It’s your focus on what’s wrong. When you learn to let go–and I mean letting go in the most direct, physical way possible–you’ll watch most of your problems fade in the rear view mirror as you race into a radically different life.

Captain Jack Sparrow says it best: (click “display images” to see)

My handy computer dictionary tells me that problem means “a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.” (emphasis added by me.)

If you weren’t feeling uncomfortable, you wouldn’t identify your experiences as problems. The problem is, once we get focused on problems, it’s hard to see things from a different perspective.

The urgency of believing you need to deal with and overcome something can overwhelm and dominate your mind to the exclusion of other perspectives and opportunities.

This is how our problems and obstacles can become habitual ways of thinking–mental prisons that keep us focused in the wrong direction.

Often, you’re just facing the inside wall of your cage, with your back turned to the open door behind you. It’s the need to solve all your imagined problems that’s keeping you from enjoying and flowing with your life.

The only answer is to get a different perspective, to stop defining discomfort as a problem, and to learn to let go of your expectations about how things are supposed to be.

This may seem like some gargantuan feat, but it’s not. It’s actually a very basic step in your natural development.

The sad fact is that the cult of society, or the society of CULTure, has taught each and every one of us how to cling to our imagined obstacles with a stranglehold of suffering.

Do you ever wonder why so many people don’t really enjoy what they do with the majority of their time? And yet, instead of doing something–anything–different, they just carry on day after day, until life recycles them back to the oblivion they came from and finds someone else to play their roles.

Have you ever heard someone complain about their life? Isn’t it funny how much time and effort people will spend complaining about their own problems, without doing a damned thing differently? Then, if those problems run out, they find new problems on the news to complain about.

This is what’s accepted as normal, and what’s normal is completely ridiculous, and no one’s saying anything about it, so the doom parade carries on.

That’s the strangest part about all the conditioning we receive as children: to believe that you are your problems. That way, you’ll never sidestep them and do what you really want with your life.

You’ve got only one option in the face of this terrorific situation: letting go.

First, let go of all the shit that ain’t yours: the problems of the world, the problems of politics, the issues you’re supposed to care about and take sides on.

Second, let go of all those problems you imagine holding you back from what you really want.

The only way I know of to learn how to let go is through using your body.

Try the exercise in the following video, but pay very close attention to the minute details of how to do it. It’s almost impossible to do correctly at first, but when we do sessions together, I can give you specific tips to help you learn how to let go, not only of your tensions, but of all the problems you’ve identified with in your life.

In the 4 week intensives, you’ll quickly discover that the adventures available to you RIGHT NOW will quickly overwhelm all the problems you carry around, and you’ll be forced to make a choice: let go of your problems, or abandon the adventure of your organic life in that amazing spaceship you call your body.

I suggest embracing the adventure of your life, which means letting go of the certainty of your problems in trade for the uncertainty of an open-ended exploration of your life, which means waking up, which is why you’re reading this!

So do the exercise, and let me know how it goes for you. I’m happy to hear from you.

Oh, one more thing, for the next round of intensives, would you like to start on May 3, or closer to the middle of the month? Let me know.

Life is way more fun when you stop pretending you know what happens next, and stop clinging to the problems that make you feel safe and comfortable. Look around…is there anything you’ve fallen asleep to in your life?

Adventure is yours, if you want it.



PS: If you didn’t see it yet, I put together a workshop on reclaiming your mind and body, and cutting off the influences that put your to sleep and convince you to keep living the life someone else wants you to live…instead of your own. That’s the NGF guide to psychic self defense. Over half off for the next couple days.

Today I promised to get into my own undoing story a little more deeply than yesterday. I’ll be telling a lot more of the story as we go, and giving you some exercises and motivation along the way.

I recently asked folks on FB what they feel is the most important factor in self transformation. What do you think they said?

The most common answer was motivation.

So, my goal with these emails, and with all the courses, workshops and live experiences is not only to give you the most powerful, effective, and satisfying transformation techniques and approaches in the known universe–but also to help keep you motivated to take action and actually DO the exercises, experiments, and adventures on a daily basis–so you can start living a more flowing and enjoyable life…right fucking now.

