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What time?

Consider this your invitation to the 2017 Art of NGF Radical Undoing UK Workshop:

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It’s an honor to host the founders of Samadhi Tank Company, and the godfather and godmother of the world of Floatation (sometimes called sensory deprivation tanks) Tanks.

The pair were longtime friends and students of psychedelic warrior and scientist John C. Lilly.

On this episode of the Art of NGF, Lee and Glenn go into detail on the elements of living a highly satisfying life.

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If you’d like to get your very own Samadhi Float Tank, get in touch with me (Garrett) via the site and I’ll make sure they take great care of you.

Shaun Attwood, author of three raucous autobiographies: Party Time, Hard Time, and Life Lessons, joins us today for another Art of NGF Victim to Adventurer podcast.

Shaun came to the US from England and made himself a millionaire playing the stock market.

When all that success just didn’t measure up, he dove deep into the rave scene in Arizona, and all the drugs that went with it.

Not only that, but he made himself a drug kingpin, and created a mini-empire moving ecstasy from Amsterdam to Arizona in quantities that would melt your mind.

Fast forward to the SWAT team breaking down his door.

Next scene, the courtroom, where he faced a 200 year prison sentence.

After getting his sentence lowered, living through the challenges of prison life, reading thousands of books, getting out, and returning to the UK, Shaun built up his writing career, started on a endless series of speaking gigs–including most recently a TED talk–and made an entirely new life for himself.

We get into the crazy details, the madness of his experiences, and his very own trajectory toward the life of a true adventurer.

Find more about Shaun here:

For the Art of NGF episode 24, we’ve got email marketer and hypnotist extraordinaire, Tellman Knudson.

I remember hearing one of Tellman’s many inspiring stories years ago when I first started learning about email and business.

It stuck with me and influenced my thinking over the last ten years, so I’m proud to present this show, so long in the making.

During the high-energy show, we get into:

Tellman’s 13 year old’s guide to NGF – Lipstick, Skirts, Mohawks and Converse shoes.

What you DO changes the way people think about you.

We go deep into how you can sculpt your Image by doing what you enjoy.

How to handle and even celebrate the constant pressure of Haters, “If you give a fuck, You’re fukt!”

Who to ask–and who NOT to ask–when you want to accomplish something great.

Discover the history behind “Overcome Everything” in which a young Tellman defeats all odds and stymies the experts.

How to find and build a larger audience for your business or project–learning, building, growing, one failure at a time.

Witness the magic of Tellman’s most recent exciting endeavor: Super-Heroes straight to your inbox.

Finally, Tellman reveals the number one most important thing you could possibly do every single day for sustainable, long-term freedom, happiness, and contentment.

Ready to take your own email marketing skills to the next level, while having a hell of a lot of fun?

Get a heavy dose of Tellman’s terrific business, email, and life-enhancing tools here: and here:


Ever feel alone in wanting to rapidly advance your life on your terms?

I sure have.

Even the closest people in my life have turned to haters at the most painful moments.

Example: the first time we ever put on an online workshop for command z, there was a forum I belonged to.

I won’t mention it by name, but let’s say it was not much better than the slew of YouTube comments on any given video.

Everyone acted like big supporters until we actually put up a course for people to do.

At that moment, they mostly started shouting how stupid and gay we were. Yeah, they said that.

I have no idea what The Way Down course had to do with homosexuality, except that it worked wonders for all people. LGBT or not, aliens, and underwater creatures not yet discovered could all aim toward transcendence and get the effortless life advances all our courses conspire to deliver.

But who cares? My girlfriend at the time would be elated when she heard we sold out the course on our first time out, right?


All she did was make a sneering, disgusted face, looked down at the dirt, and said, “well, that’s not much,” and then walked away.

After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I realized, sadly, that I couldn’t rely on anyone. That relation didn’t last much longer.

Yeah, many friends had my back, but damn, it felt sad to realize all the great business folk I knew were telling the truth:

When you start rapidly advancing your life by the power of the art of NGF combined with radical undoing, be ready for the inevitable onslaught of haters emerging among your friends and family.

But don’t worry about it either. Let them down gently, for they know not what they do.

It ain’t their fault.

It’s yours….

If you’re still in danger of getting crushed by someone’s robotic opinion, then you certainly ain’t free.

And if you ain’t free, then it doesn’t matter a lick what anyone thinks of you, because you’ll never feel truly happy in your own mind.

Thing is, you get to choose who to keep in your life, and who to jettison.

Just think about how many people complain in your FB stream every day.

Now read the comments.

Go on, I’ll wait.

More complaints, yes?

Commiserating among the complainers will win you accolades, but you’ll still never end up happy and excited about your life.

You’ll still keep feeling like a fake, while your friends keep on consoling you and joining in the crying chorus of complaining.

But if you want real freedom, where you love your life today, and even more tomorrow, onward into infinity–filled with generous, authentic friends,

Friends who cut your victim cries short with urges toward adventure and fun,

People who push you ever further toward the life you really want, built on your own terms, with fun and enjoyment as the perpetual goal…

If you want those things, then it’s time to ditch the complainers and get to work.

Here’s 80+ ways to start, today, with permanent results that keep getting better the further you go:

Here’s the best part: the course takes place in our secret, private forum.

So you can connect with other people all over the world doing this crazy NGF and Energized Meditation work.

