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this excerpt comes from stanley keleman via richard grossinger’s online article, a primary reading list

“we have given too much weight to how we feel about our actions or intended actions as a measure of self-value. this makes us disloyal to our own process….

“most of us live our life according to our image of the social milieu, copying values and patterns of action. but it is our own living process that brings social orders into being, and persons with a sense of inhabiting them….

“we are not flesh with a spirit or genetic code dwelling in us. we are an event that sustains a particular life style. we are not a machine with a mind or with a spirit. we are a complex biological process that has many realms of living and experiencing. the body is a layered, ecological environment of ancient and modern lives, just like our planet’s strata of life…. life is old, very old, and we are old in it. the continuum of existence we experience has no discrete beginning.” and:

“the act of living is a reward itself.

“does that sound strange? it is a natural by-product. ask people why they like being alive. they just like it.

“if not, people die like prisoners of war die; they just lay down and die. young and strong, yet you couldn’t wake them up.

“it is an important thing I am saying—most people who enter your office do not recognize that the fact of their existence is satisfying; there is nothing to look for, even though they may be in an existential pain situation.”


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