I want this to be so beneficial to you that it even helps you start living a better and more fulfilling life yesterday. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I said I want to make your life better yesterday, as well as today and tomorrow. How the hell can I do that, you ask?

By getting you to shrug all the shit off your shoulders that really doesn’t matter. Once you do that, even the most difficult and painful of your memories will start to reveal something deeper…something moresomething quite beautiful when you learn how to stop interpreting and judging, and instead, start appreciating everything about your life, and what brought you to where you are now–> waking up and taking action to make it even better.

That’s what monkeys, chips, and worlds all have in common: none of them belong on your shoulders!

(Ok, it could be cool to have a monkey on your shoulder, I agree. But don’t let him get on your back, or you’ll have real trouble trying to remove him.)

The point of all this is to get you to realize that when you focus on problems, challenges, obstacles, complaints, and other shit that brings you down, you’re not focusing on appreciating and flowing with what’s actually going on in the life you’re actually experiencing.

Once you get all those imaginary burdens out of your mind, you can start taking action and doing things that bring you tremendous joy and satisfaction. All those things you’ve always wanted to do, but make excuses for why you CAN’T. Start now by replacing all your CANTs with WONTs, and then decide to do what it takes to turn your WONTs into WILL!

Then do it.

Just like today’s exercise. This is one of the first exercises I learned after the face stretching, and I gave it the name Atlas Shrugged, to remind me of the statue of Atlas and how it’s time to let go of the news, the issues, the woes of the world, and to start doing what you can with what you’ve got.

Just pull your shoulders up to your ears as high and as tightly as you can (be careful if you have injuries…NEVER force anything). Hold them up with a lot of tension and pressure for AT LEAST one full minute. Keep breathing the whole time.

Once the minute’s up, inhale fully, pull them up even tighter, and then thrust them down while making a loud “AH” sound and exhaling fully. Then just feel the effects the exercise had on you.

Here’s a look at a brand new video I made for a special new course we’re putting together. I wanted to show it to you first, so let me know what you think. I really value hearing from you, and I write back to everyone.

When I first did Atlas Shrugged, I remember feeling so much relief in my shoulders, and in my mind. At that time, many of my old faithful allegiances to politics, saving the world, social groups, pressure from family and friends, and even my deeply ingrained habits of eating and thinking were starting to crack and crumble away. The shoulder exercise helped me to crawl out from underneath that top-heavy existence I’d caged myself in and start living my own life.

Hopefully you’ll have an easier experience than I did. I still spent a few more years searching to get free of my beliefs and start flowing with my own life.

More on that in the next post, when I explain exactly how I learned to start laughing at everything you’re not supposed to laugh at. (hint: it’s actually possible to enjoy everything, and laugh at it all–it just takes one simple adjustment most people aren’t willing to make. Are you?)

Oh yeah, and I’ll let you know about a live Q and A session on google hangouts to learn more about Undoing, the intensives, and whatever else you want to chat about.

Enjoy…because it’s your life, and it’s the only life you’ve got.



PS: If you actually tried out the exercise, leave a comment right away and let me know how it goes. What other kinds of exercises would you like to see? And keep in mind, the more you repeat these exercises, the deeper and more powerful results you’ll get.

I felt all tingly inside for a few minutes afterward, a little giddy, you know, like when you just can’t keep your lips and cheeks from grinning all over your face?

After that, I didn’t notice too much of a difference, but something had changed…even if just a little.

That tiny experiment would eventually cascade with diligent repetition and thousands more experiments just like it into a radical transformation of the way I saw everything in my life.

It may not have been as monumental as the first time ever having sex, but the first time I ever did the slow face stretching, I knew I’d found something very different from any of the other life change and consciousness exploration approaches I’d been mired in for years.

Those first 5 minutes of stretching my face led all the way to me doing this business and writing you this email right now.

I just finished an hourlong undoing session–conducted by my beautiful partner, who’s getting quite good at it now–and I figured it’s time to get more personal about how all this came to be.

