Ever get the feeling there’s more to it?

Like you might have missed something?

That feeling of dread creeping up through your chest, turning into a lump in your throat, and hot flashes across your face…when you realize you’re the only one who didn’t know! (But how could you have known? Even if it’s so obvious after the fact…)

Those things that you’re unaware that you’re unaware of can prove really tough to spot. But there’s moments when you feel drawn into your own life, like an intuitive pulling inward to the richness of your own inspiration and organic drives.

Other times it feels like complete desperation, like that time I had a gun shoved in my back by some dickhead on meth. You know you’ve got to move–there’s no other option–and for some of you, that’s what lead you here.

A sense of wanting to escape the intensity and anxiety of your own insides–to find something more stable, more solid, and more reliable than just running away from your own life–hiding in a blanket of habits out of fear of losing…

Losing what? Your dignity? (do you have any? What does it matter from the grave you’re digging?) Sanity? (What is sanity but another way to measure yourself against an imagined “norm” that literally no one fits into?)

As you stroll through your life, wondering if maybe there’s something more, take a closer look at everything you’re missing right this minute. Even as you start to think about it–right now–you can see,,,,,hear…..;;;;;taste::::smell”””feel a lot more than you did a few seconds ago, when you were completely focused on reading and thinking.

That, my friend, is the terror of your situation. One minute, you feel in full control of things, and the next minute, you feel a victim of the changing tides. Habits and daydreams creep in to blind you to the textures of the life drifting by before your senses.

The only thing it’s possible to prove, or to rely on, is that everything seems to drift it’s way out of your life…out of perception…and as things disappear, do you even notice?

Again, what does it matter?

The only reason for you to suffer is because you’ve unknowingly given preference to something you don’t have over what is.

The way out of that suffering is through bringing your awareness back to the world of what is in this adventure-land of your own perception.

You may never get exactly what you think you want, but if you can learn to want what is, then you can never be defeated. Then you will embrace your own invincible mindset, and find the freedom you’re after to live the life you choose.

Before that, you can only chase ideas, fantasies, and expectations, and find only disappointment when what is doesn’t live up to those ideas.

The cool thing is that what is will always wait patiently for you to come back to it, it will never fail you, and it can never be taken away from you.

That’s the reason I love doing this work: helping to usher you along toward your own realization of what is, and then fractalizing out into your life.

Have you ever taken in the vast, exquisite beauty of what is before it gets drawn and quartered through the filters and funnels of what’s supposed to be?

Every undoing session, adventure, exercise, and experiment is designed to put you in deeper touch with what is, while you UNDO all the shit that ain’t.

What do you think? How does that resonate with you?

Let me know in the comments below. Let’s get a discussion going. I want to hear your take on this.

Chew on that for today, but before I go, I want to invite you to take part in the next 4 week undoing intensives. We’re starting a week from this Saturday (so May 3). Sunday at Noon Pacific, I’ll be holding a live hangout on google. I’ll post the link tomorrow in the daily Undoing email. (Subscribe on the right over there is you haven’t yet. You get new exercises, concepts, and daily undoing boosters!)

It’s the adventure of your life, the best one life has to offer.

Talk to you tomorrow,


It’s your focus on what’s wrong. When you learn to let go–and I mean letting go in the most direct, physical way possible–you’ll watch most of your problems fade in the rear view mirror as you race into a radically different life.

Captain Jack Sparrow says it best: (click “display images” to see)

My handy computer dictionary tells me that problem means “a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.” (emphasis added by me.)

If you weren’t feeling uncomfortable, you wouldn’t identify your experiences as problems. The problem is, once we get focused on problems, it’s hard to see things from a different perspective.

The urgency of believing you need to deal with and overcome something can overwhelm and dominate your mind to the exclusion of other perspectives and opportunities.

This is how our problems and obstacles can become habitual ways of thinking–mental prisons that keep us focused in the wrong direction.

Often, you’re just facing the inside wall of your cage, with your back turned to the open door behind you. It’s the need to solve all your imagined problems that’s keeping you from enjoying and flowing with your life.

The only answer is to get a different perspective, to stop defining discomfort as a problem, and to learn to let go of your expectations about how things are supposed to be.

This may seem like some gargantuan feat, but it’s not. It’s actually a very basic step in your natural development.

The sad fact is that the cult of society, or the society of CULTure, has taught each and every one of us how to cling to our imagined obstacles with a stranglehold of suffering.

Do you ever wonder why so many people don’t really enjoy what they do with the majority of their time? And yet, instead of doing something–anything–different, they just carry on day after day, until life recycles them back to the oblivion they came from and finds someone else to play their roles.

