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the following was written in a state of profound dissociation:

when a person is dissociated, mad, emotions just come raw, not attached to events, people or things. it’s like the weather.

the force loses its form; there’s no understanding, no story, just the building blocks. but out of those building blocks come new stories – not just the same structures that have been passed down, not just through literature, but through the very structure of how we habitually respond to the circumstances of human life.

we mustn’t limit ourselves and our mental capabilities just because some corners appear dark and scary.

the states that constitute the so-called mental disorders are important creative states for those who can handle them. if we pathologize them, we pathologize the creative imagination and the freedom of the mind to separate itself from its given culture if it sees fit to generate its own values, its own reality.

we live in a culture that claims to celebrate difference, but there is one difference that culture will never tolerate: difference in thinking. because culture IS the way you think when enough people think it. creative thought is always over and against culture.


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