Today, I want to share with you a very simple hypnotic exercise for deep relaxation.

This is the first step toward the complete Energized Self Hypnosis daily exercise you’ll learn in the Hypnosis and Undoing workshop.

It’s more difficult to teach the entire technique via email, so I’ve just separated out the beginning, because it works wonders for calming yourself down and getting deeply relaxed, whenever you want or need.

If you’d like to go deeper with the process, do some face stretching, Atlas Shrugged, and any of the other undoing exercises that come to mind.

Here’s the process:

First, look through the following list of words. Say each one in your mind a few times. Then go through the list again and choose the word that resonates with you the most. Whatever one stands out.


Next, sit up in a reasonably comfortable position. Find a spot to stare at and take a few deep breaths. On the exhale of your choice, let your eyes close down.

Focus on the top of your head while you repeat the word in your mind over and over, letting it spread through your head and face.

Continue repeating that word again and again in your mind while you move the feelings of it down into your neck and shoulders, down through your upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands and fingers. Notice how it seems to magnify through your whole body when you get to the hands…

Keep going into your chest, belly area, and lower back. Then into the hips and pelvis, gluts, upper legs, knees, calves and shins, and then ankles, heels, feet, and into the toes. And again, you’ll get a sense of deep relaxation through your whole body when you reach the feet.

At this point, just sit back, breathe, and relax for as long as you like. When you’re done, count yourself back awake with, “1 2 3 4 5 and wide awake!”

You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and alert when you do it.

Repeat this process each and every day for the best and deepest results, and get ready for the full Energized Self Hypnosis process we’ll cover in the workshop.



PS: I’ve been putting this workshop together for some time now. It includes pretty much everything you’ll need to know about how to make undoing really work in your life in some very remarkable ways. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ve never thought too much about the power of hypnosis… Not until this year did it finally dawn on me how very powerful and necessary it is to the undoing process. You’re about to find out!

Have you ever had a twitch or a pain in your body you couldn’t explain with medical reasoning?

Or a dull ache, or persistent problems with a specific body area, or multiple areas at once?

I’ll show you a technique today that can help you to listen to and understand what your unconscious is trying to communicate through your body.

Since we’ve all become adept at NOT listening to our own bodies and unconscious minds, sometimes, our unconscious has to do something more to get our attention.

It does so in a fascinating and yet very clear, succinct way.

We’ll go into much greater detail about all of this in the hypnosis and undoing workshop starting next Saturday.

For now, I’ll explain a little bit and give you a simple technique to apply this new information to your life, and find ways to make organic improvements that stick.

The technique itself is quite simple, and the applications cover almost any bodily experience you could possibly have.

Here’s the basic idea:

Whenever you have unresolved issues in your life and you’re not taking steps to move forward, your unconscious mind will try to give you hints about how to resolve those issues.

It usually happens with subtle inspirations to take action, like thoughts of making that phone call you don’t want to make, or having a conversation you don’t want to have, or asking for a raise at your work, or any number of other unresolved situations.

Or else you’ll have dreams about the person you need to deal with, or nightmares about a catastrophe happening related to the unresolved issues.

But when you’re not trained to listen to your unconscious mind, it has to take more extreme measures.

Those measures almost always involve your body. It might start as an itch, twitch, or an ache. Or it might develop into a series of headaches. Or you might have trouble with an arm or a leg.

The fascinating thing is that the communication coming from the unconscious is usually quite literal. That gives us a way to access the message to find out exactly where we can take action to resolve the unconscious issues.

The breakdown goes like this:

Your head, face, neck, and middle of the chest down to the solar plexus cover crying, screaming, and communication issues. If something’s happening in these parts of your body, it relates to a deep, repressed need to express yourself.

You can try screaming into a pillow, stretching out your face slowly over a few minutes, and writing everything you want to express onto paper. You already know what communication you’re holding back, so look for ways to make that communication possible.

When you do, the physical issues will start to dissolve.

Next, the shoulders cover responsibility issues. When your shoulders act up, you can be sure you’re having a responsibility issue. It can relate to not living up to your responsibilities that you’ve taken on, or a sign that you’ve taken on too many responsibilities, and you need to set them aside.

Use the Atlas Shrugged exercise for shoulder issues, and spend some time writing about your responsibilities. Look for actions you can take to alleviate or live up to the responsibilities in your life.