You can start to normalize a lust for adventure in your daily life, with one of the world’s most supportive groups of people ever gathered.

There’s no way your life won’t change. There’s no way your plans won’t grow.

The only way to stop your growth is to keep letting the fear of haters get in your way.

Stop it!

Time to come back to come back to life:


We all know how it goes.

One minute you’re sitting there working…and flash forward 5 hours later… And there you sit, hunched over the keyboard or craning your neck like a turtle over the phone, the cool glowing screen painting your face like Halloween (yeah, the sun set at some point) and on and on.

The day just scrolls on by, while you like this and that, make a comment here and argument there, oooh! Look at these pictures! What a great article–Oh I didn’t realize the new episode started tonight!

Before you know it, the day has passed, and you don’t remember anymore what was going on with whatever you forgot to keep working on.

It happens to everyone. It’s a completely natural response to that kind of stimulus. Some have argued that social media sites are actually designed to hypnotize you. I don’t know if that’s true, but take a look at any office, coffee shop, or public transportation and you’ll see what I mean by hypnosis.

Eyes glazed over. Tuned out to the rest of the world. Flitting from one thing to the next. Never getting anything done that you really want to do.

And yeah, it’s fun. There’s nothing wrong with spending some time online and enjoying yourself.

But when social media steals your awareness away from other things that bring you deeper satisfaction, you’ve got a choice: will you remain hypnotized with that scrolling news feed in the driver’s seat?

I’ll explain exactly how to get yourself out of social media hypnosis, but first, we’ve got to understand exactly how hypnosis works.

It’s a completely natural process that we all go through multiple times a day.

It all starts with anxiety. We get bombarded with so many bits of information all day long. Our unconscious filtering process gets overwhelmed at some point, and anxiety is the result.

After the anxiety builds up enough, it triggers the primitive fight or flight state in your lower brain.

Once that’s occurred, most of us aren’t going to fight, and when it’s just you and your phone, there’s nothing to fight. (Wait, maybe that explains where youtube comments come from…)

So we’re left with flight.

Where do we flee?

Our conscious awareness flees into a hyper-suggestible state of hypnosis.

So why is that such a big deal? Because your critical mind is numb to what’s going on, and then all that news, all those ads, and all the other random stuff goes straight into your unconscious mind and starts influencing your life script.

That might not sound too bad, but think about how insidious it could be. You’ll actually feel like you made the choice to like something you see at the store, when in fact, that emotion was conditioned into while you sat there scrolling past the ads and playing online.

Again, this isn’t meant as an attack on social media. I use it and enjoy it most of the time. Instead, it’s a way to put yourself back in charge of your own time and your own mind.

To do that:

1.  First, notice that it’s going on. You’ll feel that pang of conscience letting you know it’s time to get back to work on your real goals.

2. Close the app or the browser window. Log out.

3. Close your eyes. Take a deep, refreshing breath.

4. Count yourself OUT of hypnosis by saying out loud: 1-2-3-4-5 and WIDE AWAKE!

5. Take some action toward what you were meaning originally to work on.

This may seem simple, and it is. Simplicity is the sign of effectiveness. Can you see how this might benefit you throughout your day?

Now, what if every time you broke out of the FB scrolling trance you also took a few minutes to stretch your face, shrug your shoulders, and drink a glass of water? How might that change your life in both subtle and profound ways?

We get into this in a lot more detail during the Hypnosis and Undoing workshop (currently unavailable).

By the end of it, the folks who applied themselves learned how to identify exactly when you’re dropping into those unconscious hypnotic states,and more importantly, how to snap back out of them.

Not only that, but like all Art of NGF trainings, you learn how to convert your tensions to raw motivation, and then immediately direct that force toward accomplishing whatever you want most in your life.

Damn, I’m excited about Hypnosis and Undoing workshop. I’m extremely happy to keep hearing from and working with all of the people who took the workshop, and used it to expand their lives exponentially.

In fact, I’m so excited, that I’m redoing the entire workshop from the ground up, with all new material, new frameworks, new training, and new sessions. This time, I’m playing for keeps, and the recorded version–which will be called IMAGINATION TRAINING–will be one component of the new Art of NGF Training Series.

Where does it lead from there?

Anger Management…Imposter Syndrome…creating your life from the ground up, navigating the endless adventure, and a lot more.

Most of the advanced and elite training will take place in person, as it should be.

Most of the beginner to intermediate material will be pre-recorded, and occasionally conducted as live group experiences.

NGF Daily will continue forward (we’re on day 229 now) without fail. You can still get in on the ground floor, start at Day 1, get all the bonuses, and even join with the live group as soon as tomorrow morning… use this link here:

(I’ll be rearranging that page soon, with experiences and videos from the guys who’ve been doing the training all this time–and then the rate will raise as well.

Once the 366 days are complete, it’ll be made available as an actual treasure chest with a hard drive, print book, and loads of bonuses and unique items.)

Get into the NGF Daily Training now, while it’s still live.

I can’t wait to work with you.

And stay tuned for the grand opening of “Imagination Training: How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud and Transcend All Your Problems and Start Celebrating Like a Happy Little Kid” with the Art of Not Giving a Fugk.

You won’t want to miss it.



PS: The Daily Training will show you how to make things happen on a level you may have never known existed.

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