After the first time I stretched my face, I noticed a small time distortion, and the hold my emotions had over me seemed to loosen up…just a little.

Instead of identifying with the sadness, anger, or even happiness, I noticed a strangely deeper level of something creeping into my awareness. Something made itself known underneath all those shifting emotions and changing mental states, I just didn’t know what the hell to call it, yet.

Here’s a vintage video of me demonstrating the face stretching, long before the days of Command Z:

There’s something so utterly simple about listening to and following the wisdom of your own body that you can manage to ignore it for years.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve made the same trade unknowingly–you traded the simple flow of your organic, embodied life for a mind overflowing with stress and complexity.

The other part of that trade that no one ever seems to talk about requires your body to bear the burden of your mental overwhelm in the form of anxiety, tension, and rigidity. Look around, you can find the rigidity everywhere…

Listen to it in the voice of the cashier at the gas station.

See it in the shoulders of the waiter bringing your food.

Taste it in the chemicals designed to make you eat fifty more chips long after you stopped feeling hungry.

Smell it in the deodorant hiding your animal nature.

Feel it in your own tensed muscles.

I’m here for one reason: to tell you you’re beautiful exactly as you find yourself right now. 100% self acceptance is a prerequisite to this whole undoing journey, so I want to inspire that in your from the start, and all along the way.

This is your wake up call to go deeper into your life, and start enjoying a hell of a lot more of it…exactly as you experience it now, and even more as you go deeper.

You can start today by setting a timer–right now–for 5 minutes. Then just stretch and move every part of your face SLOWLY. Your eyes in different directions, nostrils, cheeks, forehead, brows, lips, tongue, and jaw. Breathing deeply while you keep stretching and moving your face–SLOWLY.

After the 5 minutes, just close your eyes and feel what you can feel in your face.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about the emergency going on in your neck and shoulders, and how to get the weight of the world off your back.

The only trick here is actually doing the exercises. That’s what you’re here for, so like Tim Leary used to say: Take a chance and break your trance. This is your life. This is your consciousness. So claim it and enjoy!

Soon, I’ll tell you about another first time…before which, I had no idea that I even had a body. Yeah, it’s that weird…but true.

Leave a comment or email me and let me know how it felt when YOU did the exercise. I love hearing from you.



PS: The next round of Radical Undoing intensives starts on May 3…and I’ll be doing a free, live Q and A on google hangouts very soon, so stay tuned!

The following delightful story was written by Mika J., a long-term client of Command Z. He wrote the story shortly after doing an exercise from the Radical Undoing 101 Course. Thanks to Mika for his boldness and willingness to dive into his own life and start experimenting! Good work at trespassing your limits, Mika. -Garrett


Last spring I had one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

It happened when I did an adventure from the Radical Undoing 101 Course called Go to a Grocery Store, originally from Dr. Claude Needham’s book , The Just Because Club.

This exercise goes as its name suggests, with just one twist: you do the whole visit as if you don’t exist.

You enter the store when someone else triggers the door, and then just walk around and spend an hour in the store–without touching anyone or anything. After the hour ends, you sneak out the same way you entered, letting someone else trigger the door before you exit.

When I did this exercise, I was just roaming around for the first thirty minutes or so thinking, this isn’t doing anything, what a waste of time. 

I was feeling a little unnerved, like an outsider, because I wasn’t behaving as people in that situation are expected to behave. I got suspicious of the store employees in their uniforms, wondering if they would notice that I was just creeping around. I was afraid they’d catch me for breaking the rules.

They were just ordinary people doing their ordinary mundane work, but I felt like a criminal in the presence of police officers. They were the authorities in that space: if they suspected I’d stolen something, they could call the police and draw negative attention to me. I became more aware of how I always get tensed up in the presence of “authorities” of any sort, even if there is no rational reason to be cautious.

Then, at some point after the first 30 minutes, things got very weird…

I was now not only seeing the employees differently, but the customers transformed as well.

It seems impossible to me how quickly and radically my perception of other people changed. Suddenly all I saw were robots. No more free people, just customer robots running a very deliberately programmed “At the Grocery Store” software. They all seemed to be behaving in the very same way, like their programmer knew exactly what he/she (who exactly?) wanted them to do.