Third on the list are the arms. Arm issues and tension point toward the repressed urge of reaching toward something that seems just out of your grasp, or a sense of aggression and the desire to fight.

Use punching the bed and the reaching undoing exercises to help bring these issues into your conscious awareness. Again, do some writing about your goals that seem unreachable; or confrontational situations in your life that remain unresolved.

Look for ways to resolve those issues–do it in writing–and the body expressions will start to diminish.

Fourth on the list are the pelvis, diaphragm, and lower back. Tension and body issues in these areas relate to sexual frustration, guilt, and shame.

Use the Undoing pelvis exercises, paradoxical breathing, and squeezing your butt on the inhale and letting it relax on the exhale to begin to understand and resolve and loosen up these issues and tensions. Again, take some time to write about any guilt, shame, and sexual frustration you’re experiencing.

As you bring the issues to light and take conscious action to resolve them, you’ll find those body sections easing up and relaxing more.

Finally, the legs relate to a repressed desire to escape, to run away, as well as issues related to stability, grounding, and your home itself.

Going out for a long walk, kicking the bed rhythmically with your breath, the leg flop undoing exercise, and even bodyweight squats will help bring these areas and issues into your awareness.

From there, do some writing about the issues in your life, with an eye toward actions you can take to resolve them. As you become aware and take action, the body issues in the legs will settle down and dissolve.

So there you have it, a simple breakdown of how your unconscious mind communicates with you through body tensions and difficulties. Once you start listening, the message will get more and more clear, until you know exactly what steps to take to move forward in your life, feeling better and better along the way.

Give it a try, and please let me know how it goes. I love to hear about your experiments with these tactics.

The great things is that we cover this unconscious body issue stuff in great detail in the hypnosis workshop–as well as an entire undoing session covering exercises for all 5 of the body areas to get you running smoothly again.

You also get a guide to the body areas and additional exercises specific to each one.

This is just one of many very cool, effective techniques we’ll be going over during the workshop.

I look forward to having you there.

Remember, if you want to get in without the sessions, just use the code nosessions and you’ll get that rate instead.

However, I do encourage you to take the leap and go for the 4 sessions. They’re cheaper than you normally get them, and we’ll have a chance to go deeper into your own life issues, and start resolving them to help you flow more and more and more.

Talk to you soon,


PS: Remember, you also get the Art of Not Giving a Fuck Mentalism workshop as an extra bonus for joining the Hypnosis and Undoing workshop. It’s a delightful journey into the world of instant rapport, mindreading, and incidentally, the secret behind everything that exists. 😉

Yeah, I get it.

We’ve all got a lot going on. And even when we don’t have a lot going on, we still have things that occupy our time and interest.

Apps, games, hanging out with friends, and just sitting around fucking off…these are all great activities, and I indulge in them myself–sometimes for days at a time.

However, we all know there’s a time to get real.

Maybe for you, that time is now.

I just gave a session to a very successful long-term client today who’s made excellent progress applying the hypnosis and undoing techniques from the recent workshop.

He applied just one of those techniques–The Clear View, which I sent out to you a week or two ago–and was able to overcome a block in his life.

The same night as applying The Clear View technique, he had a dream about the situation that gave him the inspiration and strength to take the action he’d been avoiding for weeks.

And guess what? He got great results. The situation resolved exactly how he wanted, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed when he was avoiding taking action.

Now maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but it really is. not only did he actually APPLY the technique in the context of his life, but he took action based on what he learned.

In just one day, he opened up the door to communication with his unconscious mind, and was able to resolve a difficult situation very rapidly.

Now remember, that’s applying JUST ONE of the many techniques you’ll get from the workshop.

I’m thinking about including the introductory time distortion techniques during the workshop as well, so you won’t want to miss it.

Also, I want to share with you another client’s responses to the first Undoing and Hypnosis workshop:

“I’m now more grounded to what’s really going on and I see more clearly what I really want. Last week I’ve been just naturally feeling the urge to take action towards the things I want authentically.

“I’ve taken care of couple of things that I’ve procrastinated for a long time and I feel the blocks that held me back are now dissolving.

“I was very into self development stuff for a while before I found undoing. Results were basically many wasted hours on reading and it just created more of the expectations about how things should be without fulfilling them. 

“Radical Undoing encourages the most straightforward action towards what you want. Working with the unconscious mind [with hypnosis] then boosts the effects, so you’re going forward almost automatically.”