Have you ever heard someone complain about their life? Isn’t it funny how much time and effort people will spend complaining about their own problems, without doing a damned thing differently? Then, if those problems run out, they find new problems on the news to complain about.

This is what’s accepted as normal, and what’s normal is completely ridiculous, and no one’s saying anything about it, so the doom parade carries on.

That’s the strangest part about all the conditioning we receive as children: to believe that you are your problems. That way, you’ll never sidestep them and do what you really want with your life.

You’ve got only one option in the face of this terrorific situation: letting go.

First, let go of all the shit that ain’t yours: the problems of the world, the problems of politics, the issues you’re supposed to care about and take sides on.

Second, let go of all those problems you imagine holding you back from what you really want.

The only way I know of to learn how to let go is through using your body.

Try the exercise in the following video, but pay very close attention to the minute details of how to do it. It’s almost impossible to do correctly at first, but when we do sessions together, I can give you specific tips to help you learn how to let go, not only of your tensions, but of all the problems you’ve identified with in your life.

In the 4 week intensives, you’ll quickly discover that the adventures available to you RIGHT NOW will quickly overwhelm all the problems you carry around, and you’ll be forced to make a choice: let go of your problems, or abandon the adventure of your organic life in that amazing spaceship you call your body.

I suggest embracing the adventure of your life, which means letting go of the certainty of your problems in trade for the uncertainty of an open-ended exploration of your life, which means waking up, which is why you’re reading this!

So do the exercise, and let me know how it goes for you. I’m happy to hear from you.

Oh, one more thing, for the next round of intensives, would you like to start on May 3, or closer to the middle of the month? Let me know.

Life is way more fun when you stop pretending you know what happens next, and stop clinging to the problems that make you feel safe and comfortable. Look around…is there anything you’ve fallen asleep to in your life?

Adventure is yours, if you want it.



PS: If you didn’t see it yet, I put together a workshop on reclaiming your mind and body, and cutting off the influences that put your to sleep and convince you to keep living the life someone else wants you to live…instead of your own. That’s the NGF guide to psychic self defense. Over half off for the next couple days.

Hi there.

To answer the question about who’s running your life, you’re going to need a complex piece of advanced technology.

The good news is that you’ve probably got one somewhere nearby. The device in question is a tool often used for deep (and shallow) reflection.

I’m talking about a mirror.

Look deep into your own eyes in that mirror and you’ve got your answer. No matter what your circumstances, ideas, and beliefs tell you, you’re the one in charge.

In charge of what? Of your attitude about what’s going on, of your breath, of your observation, your awareness, and your ability to take action of some sort, or to do nothing at all. (nothing wrong with that!)

It’s really that simple. Now, if you find your mind vomiting up reasons why you’re not in charge of your life, notice that you still have a choice. That choice is to believe, to reject, or to simply ignore that stream of rancid thought that comes from gawd knows where and smears itself like a snail trail across the screen of your mind.

And by recognizing that you have that choice, you’ve proven to yourself in a very simple way that you, indeed, are running your own life.

This can be a hard pillow to swallow. (Who swallows pillows, anyways? Except those who dream of eating giant marshmallows…and those folks are just crazy.)

The point here is to start laughing at things. Silly things. Serious things. Doomsday predictions. Local, State, and National News, and all other attempts at reality TV. You can also laugh at the tragedies of history. Come on, give it a try.

Laughter is one of the simplest methods of psychic self defense. No, that’s not defending your mind against psychics–though that would be a good thing to keep in mind.

Instead, it’s about reclaiming your mind, stealing back the throne in the kingdom of your perception, and making your life your own again.

So laugh a little. Then laugh a lot. It’s good for you. And it’s the only way for you to beat the devil. Now you’re thinking I’m Christian, or at least that I’ve lost my mind.

I haven’t. I’m referring to the Devil tarot card, which just refers to the so-called evil of the world. You know…everything that scares you and drags you down into the pits of fear and the crippling paralysis that follows.

But when you laugh at things you’re not supposed to, you win back a little of your mental freedom, and YOU get to decide when you want to feel bad about things…not just because everyone else thinks you should.

And then, when you find yourself wanting to feel bad about things, laugh again!

Listen. You’re headed for a casket or an incinerator, probably faster than you’d expect, so laugh while you’ve got the guts to laugh with, and then do something that makes you happy…deeply, joyously, rapturously happy!

