Responses From Our Clients

I feel like I’ve been coached through some sort of metamorphosis by working with Garrett, and continuing to work with the physical exercises everyday. It’s opened up my mind and body to a whole new level of sensation and experience. I feel like I’m at a place where I can let go and allow to happen, rather than force my side of the issue on the world, and so many new possibilities have opened up…. It’s all so hard to put into words. Thanks for teaching me how to create the courage to grab hold of my life!

-Mark S. Okanagan, Canada.


I really enjoyed the material, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I already see some benefits and was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth the material has gotten.

-Michael G., Buffalo, NY.


If you want to improve yourself but ‘gurus’ and fluffy marshmallows made of ‘woo’ are too cloying for your palette, go hang out with Garrett of Command Z.

-Mark Joyner, Founder of Simpleology (the software – no affiliation to the cult with a similar name) and Founder and Chairman of Construct Zero, Inc.


What’s amazing is Garrett’s ability to take something that can appear quite systematic on paper and bring it to life organically in the moment. That to me is the sign of a real artist/teacher. Never do you get the sense that he’s painting by numbers but always reacting to what is presently going on.

Seeing him do his work so well inspires me to do my passions with the same ease and flow.

The other fascinating thing to me about the undoing is that it’s the body of the practitioner that is the primary source of all insight and guidance. There’s no getting stuck in formalized poses or chants or doing someone else’s thing by rote. This isn’t about trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. It’s all about YOU, whatever shape you are, or in my case me, my personal experience and my awareness.

As I feel my awareness change or grow, I sense limitations dissolving in ways I never could have imagined.

-Lance L., Vancouver, Canada.


I have had some very significant results, particularly a reduction of anxiety, among other life changing results.

-Edmar V., San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Garrett is a 21st century springboard genius. By letting go of any preconceived notions and wholeheartedly diving into Command Z, he will guide you through a series of exercises which will inconspicuously, and then conspicuously, enhance the quality of your life. Whether it is physical tension, stress, psychological angst, paralyzing anxiety, or dark inner demons, Garrett will transform your life.

I have experienced 4 sessions. What Command Z does is unlike anything else I have applied myself to; I have been a modern dancer, ballet dancer, jazz dancer, a runner, a swimmer, and a dedicated yogi for many years. After experiencing my first session, I immediately felt back in my body, tension eased, emotional anxiety softened, and free floating fears dissolved. I became aware and conscious of tangible elements of my physical “stuck-ness.”

Garrett is a highly sophisticated and fearless pioneer, who will open your mind, elevate your spirit and ease your body. The service he offers will untie, unlock, unfold, unfasten, and unwrap you; it offers personal benefits beyond your wildest dreams. The best part: Garrett obviously loves his work, believes in what he does, and is willing to share his expertise with you.

-Leslie M. Ojai, California.


I have gotten more deeply in touch with parts of my self that I didn’t know existed, I am more committed and focused on my goals than I have ever been. I feel a sense of freedom and that I have more options in my life than I previously knew. Your course exceeded my expectations and will leave me with much to ponder and work on in the coming weeks and months.

-Mark E., Alberta, Canada.


Thank you! I really look forward to meeting you! Never had a chance to meet Hyatt, Wilson and all my other heroes. I want to be a part of moving this information forwardand I want to meet people who are knowledgeable and help my expand my power.Keep up the good work.

-Brian G., Nashville, TN.


I was very happy to find out about people, who – in my perception – carry on the work started by the minds of the pioneers. Radical Undoing seems to be the logic and more structured continuation of everything i tried out in younger AND wilder years

-Christian O., Hannover, Germany.


You covered a lot of ground. I personally found the work of dropping perfectionism really useful.

-Paul C., Brighton, U.K.

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