Part 2 of 3: Put your mission on a pedestal, don’t give a f*ck about the rest.

Ben and Garrett pan for gold as the conversation flows on through more terra incognita such as:

Why guys should always have a fishing rod. (And why guys who do business are such a good catch)

What women really like men for. (let’s argue this one out.)

How the hell to know your role in life–and how to be someone’s king.

What women need to see in men in order to have a balanced, healthy realtionship (you might HATE this one, but it’s true.)

Putting your life’s mission on the pedestal and not giving a fuck about the haters.

Becoming a gravitational force for everything you really want.

And the simple choice we all face all the time between Feel and Die!

Enjoy the show, and find out more about Ben Settle here: and listen to his killer podcast here:

Welcome back to our friend and honorary Art of Not Giving a F*ck artist-in-residence Ben Settle.

For tonight’s entertainments, you’ll be delighted as Ben and Garrett traipse and maunder through this terra incognito:

What is happiness and how can you keep it?

Burn your boats on the shore!…The Art of Going Further!

Are 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies?

Waking up from the nice guy trance, forever!

Leaving it all on the table…all the time

How to confront your haters and always come out ahead.

The ins and outs and ins of emotional warfare!

Anti-Ninja Social Hack: The benefits of allowing others to “deflate their own balloons” rather than doing the thankless work of popping them.

“The Battle of the Sexes” (This always gets a laugh and a boot to the head)

The beauty and power of finally admitting to yourself that a drama-free life doesn’t exist and is neither possible nor desirable.

Plus a hell of a lot more you’ll just have to listen and discover.

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See you next time in part 2 of 3…

Learn how to do way better at business with a lot less stupid effort:

And Check out the Ben Settle show for sound advice on business, dating, and all the other sh*t you want to enjoy more in your life. Right here:

In Part 2 of the interview with Vanessa Gocksch, Paula and Vanessa discuss the formation and founding of electro-cumbia band of amazingness: Systema Solar.

Vanessa gets deep about her Colombia experience, meeting the future members of Systema Solar, and what it’s like forging an adventurous life in the jungle, mountain, river, ocean, and urban wilds of Colombia.

Get inspired, and let yourself drift into the story…

Go here to find out way more about Vanessa, her awesome projects, and Systema Solar:

We’re extremely happy to welcome a true adventurer, Vanessa Gocksch, to the show tonight.

We’re also excited to introduce fellow adventurer and NGF in-house Hypnotherapist Paula Galindo to host the discussion.

Be warned: the songs and stories you’re about to hear will beckon you to the hidden shores of the Colombian Caribbean.

You might find yourself haunted by dreams of adventure, joy, and wildness.

Let your mind tune into a place you might not yet remember to feel familiar with, and let the adventures Paula and Vanessa weave inspire the spark of your own adventurer within.

Go to Intermundos to see, hear, and experience the documentary Frekuensia Kolombiana, Systema Solar, and the many other projects Vanessa mentions in the podcast.

Muchos, muchos gracias to Vanessa and Paula for sharing their stories and contributing to the Art of NGF podcast for all to enjoy.

Even more?

Enjoy two of my favorite Systema Solar videos produced and filmed by Vanessa while you wait for Part 2 of the interview (Coming VERY soon):

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On this episode of the Art of Not Giving a F*ck podcast, Lance and Garrett dig into some heavy victim thinking in the Social Anxiety realm.

Find out how to identify and execute your own inner victim when it comes to your social skills.

We cover:

-Setting the groundwork for an insanely powerful workshop starting on 5.01.2015 (Go here to find out more, and get the social invincibility worksheet!):

-Find out how Garrett was the coolest kid in grade 5, and nobody cared…

-How to escape from Ghost Island!

-How to finally free yourself from the prison of “coolness” (you’ve been there long enough)

-The worst enemy of all expression and flow, and how to get rid of it.

-Pulling back the curtain on “The Wizard” in your own life.

-Regain your heart, brains, and courage by breaking the comparison trance.

-Unlikely allies- the story of the Mason Christian Fighter Pilot

-Who do you like to talk over?

-The one most advanced, powerful, and almost effortless secret behind all social and people skills.

-Unorthodox ways to break your trance

Plus a hell of a lot more.

Every episode, we aim to give you new skills, approaches, and motivation to execute your inner victim and live as a confident adventurer.

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In this episode of the Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Victim to Adventurer:

Garrett talks with Richard Abbot of The Impossibility Factory, Your Way Forward, and author of the upcoming book, The Armchair Mystic.

Spiritual groups and communities-Richard discusses being on the Inside while remaining on the outside.

Executing your inner seeker–and your problems–in one fell swoop.

Spiritual groups and communities: Empowering vehicle of liberation, or weighted

appendage impeding deeper explorations of Self? Or is one a service into another, for a few.

What makes you you? Nobody dances like you, nobody looks like you, you’re pretty cool.

The power in producing more than you consume.

Will the Art of NGF be on the OWN network? Tune in to find out!

Emotional peaks and advertising: A how-to guide to your emotional buttons.

Will you be kind to the fracker next door?

There’s no way to be anything, so why not do everything?

Check out Richard’s guest post on the CZ blog here.


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