Happiness almost always, without needing a reason

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I have a confession to make. I love making courses… and creating experiences that transform people’s lives for the better. But, I’m often lost as to how to explain them. I get loads of thank you letters from people so I know the course is right. But I can’t figure out how to explain any of it to someone who’s new. However, a client (Scott) who recently did an intensive with me said it well (italics added by me):

“At first, I got my feet wet with basic undoing exercises. And a session here and there. But, even doing just a small handful of these techniques, I began experiencing it. Less stress… deep relaxation… dissolving of anxiety and a deep ability to just enjoy my life.

“So, when the opportunity came up to take part in the first ever Command Z intensives… I had already experienced first hand how great this stuff was…. so I signed up. And the results were dynamite…

“The intensives started off with some good momentum and by the end of the first week you’re literally seeing your inner and outer world change (in a good way). It took my life to a whole ‘nother level. What started as some initial relaxation and other goodies snowballed into something bigger.

“When you take the intensive, you can really feel you’re going somewhere with all this. That sense of adventure. That feeling that you always had when you were a kid, the magic of every day life that died away at some point in your teen years… it just starts coming back. And it just keeps snowballing into something even greater.

“And… In all honesty my personal life was extremely hectic during the intensive… so I wasn’t even able to complete all of the intensive work each day. But, even though I was doing less than all of it… My work and home life suddenly became more enjoyable. I started to look forward to everything. It really does feel like you’re high on life (minus the cheesy motivational seminar that lasts for a week followed by sinking back into some miserable existence). The results of this stuff lasts.

“And Rather than being happy for 10 minutes now and then… and only when you think you should feel it… Happiness almost always. Without needing a reason. Joy just for the bliss of joy. No need to wait for it to come. Hear me out on this:

Living this way can not be given a price, it is your birthright.”

Ya know, maybe I’ll never figure out how to explain this stuff. But, the results are undeniable for anyone who’s gone through it. If you’d like some of that for yourself… that always-with-you feeling of excitement and joy… join me in the next round of intensives. Think about it.

30 days from now, you could be on your way to new-found happiness…and finally find a sense of satisfaction in life. Or… things could stay exactly as they are (for better… or worse). The choice is yours.

Best Wishes,


P.S. Send me an email right away to get signed up for the next round of intensives starting on March 15. I can only accept a maximum of 30 people per month (only 10 with private weekly sessions. Non-session option is $597 for this round, and this is likely the last time you’ll be able to take the intensives for that low. Email me to receive your personal invitation and interview). And I wouldn’t want you to miss it. So, contact me right away… before you forget.

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