Thanks to Aleksi for the kind words, and for the amazing persistence and motivation he brings to making his life great.

I look forward to hearing about your results, so just click here to read all about the workshop, and get yourself registered.

Remember, it also includes a personalized handwriting analysis, 4 private sessions, many live demonstrations, downloads of guides for applying the techniques, and recordings of the entire workshop series.

Oh yeah, and you get the NGF Mentalism workshop as a bonus too… You’ll love the secrets that get dropped in that one.

Let’s get started.



I admit it. I’m a huge Bonnie Prince Billy fan. If you’ve never heard his music, give it a real good chance to grow on you.

If you hate one song or album, the next one you’ll find completely different from the last. Some albums I didn’t appreciate until I let them simmer for a long time and finally caught the scent of something delicious.

Other albums spoke to me of their greatness immediately on the first listen.

But today I’m not here to preach to you about how much care the man puts into every intricate detail of each of his projects–that’s for another day.

I will say this: everything Bonnie Prince Billy puts out has been lovingly constructed and put together in a completely flowing manner. It’s that sense of flow that I wanted to impart to you in this post.

That’s the main reason most people have for doing the Radical Undoing and Hypnosis work: to flow more freely with their own lives.

Once you’re flowing more freely with your life, what else do you need to do? Nothing but keep on flowing.

In that spirit, I wanted to share this beautiful tune with you.

It’s a friendly and lovely song, about realizing the futility of your own resistance against your life, and then finally opening up to the “Just One Day,” which is all any of us ever really experience–the one day you’re living right now.

His proposed solution: Just one way: stretch out your arms and cry out to the glory of your life…exactly as you find it now. Look at all the friends and family who’ve loved you and added color and experience along your way. Welcome the moonlit nights. Wander and don’t worry so much about where you lay your head. Listen to the constant beauty of the sounds and music around you.

Am I sounding a little cheesy? I don’t think so. Maybe appreciation for the experiences of my own life runneth over a little, especially when listening to Mr. Billy and his tunes. All in all, it’s a fun song, and a fun way to share the simple message with you: Easy Does It!

(lyrics below.)

The lyrics:

When there’s only one thing I can do
Well you know that I still don’t want to do
When there’s just one way to get through
Sometimes I still don’t want to go through with it
There are other ways I used to think
to find my way around
the wood & the caves & the bad woman’s ways
that are always to be found
and I have done enough right
dirt & wrong can now bolster my might
and love I can find it again
in someone sitting close in the flashes of sin
there are other ways, I used to think,
to find my way around
the woods & the smell & the word of farewell
that I always had to sound
now there is just one way
I stretch out my arms & cry to that
just one day
I number the friends & the family that love me
I welcome the ring of the moonlight above me
and I wander, and lay in whatever old bed
with good, earthly music singing into my head
there’s a path
there’s a beach
there’s a horseshoe crab
there’s my brothers, my girlfriends
my mom, and my dad
& there’s me
and that’s all there needs to be
now there is just one way
I stretch out my arms & cry to that
just one day
I number the friends & the family that love me
I welcome the ring of the moonlight above me
and I wander, and lay in whatever old bed
with good, earthly music singing into my head.

rugby pioneers. from

rugby pioneers. from

How much do you think your handwriting reveals about your personality? Probably more than you think.

Think for a moment about your experience with Radical Undoing. How much your  posture and ways of approaching the exercises were completely connected with your ways of thinking at that time.

Your body is your unconscious mind, and there are different ways to create a bridge between the aware part of yourself and the rest, which remains latent in every part of your body.

Handwriting analysis serves the purpose of revealing sides and tendencies of your personality that you might not be aware of.

And those parts can give you clues to start seeing yourself from a wider perspective, and to improve aspects of your life that for many years were unresolved, even though you’ve tried really hard to make them different.

So with the analysis, you get the information you need in order to focus your personal work, like Hypnosis or Radical Undoing sessions, on the areas you want to explore and change.

For example, a client came to me because he was feeling overwhelmed by his social life, he described it as dragging most of his energy, and he blamed others for being invasive in his life.

After doing a handwriting analysis, one of the things that came up was his tendency to give too much space to others and not enough room for himself.

With the analysis, he could see and understand that the people around him weren’t invading his space, as he described, but that he was the one allowing others too much into his life, not dedicating enough space and time for himself. With the result of feeling frustrated and putting the responsibility outside of himself.