Every robot guy and girl with their shopping carts and baskets were running around in a trance state fulfilling their noble duty of consuming. Moving and proceeding quickly, as the grocery store is no place for just hanging around and enjoying yourself. Of course the concerned consumer robots may spend a moment looking at the label before making their decision. The working of the software was clearly visible: Pick the product you need, move on to the next one, get out as soon as you’re done. Good job!

Before I left I was feeling pretty damned separate from everyone. They were playing their software faithfully, too busy to pay any attention to me. I was left outside their awareness, wondering what the hell was going on. I was observing the customers very carefully, but no one seemed to notice me. I even saw an acquaintance I expected would say hello, but he didn’t seem to register that I was there right before his eyes.

I snuck out of the store, feeling relieved and surprised at what had just happened.

I’m not claiming that I’m better or more enlightened than the other people who were there that day. What I do claim is that I had a very unusual perspective on what was actually happening there. I’m probably just as robotic when I do my grocery shopping, though now I may have become a little more aware of it.

I had already known–in theory–that when you bust loose from from your own trance state, it becomes more apparent how hypnotized everyone else is. This was my first direct experience of that phenomenon. What surprised me was how quickly and easily I could create a shift in my perception, and how bizarrely real it was.

I don’t know how or why this exercise works, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that if you do it, it will work, and you will get your results. You can experience something truly new and interesting for yourself by just going to a grocery store. It costs you nothing, and takes less time than watching a movie, so why not give it a try?


Garrett here again. Wow, what a great story, Mika! Thanks again. Next, you can watch the original video from the course so you can do the exercise for yourself. If you do, and you enjoy it and want more expansive experiences, check out the full course.

Here’s the video:

Most of the time, concepts end up like unread books: stacked up on your shelves like dead trophies from a life you never had time to live.

But what if you just had the wrong approach to concepts? What if you could use very specific concepts as tools to free your mind from perceived limitations and restrictions.

In short: what if there were certain ideas that–if used properly–could actually make your daily life more enjoyable, more relaxing, more creative, and more adventurous?

You already know it’s true. Certain pieces of information have the power to change how you perceive everything about yourself and your perception.

Today I’m going to highlight a specific concept from one of our courses, the Esozone Codex Course.

The concept is simple: You are the most important person in your life.

Seems mostly harmless, right?

How could that concept possibly change your life? What does it have to do with anything?

It has EVERYTHING  to do with living a life you truly enjoy. After all, what is a life worth living, if not a life that brings you pleasure and satisfaction?

Who are you living for anyways?

///If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.///

You know that your life is worth living, and the funny thing is, while a lot of you might say that you don’t know what it is you really want, you might be happy to learn that you could be lying to yourself, when in fact, there’s all kinds of things you enjoy doing, and there’s a few of them available for you to enjoy right this minute…

Before I send you back into your life to do something that feels good to you, here’s a short video from the course where Chris and I discuss the finer points of making yourself and your true desires the focal points of your life. Enjoy it. I’ll be back tomorrow with an exercise you can use to accentuate the illusion-busting power of today’s concept. In the meantime, start thinking of some concepts that you could use to enjoy your life more…today!


-Garrett Daun

PS: Get the Esozone Codex Course here:

An intimate peek inside Command Z’s Radical Undoing 101, plus Lance’s adventure field report (hilarious!)

The Radical Undoing 101 Course consists of four components:

1. Physical Exercises.

2. Written Exercises.

3. Cognitive Experiments.

4. Adventures in the world.

The Adventures available to you in 101 can be simple, exciting, frightening, and oddly profound.

Command Z asks:

Why wait for life to shock, propel, or thrust you out of your frustrated routines?

The changes you desire or find yourself afraid to make are available to you right now.

The exercises and format of the 101 course are designed to support you in your courageous undertaking.

Relax your grip.


Lance’s Radical Undoing 101 Field Report


Go to a grocery store and shop out of other people’s carts.

