This tiny change in perspective can change everything.

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It’s not often that a simple change in your perspective about something can have as much power to radically improve your experience of your life as this one does.

I recall when the shift took place for me, and it shook my life down to the core.

My partner of 2 years had just disappeared. She vanished one day from the house we lived in together. This was about 7 or 8 years ago now. She didn’t literally vanish, just suddenly moved out, which didn’t make things any easier.

A friend had showed up in town and needed a place to stay. I had a place and plenty of time, so I invited him to stay.

We spent all night one night reading a book out loud to each other. It was a very fascinating book. I’ll tell you all about it sometime.

Throughout the night, we had many revelations. Some important, and some not so important. What’s crazy was the simple–but devastating–shift took place and I barely even noticed it at first.

It’s not until now, looking back on all the years since then, that I realize just how powerful this perspective shift can be.

First, before I tell you what the change in perspective consists of, I’ll need to give you a foundation to work with.

It all starts with discomfort. By discomfort, I mean everything that you’d rather not experience. It covers a range of everything from severe physical pain to extreme emotional or existential suffering–and everything in between.

Virtually ANY discomfort can be boiled down to one common characteristic: you’d rather not be experiencing it.

The first step from noticing that you don’t enjoy feeling discomfort is to recognize that there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with anxiety, suffering, longing, emotions, or even death and destruction.

These things simply happen, but there’s nothing intrinsically wrong or bad about them. The only thing that makes them appear wrong is your interpretation of them from the perspective that you shouldn’t have to go through them.

Now, almost all of the Undoing techniques–especially Sense and Feel–go a long way toward giving you the direct experience of life-as-it-really-is, or life-without-judgment, or my personal favorite: LIFE.

But for some reason, it remains possible for you to go on feeling like a victim in your life. 

There’s great news here: You are not, and have never been, and can never be a victim.

However, as you know, I won’t give you concepts without some way for you to prove it to yourself in your own experience.

The trouble here is that it takes some serious commitment and effort on your part to really see it. Although there’s one very important force of nature on your side:

The Power of What Is.

It’s completely reliable. The problem is that most people live in their thoughts, ideas, conclusions, and expectations–instead of grounded in the basic facts of their existence.

When you get grounded in the basic facts of your existence, then you can start to live in the constant awareness of what is, and know with certainty the difference between that and the storylines in your mind.

You’ve learned millions of storylines that your mind uses to cobble together the story you tell yourself is your life story.

The storylines aren’t true. In fact, your unconscious mind uses the storylines you’ve learned to keep you running in circles around the the same spot for your whole life. It fears discomfort and the unknown.

Here’s where things get really weird.

Your power to flow, live, and enjoy your life in whatever adventures come your way has been hidden away. It’s tucked away in places you’d really not care to look. Those are the rotten cavities of your life that you’ve got to spelunk down into.

When you do, a beautiful cascade of growth and change ripples through every aspect of your life.

Click "display images" to see this Photo by Garrett Daun, in the wilderness north of Ojai, CA.

–You realize you’re not a victim.

–You realize that the bare facts of your existence are mysterious and fascinating.

–You realize the deep sense of awe and appreciation for all of your experience.

–You realize that you’ve never had the foundation to judge your experiences as bad or wrong, or to believe that anything could ever have been wrong.

–You realize–perhaps in a very secret spy sort of way–that it’s now possible for you to enjoy absolutely everything you experience, even when the character you believe to be you doesn’t like it. You can even enjoy that facet of things.

Don’t believe me about this.

Check in with yourself and see what truth it holds for you, in your own life.

Find the experience of it for yourself.

Almost all conflicts in your life boil down to the vast chasm between your ideas about things vs. the direct experience of what is. By shifting your perspective about discomfort, you can resolve 99.99% of the conflicts and ignite a process of growth and personal evolution that will dwarf everything else you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s how you do it:

You’re going to dive into every discomfort feeling you have, while setting aside the desire to change it or fix it. 

You’re going to feel that feeling completely, and notice the difference between that feeling and the story your mind wants to tell you about it.

Then, you’re going to suddenly realize that the stories you tell yourself about that experience–including the memories of times you felt like that before in similar situations–show you exactly how you convinced yourself that you’re a restricted, limited, victimized being.

You’ll learn exactly how you constructed the prison that most people live in and call their lives.

Brick by brick–discomfort by discomfort–you’ll see quite clearly the exact storylines you’ve used to short-circuit your own playfulness, adventurous spirit, and joy.

And then it’s time to reclaim the power, feel everything fully, and then trust completely in the flow of your life.

We’re going to get into this with exercises, experiences, experiments, adventures, and going with the flow of the unconscious together over the course of the next four saturday workshops.

This is the game of your life, and I’m going to show you exactly how to play to win it.

The puzzle pieces are there. Are you ready to put them together?

Give it some deep thought. We’ll meet each week for 3 hours on saturdays. Then again for 90 minutes for your private session each week, plus time for questions. Recordings of everything. Helpful guides to download. 

Personally tailored experiences for you to reclaim your life and declare an end to your victimhood once and for all.

One thing I know for sure: There’s nothing else like it, and no one I’ve ever worked with has regretted the experience. And no one has gone through the experience and remained the same.

Your habits will change. Your ruts will fill in and disappear. Your enjoyment and laughter will skyrocket. You’ll know deep in yourself what life is all about, and how to satisfy your deepest desires.

I’m excited to work with you.

Talk soon,


PS: Thinking about the workshop and have questions? Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away. You can also add radicalundoing on skype and send me a message there. I’m happy to get to know you and answer any questions you might have.

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