“You can’t just have fun all the time!”

Really? And why the f*ck not?

(censored for FB and iTunes purposes. If you feel you’re mature enough to see the whole word, please let both companies know.)

Seriously. I used the word “f*ck” in that last sentence to express the absolutely stomach-twisting, face-mangling frustration I feel when I hear people arguing against having fun.

It just blows my mind beyond anything I can possibly put into words.

Literally, sit on your deathbed with me for a moment. Right now.

Don’t avoid it. Look me in the eyes here.

You’re headed for an ending of that body of yours, and everything you thought you knew is on it’s way out of your life.

Sooner or later, it all goes away.

So stop taking it all for granted! (including all the really difficult stuff…)

On Season 4 Episode 10 of Loius (Loius CK’s brilliant TV show), Loius complains about his heartbreak to an old man on the street.

The old man is Charles Grodin, and the blistering transcendence he dumps on Loius in the clip below will melt your mind and steal your ability to complain about the beauty and richness YOU’RE IGNORING EVEN RIGHT NOW!

Yeah. It’s devastatingly beautiful.

I’d really recommend watching it a few times, just to drink up everything there to feel.

You know you’ve worn those shoes before too.

Time to celebrate?

I sure am.

There’s not a single moment that a part of me isn’t celebrating. And I’ve been through some shit…some of which I’ve talked about, much of which I haven’t (yet).

Even my most difficult and traumatic experiences have been converted into gems of delight, mystery, and enjoyment that I’d never trade away for anyone else’s life.

That brings us back to that little matter of fun.

Fun never lies.

You know whether or not you’re having fun at any given moment.

I propose that if you’re not having fun, that you ask yourself exactly why not.

The answer will always be a version of one of the following:

1. You feel limited and restricted.

2. You feel frustrated.

3. You feel uncomfortable.

If you do feel limited, frustrated, and otherwise uncomfortable, have you chosen your situation?

If not, can you escape it somehow?

If not, can you enjoy it somehow, and make it align with your deepest desires anyway?

Can you steal some of your time and life back from it? Are you willing to?

The funniest thing is that you’ll very rarely get “Yes” answers when you ask yourself if you’re having fun.

Do you know why?

Because when you’re actually having fun, you don’t stop to second-guess and question what the hell you’re doing. You’re too bust having fun.

Get it?

Now that’s just ONE of the many extremely powerful tools and experiences I’ve built into the NGF Elite Training.

I’ve got the new live training almost ready to go.

I’ll send you the invite tomorrow, but mark your calendar.

Lance and I will be going live on Saturday June 20 for a special first look at the Elite NGF Training.

You’ll get a sneak peek into the actual elements of the training and adventure experience, plus get to try some of it out yourself during the show.

Next week, we’ve got something we’ve been working on since 2010, but I never thought we’d release it.

Turns out, this moment in history is perfect for it.

I’m not gonna tell you what it is quite yet, but get this:

It’s going to take you further than Leary, Crowley, Terrence Mckenna, and all the psychedelics in the world combined. (Big statement, I know. And we’re going to show you exactly how to back it up and prove it to yourself!)

Ok, I’m a little excited, so I’ll stop there before I tell you too much all at once.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to work with me, I’d highly suggest responding to this email, or using the contact form here on the site.

This is one of your final notices/warnings, because the rare window of opportunity to work directly with me is about to close, except to a very tiny group of people. If you’re one of them, get in touch. Now’s your chance…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now get out there and have some fun!

And when you’re ready to kick back and relax into some mind-melting, hypnotic podcast excellence, get on over to the NGF podcast right here:


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It really really helps to keep us inspired, putting out great content, and working to help you expand freedom in every aspect of your life, so take a moment and help us out…



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Here’s the thing:

It’s great getting Undoing sessions over Skype. It’s the next best thing to getting a session in real life with a skilled practitioner.

The first time I ever had a session with Dr. Hyatt, it upgraded my understanding of the Undoing work in a huge way.

I went from earnest beginner to solid intermediate in that one experience.

But–that was the result of all the practice and efforts I made on my own.

If I hadn’t had the experiences before that, it might not have even made sense to me at all.

Since I decided to stay in Colombia for a while longer, I figured you might enjoy a visit down here too.

It’s especially beautiful on the coast here, right near the equator. There’s so many fruits, so many new foods, so many amazing wild areas filled with creatures and plants I’ve never even imagined before.

It’s time to take a break and get deep into your own organic nature.

It’s also time to immerse yourself in the greater organic and wild flow–because that’s what the flowing life is all about:

Getting in deeper touch with yourself, and learning how to make yourself the primary source of information and authority in your life.

Experience your own bulletproof confidence.

Get a world-class undoing experience.

Fully catered organic meals–including local beer, wine, and drinks.

Spend a week in a beautiful villa on the coast.

Leave your old ways and your limitations behind forever.

Be prepared to take action on anything that inspires you.

Experience the victim to adventurer shift in your own life.

This is the very first time we’ve ever offered a workshop of this magnitude–live–and in a perpetual paradise overflowing with organic beauty.

You can expect to make vast headway on getting rid of fears, self-doubts, procrastination, and worries.

Plus, we’ll setup some adventures for you–and make sure every aspect of your trip is the most expansive, fun, and enjoyable experience you’ve ever had.

Let’s Undo In Paradise!

Click that button and I’ll send you an invite and application for the live workshop.

It’s limited to 10 people, as I want to make it the highest quality experience possible–and that gets tougher the more people you add into the mix.

I’m super excited to meet you in person, to demonstrate the immense power of the undoing work, and to help you EXPERIENCE the shift from Victim to Adventurer over that mind-blowing, life-expanding, limitation-busting week.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little more about the basic NGF training and how it’ll help you to overcome self-doubt, fear, guilt, and your old pesky habits.