Once you’re in that casket, none of that somber, serious, historitragical shit’s going to matter, so it doesn’t really matter now either. What matters is your life!

After you stretch your face (breaking apart rigid emotional states and worn-out self images), shrug off everything that doesn’t matter (meaning almost everything except flowing more smoothly with your life), then it’s time to do a deep, hearty belly laugh.

If you can’t find it in you to do that, the following video from the Radical Undoing 101 course gives you an exercise that’ll help you to start enjoying more of your life, more of the time.

(secret: you have to actually do the exercise over and over, just like any other exercise you want to make you stronger.)

To learn even more about the power of the laughing breath, check out another video that gets even deeper into how and why it works:

I remember the first time I realized I could start laughing at all the things that used to drag me down. I was at a workshop with the late, great Dr. Christopher Hyatt, and he was making hilarious Hitler references. I found myself caught in a bind. (Much like the bind you might feel your mind twisting into now after reading the dreaded 6 letter combination: “Hitler”)

I wanted to laugh, but I wasn’t used to laughing at things like that. Something felt different that time, and I finally let loose and had a good belly laugh. You know what? I realized I could find humor anywhere I wanted, regardless of what I’d been taught.

Just because you laugh at something doesn’t make you a “bad person.” It doesn’t make you a supporter of genocide and dictatorship. It just means you laughed. No big deal.

If you find yourself full of tension now, I urge you to revisit those videos above and do the exercise right away.

Oh wait. I almost lied to you. There was another time I laughed at at a very inappropriate time. It was just after my mother’s funeral. I stood on the wintry street in central Minnesota, watching sadly as my friends all piled into two cars to head back to their homes in Minneapolis.

I felt a desperation sweeping through, and loneliness filled my body as I heard the cars cranking over and finally starting. At the last moment before heading out, my friend Tumbleweed leaned out the window with a huge, bearded grin and said: “Happy Birthday, Garrett!”

While my friends looked on in horror and told him to shut up, I couldn’t help but burst into deep, beautiful belly laughter. He broke me out of my trance of darkness, and I’ve never let it take over my perception fully since that moment.

So what’s all this got to do with transformation and undoing yourself?

Well, for one thing, the you that you think you are isn;t the whole picture. In fact, most of it’s composed of opinions and ideas that aren’t your own, and aren’t even true.

If that’s the case, then who the hell are you, anyway? You’ll have to go deep into your body and find out for yourself.

That’s what all these exercises are for. Well, that and having a lot of fun while you learn to start flowing more with what is.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about when I first learned what letting go really means, and how you can start letting go of even the most difficult obstacles in your life. (Another secret: it takes a lot less effort than you think.)

I’ll also invite you to the live Q and A where I’ll share all about the new Radical Undoing 4 Week Intensives (next round starts May 3!)

For now, go laugh your ass off and then get some rest.



PS: Radical Undoing 101 2.0 is in the works. What that means for you is a radically updated version of the course, with extras and bonuses galore. It also means a higher price tag as we improve everything about the course experience. So if you’ve been thinking about getting it, now’s the time, because you get lifetime access to all future upgrades, and this one’s gonna be huge.

Now’s your chance.

I’m talking about a book that answers all your questions about life, the universe and everything…

More importantly, do you remember how it felt the last time you read something you really resonated with?

The best books are ones that answer your questions with actual data that inspires you to take effective action to get what you want.

The problem is, most people don’t know how to know what would feel deeply satisfying in their lives on a daily basis. Many of my clients are blown away when I tell them that your deepest wants are far more important than your needs.

What does that mean? It means that what you feel inspired to do is far more crucial than all those things you’ve been programmed to believe you need to do.

There’s a simple approach to breaking free from everything that keeps you from enjoying every moment of your day, and flowing with your life exactly how you’ve always wanted to.

Either I’m completely crazy, or I’m onto something…or both. But it goes like this:

1. First, destroy your expectations, ideas, and beliefs about how things are supposed to go.

2. Explore yourself, invent, and create new things, experiences, perceptions, and cultivate awareness of what you truly desire.

3. Experiment, take action, and have adventures that take you well beyond your perceived limitations and satisfy your deepest yearnings.

4. Repeat in every area of your life that doesn’t already bring you inspiration and joy.

That’s the spirit of the Art of Not Giving a Fuck…and the approach works in every direction I’ve tested it in…for myself and for all of you who’ve put in the effort to experiment.

So if you could have a book written just for you, that would help you create new experiences to satisfy all your most pressing questions, and to go beyond your limits…what questions would you want answered? It can be anything: sex, relationships, money, work, creativity, undoing yourself, health, brain change, life change, whatever you want to know.

