to me here if you want to get the most out of it. I’m completely serious when I tell you that this is ridiculously simple. So simple that you might just laugh it off and never gain the insane benefits from actually applying it.

Here it is:

Listen deeply to people. Get them talking about their hopes, fears, dreams, and loves. It can be anything. Clothes. Hobbies. Cars. Sports. Vacations. Places. Stories. Whatever the hell you hear them talking about, just give it the space it deserves.

Most people NEVER feel truly listened to. If you’re the one person in their lives who takes the time to truly listen, and to make them feel important, they will love you. They will remember you. They will want to make you happy. They will feel instantly happier, healthier, and more satisfied with their lives–simply from you taking the time to deeply listen.

Don’t ever take my word for it. Try it yourself and you’ll experience exactly what I mean.

This is a huge secret that most people will never have the patience and willingness to actually apply.

When’s the last time you deeply listened to someone? When’s the last time you felt like someone deeply listened to you?

Hit reply to this email and let me know your thoughts and feelings about it. I truly love to hear from you, and to engage in some deeper dialog than what’s possible in this format.

Talk to you very soon with even bigger news.

For now, keep undoing yourself, enjoying your life, and laughing your ass off every chance you get–let the haters be damned.

Best (of all possible worlds),


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