Now that he is aware of that tendency in his personality, he is learning to open more space for himself and strategies to be more assertive in his social world.

By Peacay

By Peacay.

Many times, in the experience of transforming ourselves, the way we perceive and approach our lives or ourselves, ends up being the real obstacle in the way of making the changes we want.

Fortunately, there are powerful tools like handwriting analysis that we can use to get a wider picture of ourselves. And the more aware we are of our automatic responses and unconscious scripts, the more we can be in charge of our own lives.

If you are interested in having a handwriting analysis, which includes one consultation to discuss the findings and possible alternatives to transform the aspects you want to work on.

Click the button below to get a handwriting analysis and hypnosis session with Paula for $75.


We all know how it goes.

One minute you’re sitting there working…and flash forward 5 hours later… And there you sit, hunched over the keyboard or craning your neck like a turtle over the phone, the cool glowing screen painting your face like Halloween (yeah, the sun set at some point) and on and on…


image by

The day just scrolls on by, while you like this and that, make a comment here and argument there, oooh! Look at these pictures! What a great article–Oh I didn’t realize the new episode started tonight!

Before you know it, the day has passed, and you don’t remember anymore what was going on with whatever you forgot to keep working on.

It happens to everyone. It’s a completely natural response to that kind of stimulus. Some have argued that social media sites are actually designed to hypnotize you. I don’t know if that’s true, but take a look at any office, coffeeshop, or public transportation and you’ll see what I mean by hypnosis.

Eyes glazed over. Tuned out to the rest of the world. Flitting from one thing to the next. Never getting anything done that you really want to do.

And yeah, it’s fun. There’s nothing wrong with spending some time online and enjoying yourself.

But when social media steals your awareness away from other things that bring you deeper satisfaction, you’ve got a choice: will you remain hypnotized with that scrolling news feed in the driver’s seat?

I’ll explain exactly how to get yourself out of social media hypnosis, but first, we’ve got to understand exactly how hypnosis works.

It’s a completely natural process that we all go through multiple times a day.

It all starts with anxiety. We get bombarded with so many bits of information all day long. Our unconscious filtering process gets overwhelmed at some point, and anxiety is the result.

After the anxiety builds up enough, it triggers the primitive fight or flight state in your lower brain.

Once that’s occurred, most of us aren’t going to fight, and when it’s just you and your phone, there’s nothing to fight. (Wait, maybe that explains where youtube comments come from…)

So we’re left with flight.

Where do we flee?

Our conscious awareness flees into a hypersuggestible state of hypnosis.

So why is that such a big deal? Because your critical mind is numb to what’s going on, and then all that news, all those ads, and all the other random stuff goes straight into your unconscious mind and starts influencing your life script.

That might not sound too bad, but think about how insidious it could be. You’ll actually feel like you made the choice to like something you see at the store, when in fact, that emotion was conditioned into while you sat there scrolling past the ads and playing online.

Again, this isn’t meant as an attack on social media. I use it and enjoy it most of the time. Instead, it’s a way to put yourself back in charge of your own time and your own mind.

To do that:

1. First notice that it’s going on. You’ll feel that pang of conscience letting you know it’s time to get back to work on your real goals.

2. Close the app or the browser window. Log out.

3. Close your eyes. Take a deep, refreshing breath.

4. Count yourself OUT of hypnosis by saying out loud: 1-2-3-4-5 and WIDE AWAKE!

5. Take some action toward what you were meaning originally to work on.

This may seem simple, and it is. Simplicity is the sign of effectiveness. Can you see how this might benefit you throughout your day?

Now what if every time you broke out of the FB scrolling trance you also took a few minutes to stretch your face, shrug your shoulders, and drink a glass of water? How might that change your life in both subtle and profound ways?

We’ll get into this in a lot more detail during the Hypnosis and Undoing workshopstarting this Saturday. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly when you’re dropping into those unconscious hypnotic states,and more importantly, how to get back out of them.

Not only that, but you’ll learn how to convert your tensions to raw motivation, and then immediately direct that force toward accomplishing whatever you want most in your life.

Damn, I’m excited about this one. It’s the most cohesive, comprehensive, and effective training I’ve ever put together, and that’s why it’s limited to 10 people. It’s only for individuals ready to take action and start getting big results in their lives.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Get into the workshop series while there’s still a few spots left.



PS: The workshop will show you how to make things happen on a level you may have never known existed.