This adventure comes from the Non-Sequitor Suite:

When I came across this adventure my first reaction was a cringing resistance. I thought to myself;


What’s the point?

What if the shopper punches me in the face?

What if they call security?

These thoughts and emotions gradually defused into:

Why not do it?

What is this Adventure all about for ME?

Where is my fear coming from?

How am I going to accomplish/approach this?


1. Avoid eye contact take the goods and run.

2. Say hello take their stuff and await the backlash.

3. Ask if I can take their stuff, when they say “no,” I take it anyway.

4.  Say pleasantly “oh, I was looking for those, thanks” and walk away with a smile.

5.  Run in, start grabbing shit and deal with the “consequences.”

Ok, Time for Action

As I do before entering most potentially stress inducing social situations, I loosened myself up with undoing exercises, Simple Twist of Face, Atlas Shrugged, and the Laughing Breath.

Ok, I’m ready to go, I’m walking in the Safeway door;

I wandered about the store looking for someone to strike.  As I would approach potential “victims” I would feel anxiety rush through my pelvis and feet, my breath shortening.  (The more I “undo” the more I have become aware of the physical origins of my fears).

I walked past one young woman kneeling down with her basket a few feet away, I decided I didn’t really want to bother her, in other words I chickened out…no biggie.

I turned the corner and saw an entire family around a cart, I must have been thinking safety in numbers, I have no idea, but I had definitely flicked the switch, I was going to take something from this family… There they are, Bananas!

I inspected their cart and announced pleasantly, “I was looking for these, thanks.” I took them and put them in my basket smiled nodded and walked away.  As I walked away I heard the whole family BURST into laughter.  Alright! When I first considered this exercise I thought it could end with a fist fight; that was not a bad result at all!  I walked away smiling, feeling anxious but more confident.

When my own giggling subsided I spotted another woman with a cart.  I felt uneasiness rising in the body and I could feel my heart strongly beating.   I approached her and enquired about a bag of potato chips, she replied that that there was a deal-“ four bags for 10 dollars in the other aisle”. I asked if I could have her bag, she replied with an an emphatic “NO”.  I reached in her cart and took the bag anyway, I put it in my basket, said “thanks”, smiled and walked away. I heard her shout at my back “Asshole!!”

At this point I began to feel a little anxious, I let the sensations rush over me, I wandered looking for another shopper to “steal” from.  I ended up at the cash register.  I paid for the bananas and the bag of Lays and headed for the door walking straight past the sour lady glaring directly at me one more time. I repeated my gratefulness to her “thanks again” I sang, as I walked out the automatic doors, barely containing my laughter.  Anxious energy and laughter rushed thru me as I walked out into the outside air.

Mission Accomplished.


By challenging my boundaries in the grocery store, I acquired loads of information about how I approach other aspects of my life.  As the “moral dictates”(lol) of grocery shopping lose their power in my perception, I start to see the arbitrariness of other matrices that exist in my world view.  Webs of meaning that exist only in my mind.  I also start to see this more and more in others around me, how their imagined boundaries imprison their free expression.  It’s one thing to think about and read about it. It’s a completely different thing to experience firsthand.

I have found that Radical Undoing 101 has encouraged me to bump into my own bars and apply heat, freeing up space for me to move about freely in the world.  As I begin to strategically and intentionally dynamite myself internally with Undoing techniques I find life opening up, Not just in the grocery store but everywhere.  The bars begin to fade into their surroundings as life opens up for me to greet it.

An Invitation

So, What do you make of this?

What does this adventure say about grocery shopping? What does it say about how I approach potentially tense, confrontational situations in my regular life??

And where does my fear arise from? My imagination?  Was my life at risk?

What do you make of this?

What thoughts and feelings does the exercise awaken in you?

Do the experiment and tell us about your experience.  (Or don’t do it and keep your assumptions about it.)

Or better yet, join in all the fun and change for fucking ever.

Follow the link to get Radical Undoing 101 and join in the fun.  101 is a game/life changer. The forum is available to you for your support along the way.

Click Here to Explore Radical Undoing 101.

…We all relax our grip eventually…

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