Write me or leave a comment below with all your burning questions–that if you got a satisfying answer to, would radically change your life. If you leave a comment, you get access to the Art of NGF workshop of your choice. Just pick one out from the website and I’ll send you the password. What are the questions that have kept you up sweating all night over years of your life? What are the obstacles between you and the life you want?

I’m really looking forward to hearing about your questions, and excited to tell you about HUGE new developments in Command Z and Art of NGF that will make everything even more powerful, inspiring, and designed to give you radical results faster than anything else available.

Talk to you soon,


PS: Monday we’re doing the Lower Body undoing session. These are the most overtly powerful exercises of the entire undoing suite, not to be taken lightly, and not to be missed. I’ll get you a video with more details tomorrow. Happy Saturday night!





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What you see below was the original announcement for the creation of the Art of Not Giving a Fuck.



It’s a great name for an even greater pursuit. It has the power to change your life and help you relax more deeply than you imagine possible.

It all started with an article by Inner Circle member, Lance::: Read the post by clicking here.

A lot of you feel excited about the possibility of not caring so fucking much about all the shit that gets in your way.

But how can you seriously stop giving a fuck about everything that gets you down? There are many, many ways to accomplish this goal, and that’s what the new live weekly series is all about.

I’ll be exploring a new topic each week, and distilling important skills down to the bare bones of what you need to make it work.

For the first week, on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 5:00pm Pacific Time, I’ll be giving away the core secret of all mentalism, stage magic, psychic/tarot/astrology/palm readings, therapy, counseling, hypnosis, people skills, and pretty much all communication.

Those of you who’ve done more than a few undoing sessions already know that your powers of observation and relaxation go hand in hand. The more relaxed you are, the more you become aware of. And the more you become aware of, the less you have to do to get what you want.

Monday’s workshop will give you the ability to interact with others with ease and joy, while cutting through the bullshit and banter, and helping to turn all situations into win-wins for you and those you interact with. Even better, you’ll start to notice right away how other people are manipulating you with seemingly innocent communication. (Hint: everyone uses this secret, but less than 1% of the population take the time to understand it or learn how to use it.)

Check out the FB event here, and subscribe to the email list over there in the right sidebar to get updates on each week’s topic.

Upcoming topics will include: Transcendent Sexuality, group undoing sessions, building a workshop in 90 minutes, starting a business in a single weekend, getting rid of beliefs, the secret of all meditation, and a lot more.

Each week, you’ll get a one-page cheat-sheet to help you make remember and make use of the skill or technique we cover during the workshop. Also, you’ll get a link to a video and PDF archive for each workshop you attend.

Click Here to get in on the workshop.

This story is excerpted from the Command Z Lower Body Course. You can get the course and a whole lot more by clicking here. There’s another link at the end of the story below.


It was sometime in 2004 I think. Or maybe it was 2006. Actually it doesn’t even matter.

Ukiah spells haiku backwards. I noticed that on the first time through there. The next time, I had forgotten about it, but it certainly played out that way.

Ukiah, California. 200?. Side of the I-5 highway. It’s getting dark and I still pretend someone will stop and pick me up. Hitchhiking from Eugene, Oregon to Santa Cruz, California. My illusion fades as the streetlights flicker on and a cop car pulls up behind me.

I know what happens next, so I get my driver’s license out and face them and their flashlights. Everything checks out, so I ask them for a ride to the nearest campground. We drive around for 20 minutes and neither of the two cops can remember how to find the access road to the campground, so they get frustrated.

We pull into Denny’s restaurant. I’m not hungry. Just tired.

“You can stay here. They’re open all night. Take care.”

I got out and they drove away. I walked in to meet my fate for the night, which was a waitress named Barb and an endless cup of coffee. It lasted me until sunrise, 8 hours later.

During that night, I wrote many things in a notebook that disappeared somewhere since then. Three of those pages were delusional Haiku written after seeing the Ukiah sign reflected in the glass door of the restaurant. I had a chuckle and went back to killing time, 17 syllables at a time.

That night I decided my strategy needed some work if I was to avoid the hell that is sitting in a remote Denny’s all alone through a night of enforced sleeplessness.

It was really the only way things could go. If I hadn’t asked the cops for a ride, they might have just taken me in for hitchhiking. They can’t just leave you on the highway, or if they can, they don’t generally do so. I really thought we’d make it to that campground…



Ukiah, California. 200?+2

It’s happening again.

I was standing on an entrance ramp after being hounded off the highway by California’s Finest.