From February 11 onward, We’ll be building toward the first round of Elite NGF 3 month training. You’ll still be able to do the basic training, but if you want sessions or to ensure that you get the best results in your undoing work–click here to get some sessions. (Sessions available for a short time longer. I’ll be restricting Undoing and Hypnosis sessions to Elite Training and in-person work ONLY.)

It was supposed to be simple. It was laid out. Just fill in the blanks. Go to school. Get good grades. Get a job. Get married. You know the rest. The recipe for the good life. What everyone is selling, but no one is questioning.

Hope it works! We could remove the self-development section from the book store. Everyone would already be so stoned-on-bliss no one would be buying. Could do away with anxiety pills. Anxiety support groups. Stress reduction techniques. Stress-driven addictions would evaporate, including the industries that spin their wheels trying to cure them. In fact, if this formula can really make everyone so perfectly happy, many businesses simply wouldn’t have anything to do anymore. Is that what’s happening?

Are your neighbors, family and friends livin’ it up? Waking every morning on fire with desire to hop out of bed? Looking for the next alligator to wrestle? Ready for another day of doing exactly what they were told? Sticking their head between their knees and smiling at how great the formula works? Hell yeah. Sign me up.

But as soon as you ask the first question, you’re fucked. Because it was always just a lie. If you don’t want what everyone else has got, it’s time to look outside the big river for what YOU want out of life.

I’m not knocking on anything specifically, except the idea that living the copy and paste life works. That you just do what your parents and friends said you should and everything is just cool. No one is doing it because it works. So why are they?

Hell, at least everyone I know seems to hate their life 80% of the time. If what I’m saying sounds insane to you, you only admit you hate it a small percentage of the time. Only those who know where they are should bother to continue reading. If that isn’t you, you need another 10 years of the lie to piss you off enough to finally do something. Acquiring this motivation can’t be rushed. Or maybe you’ll die first. Good luck with that. For the rest of you still reading, Let’s get real.

I can say, with certainty, that living the formula does not make anything safe, secure, happy, perfect or any of the other magic words we are sold on. It doesn’t tie a red bow on top. Nor does it then add a cherry and whip cream. All it does is get in the way. The whole time, the very thing which was supposed to make it all okay was the only thing keeping you from living.

But your programming is deep in your mind. In every corner, in fact. Stepping outside the rules, you experience very real physical symptoms. Pushing even further, total mental collapse. It’s easy to see why no one leaves the campfire light. Who knows what might be in the forest? Especially following a lifetime of hearing it has to be scary. But is it?

Come and see for yourself. Undoing is the process of destroying all programing. All limitation in your mind. Everything that keeps you living a life you don’t want to keep living. But without this… what would you do with your life, you may ask.

That will be up to you. Personally, I travel the world full-time and just do whatever I want everyday (same as the retired but started at 21 instead of 70). Likely, you’ll try many things and eventually what you really want will come into view. The process starts now. It isn’t something you can just think about it. It’s about direct experience. And i have for you the best news.

You don’t need to continue living a life of quiet disappointment. You need not stare out the window hoping something will change. Waiting for the day it finally comes. You can start shoveling baggage out of your way right now. That baggage is the only reason you aren’t already living the real good life.

Most people wait for a car accident, losing a limb, or some other near-life experience to finally get real. And that does work. A direct confrontation with your own mortality saws through programming instantly. And yes, the people who really live tend to be those lucky enough to have had a few of them, but if you’re done waiting… Hoping… Gambling if it will happen before you die, or just aren’t really interested in losing a limb or driving off a bridge, you can start right now instead.

It isn’t going to be instant, but you’ll be shocked how fast it really can happen. And it’s a helluva lot faster than filling that chair by the window, wondering if you or the dog beside you will die first, hoping something smacks you across the head hard enough so you finally change your life.

We live our lives as we were shown to. We got in the back seat somewhere after birth and now sit calmly. We watch as things go by. But who’s driving? Is anyone? We’re all driving in circles, but no one is at the wheel. Imagine where you might go, if instead of continuing with habits and programming, you hopped behind the wheel. Right now, you don’t need an answer for where, only to acknowledge the desire to do so. To see something new. And leave behind a life of nothing but stress.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know on my death bed, I don’t want to stare at a map, contemplating the small circle around my house. The space I never left. How I was so sure I had it right? But death beside me, it now so clear my comfort zone was actually not an oasis, but a prison.

I was too afraid to even take the first step.

You can take the first step now.

Click Here to get it.

Why wait for tomorrow when it’s today?

-Anthony and Garrett

Much of the work of Alexander Lowen has been a great inspiration to us at Command Z. Most of his work centered around feeling, grounding and moving the body. No matter how much talk happens, he recognized that nothing really occurs until the body is energized and brought back to life.

Check out what he has to say here:

In honor of Dr. Lowen, Riley and I are happy to offer you Radical Undoing sessions for 50% off our normal rate of $250. For the next two weeks, you can purchase your initial session for $125.

We would like to give as many people as possible the experience of Radical Undoing, even if it’s just a single session. So much can happen from deeply feeling your body in this particular way…a single session plants the seeds of a deep bodily awakening that can carry you into an entirely new life.

Riley and I are excited to hear from you and work with you.

Click on the button below to get your initial Radical Undoing session for half-off. You will receive an email immediately with instructions for scheduling your session.

We’re looking very forward to working with each of you.

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wednesday, october 20, 2010.

this evening we will be hosting the first of our weekly radical undoing & energized meditation classes in ojai, ca.

the class will be every wednesday from 5-6 pm at sacred space studio, 410 bryant circle, suite a.

each participant’s first class is free; subsequent classes are on a sliding scale from ten to twenty dollars.

see you there.

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