What Is Radical Undoing?

On Radical Undoing

Radical undoing and energized meditation are body oriented psychotechnologies that undo habitual modes of responding to and interpreting events, and reform the highly limiting structure of the human brain to allow for a much greater degree of free will and consciousness than is typical of the human animal at this stage of its evolution.

One way to conceptualize this Work is to imagine three layers of “self”: the sensory-motor, the emotional, and the cognitive.

All events in space-time that register on a human nervous system first elicit a sensory-motor response, however subtle, which is then interpreted by the emotional centers as emotion, and then by the cognitive centers as thought. We usually take this final interpretation to be a reliable map of “what happened,” when in fact it is extensively processed and edited, mostly outside of awareness.

The sensory-motor system—what we call “the body”—is the root of this process. By shaking up and undoing the body’s knots, and by bringing the emotional and cognitive centers into deeper contact with it and with each other, we collapse the entire system. Collapsing the system means annihilating karma. (“Karma” here refers to the chains of associations that have accumulated over a lifetime and that bind the unconscious process of emotional and cognitive interpretation of space-time events to habitual patterns.)

You see a red truck, and you feel homesick, because your father drove a red truck, and you think, “i should visit home.” You hear a song, and it makes you depressed and angry, because it reminds you of a former relationship, and you think, “why do i never have luck in love?” You feel a touch, and you register anxiety, because you are insecure about expressing yourself physically, and you think, “why can’t i connect with other people?” These are karmic associations, and taken together, they make up “who you are.” This Work will undo these associations, and turn “who you are” into . . . . . . . . . . .

After all: it’s just a truck. it’s just a song. it’s just a touch.

And “you” . . . are merely the result of a great many events that simply happen to have happened.

But as you begin to shake the foundation, to create space, to get rid of your “self,” and to push beyond the discomfort of being-out-of-habit, unexpected things will begin to occur. Your brain will dig new grooves to compete with the old ones. You will find yourself behaving more effectively, more authentically. You will begin to feel sensations and emotions that you have never felt before, many of which will be deeply pleasurable, and many of which will be a great shock. This cleaning out and regrooving process is known in some circles as the kundalini process (not to be confused with the somewhat related popular phenomenon known as kundalini yoga). It is as though once you open the door, you find that something has been . . . waiting . . .

And that “something” is organic—a deeper, more expansive, more authentic experience of self than the “self” made up of unconscious habit. And this organic self is in you now, in potentia, but it is more than likely obscured, to one degree or another, by habitual brain chemistry. And remember, most of the karmic process takes place out of awareness, so even if you think you are aware of it, it is extremely unlikely that you are. What you are “aware” of is the result of the process: what the unconscious has “decided” to present to the conscious mind.

To undo yourself requires continuous effort and, perhaps more importantly, it requires effective technique—but it can be done. We can’t do it for you, but we can train you in the techniques that we know work. We can show you what buttons to push, when to push them, and how to begin to get the machine off the ground.

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