My heart sank into the horizon as another Ukiah night took me hostage.

No Way. I’m getting out of here this time. Just one more car. I’ll ask to setup in the driver’s back yard. Come on. COME ON!!!

Some dude came walking up the road from the west. Eyes sunken. Scabs crusted on his face. Bad Teeth. Big, toothy smile.

“Hey man. You’re not gettin’ outta here t’night.”

“Yeah I will. There’s still some light.”

“All right. Yell ya what. Imma go to this store over here. If yer still here when I get back, you’re comin’ to my camp.”


He wandered over the highway bridge toward the store I couldn’t see from the ramp. I have no idea why I didn’t just go to the store and meet someone and get a backyard or park to sleep in. But I didn’t. I sat there thinking I was just about to get a ride outta there at any moment.

I wished for it so hard my forehead got a few new wrinkles.

I saw his less-than-majestic silhouette approaching out of the eastern darkness as the last bits of light faded from the sky. At that point, my mind apparently stayed there on the entrance ramp as I left with the guy down the road.

“I told ya so. Now let’s go.”


We walked for 15 minutes down the road until we hit a dirt road on the left. Another 10 minutes deeper into some thick, deciduous woodlands. It started to rain a little as we passed a derelict trailer parked in the ditch. During the walk, the guy insisted on having a conversation about meth.

“I hate that meth, and I hate people that do it. I sure ain’t into that bullshit.”


“Wait here and gimme a minnit.”


He pulled some slimy bills out of his back pocket and walked around to the door of the trailer.

My mind was far enough behind now that I couldn’t hear it screaming at me to get outta there.

After his legitimate business transaction, we walked further down the road and then a sharp turn into a dirt path through the woods.

After some twists and turns and mud puddles, an old guy, frizzled beard, crazed, half-open eyes, American flag baseball cap, sitting on a bucket.

I stopped to look at him while my host kept moving. He came back. Looked at me. Looked at the guy.

“Oh. That’s Jim. He ain’t gonna make it.”

He lifted up Jim’s shirt to show me a giant pustule growing like an alien out of Jim’s chest. Remember that it’s raining and dark at this point. This was Jim’s bed. I just nodded. Looked at Jim’s tumor.


“Let’s get going. It’s gettin’ wet out here.”


So we kept on moving through the woods.

I smelled the fire before we got to his camp. Hamburgers?

No. It was a steak.

We walked into a small clearing. There were three people in a huge Walmart tent, smoking something that wasn’t weed.

“Evrybuddy, this is Garrett! Ya’ll gonna act nice and treat him right t’night.”

I just smiled, took off my backpack, set it down a few feet from the fire and took a seat. The two kids must’ve been no older than 18, probably ran away from mom and dad so they could do drugs and sex without getting grounded.

“This is my wife.” He points at the older woman in the tent currently smoking the not-weed.

“Nice to meet you.” She went back to imbibing.

“All right Garrett. Here’s a beer, and I’m gonna roll up a joint.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

“Maw! Get out here and make Garrett a plate!”

So we smoked some actual weed, drank shitty beer from cans, ate steak and potatoes, and chilled around the fire.

“Set up your tent over here.”


He helped me setup my tent on a flat and raised area in the clearing. It was the perfect size and shape for my tent, and it kept all the water running away from me.

“What time you wanna get up in the mornin’?”


“Awright, I’ll getcha up. You go get some sleep. You gotta long trip ahead a you.”

“Goodnight, and thank you.”

A faint howl of warning drifted along the night breeze to my ears and gave my a shudder of fear. It passed with the breeze and ran off with the rain. I took a deep breath and fell asleep, warm and dry and full and high and happy.

I later realized that was my mind screaming from the roadside.

He woke me up at sunrise the next morning. We packed my tent and walked back through the maze of woods, past cancer Jim, who was still sitting on his bucket, still alive. He took me as far as the trailer, hugged me, said goodbye, and walked behind the trailer to do some more legitimate business.

“Thanks man. That was great.”

I walked back to the highway, was reunited with my mind, and caught a ride outta there.

Every time I look back on that story, it blows my fucking mind. I don’t know what superlatives I can use to properly communicate the intensity of that experience. I had never felt more relaxed in my life than I felt when my gracious host guided me off that highway ramp.

My legs knew exactly what to do, and there was no use for my mind at all. No questions and no hesitation…

Learn how to listen to your own body and let your legs do the walking. Besides, your mind’s never walked anywhere. It doesn’t even have legs. Here’s the course link again.

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