Bridging the gaps between body and mind; conscious and unconscious

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Have you ever had a twitch or a pain in your body you couldn’t explain with medical reasoning?

Or a dull ache, or persistent problems with a specific body area, or multiple areas at once?

I’ll show you a technique today that can help you to listen to and understand what your unconscious is trying to communicate through your body.

Since we’ve all become adept at NOT listening to our own bodies and unconscious minds, sometimes, our unconscious has to do something more to get our attention.

It does so in a fascinating and yet very clear, succinct way.

We’ll go into much greater detail about all of this in the hypnosis and undoing workshop starting next Saturday.

For now, I’ll explain a little bit and give you a simple technique to apply this new information to your life, and find ways to make organic improvements that stick.

The technique itself is quite simple, and the applications cover almost any bodily experience you could possibly have.

Here’s the basic idea:

Whenever you have unresolved issues in your life and you’re not taking steps to move forward, your unconscious mind will try to give you hints about how to resolve those issues.

It usually happens with subtle inspirations to take action, like thoughts of making that phone call you don’t want to make, or having a conversation you don’t want to have, or asking for a raise at your work, or any number of other unresolved situations.

Or else you’ll have dreams about the person you need to deal with, or nightmares about a catastrophe happening related to the unresolved issues.

But when you’re not trained to listen to your unconscious mind, it has to take more extreme measures.

Those measures almost always involve your body. It might start as an itch, twitch, or an ache. Or it might develop into a series of headaches. Or you might have trouble with an arm or a leg.

The fascinating thing is that the communication coming from the unconscious is usually quite literal. That gives us a way to access the message to find out exactly where we can take action to resolve the unconscious issues.

The breakdown goes like this:

Your head, face, neck, and middle of the chest down to the solar plexus cover crying, screaming, and communication issues. If something’s happening in these parts of your body, it relates to a deep, repressed need to express yourself.

You can try screaming into a pillow, stretching out your face slowly over a few minutes, and writing everything you want to express onto paper. You already know what communication you’re holding back, so look for ways to make that communication possible.

When you do, the physical issues will start to dissolve.

Next, the shoulders cover responsibility issues. When your shoulders act up, you can be sure you’re having a responsibility issue. It can relate to not living up to your responsibilities that you’ve taken on, or a sign that you’ve taken on too many responsibilities, and you need to set them aside.

Use the Atlas Shrugged exercise for shoulder issues, and spend some time writing about your responsibilities. Look for actions you can take to alleviate or live up to the responsibilities in your life.

Third on the list are the arms. Arm issues and tension point toward the repressed urge of reaching toward something that seems just out of your grasp, or a sense of aggression and the desire to fight.

Use punching the bed and the reaching undoing exercises to help bring these issues into your conscious awareness. Again, do some writing about your goals that seem unreachable; or confrontational situations in your life that remain unresolved.

Look for ways to resolve those issues–do it in writing–and the body expressions will start to diminish.

Fourth on the list are the pelvis, diaphragm, and lower back. Tension and body issues in these areas relate to sexual frustration, guilt, and shame.

Use the Undoing pelvis exercises, paradoxical breathing, and squeezing your butt on the inhale and letting it relax on the exhale to begin to understand and resolve and loosen up these issues and tensions. Again, take some time to write about any guilt, shame, and sexual frustration you’re experiencing.

As you bring the issues to light and take conscious action to resolve them, you’ll find those body sections easing up and relaxing more.

Finally, the legs relate to a repressed desire to escape, to run away, as well as issues related to stability, grounding, and your home itself.

Going out for a long walk, kicking the bed rhythmically with your breath, the leg flop undoing exercise, and even bodyweight squats will help bring these areas and issues into your awareness.

From there, do some writing about the issues in your life, with an eye toward actions you can take to resolve them. As you become aware and take action, the body issues in the legs will settle down and dissolve.

So there you have it, a simple breakdown of how your unconscious mind communicates with you through body tensions and difficulties. Once you start listening, the message will get more and more clear, until you know exactly what steps to take to move forward in your life, feeling better and better along the way.

Give it a try, and please let me know how it goes. I love to hear about your experiments with these tactics.

The great things is that we cover this unconscious body issue stuff in great detail in the hypnosis workshop–as well as an entire undoing session covering exercises for all 5 of the body areas to get you running smoothly again.

You also get a guide to the body areas and additional exercises specific to each one.

This is just one of many very cool, effective techniques we’ll be going over during the workshop.

I look forward to having you there.

Remember, if you want to get in without the sessions, just use the code nosessions and you’ll get that rate instead.

However, I do encourage you to take the leap and go for the 4 sessions. They’re cheaper than you normally get them, and we’ll have a chance to go deeper into your own life issues, and start resolving them to help you flow more and more and more.

Talk to you soon,


PS: Remember, you also get the Art of Not Giving a Fuck Mentalism workshop as an extra bonus for joining the Hypnosis and Undoing workshop. It’s a delightful journey into the world of instant rapport, mindreading, and incidentally, the secret behind everything that exists. 😉

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