Now you know that’s gotta be a trick question.

It’s pretty difficult to become aware in your dreams and keep experiencing them. Most times, you’ll come back to your waking life when you notice you’re having a dream.

But what happens when you slowly, rhythmically, habitually fall asleep to what’s going on in your daily life?

It happens to all of us, almost all of the time. In fact, you might even be in a little trance right now, reading this.

Let’s wake up a little bit before moving forward into some very exciting news.

Stand up for a moment. Do a little dance and shake your shoulders loose. Stretch and move all the muscles of your face very slowly for a couple minutes (it’ll seem like forever).

Now take a deep, full breath, and then another one. Before the next breath, determine to wake yourself up fully. Count from 1 up to 5 out loud, and then say WIDE AWAKE. 1 2 3 4 5 and wide awake.

That’s all there is to the dehypnotizing breath. But you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can get you out of the throes of your emotions and reactions to life. You start reclaiming your own power the very moment you decide to do the breath.

Give it a try, as often as you remember.

Now, for that news…

There has been a lot of buzz about the Command Z Intensives since we closed them down earlier this year.

We’re about to move everything to a whole new adventure in Radical Undoing training, so I wanted to give you a chance to get into the intensives, and experience the deep, powerful transcendence adventures for yourself.

Here’s what one client from Finland said after the intensives:

“I’d been wallowing in depression for a pretty long time before I began undoing. Now it seems to be gone almost completely.

– I have useful tools to deal with difficult emotional states as they come up. I can relax, feel what’s actually going on, and take more constructive action.

– I’ve found more inspiration to actually take action and do things, even little stuff, instead of just fantasizing about doing big things.

-Examples: exercising more; spending more time in nature; arranging more fun activities with friends; applying for jobs; signing up for a new exciting hobby; doing fun creative stuff like drawing and dancing more.

– I’ve let go of my perfectionism at least a little. When I indulge in things that I think may be “wrong” in some way, I feel less remorse and enjoy more.

– I’m more sensitive to what I’m actually feeling, but I also have more control over how I react to emotions, instead of the emotional states just controlling me.

– I’ve become a lot more aware of my chronic bodily and mental tensions.”

The cool thing about becoming more aware of your mental and physical conflicts is that they start to dissolve on their own, even without your help.

The even cooler thing about when the conflicts dissolve is that your perception of your options and possibilities opens up as your previous limitations fade into black.

Check out what Lance and Andrew said a few months after having braved the very first round of intensives:

So, if you wanted to explore something new, powerful, and effective in a lasting way, dive into the intensives. You get to keep the training for life, so the adventures are there whenever you’re ready.

I’m only opening up registration for a little while, and only because you asked me over and over for another chance at it. So this is it.

Oh yeah, and I wanted to give you an extra bit of motivation to get started, so use the code: thisisallthereis at the site to get your reward. Scroll down after you use the code to see that it worked.

Very soon, I’ll send you an invitation to the new training we’ve been cooking up. One hint: I’ve gone through everything all my clients have said over the years and designed this training to address your most pressing concerns and burning pains.

Step by step, you can indeed overcome anything.

I’m very excited and honored to have the chance to work with you as you expand your life beyond what you could ever have imagined.

Talk to you soon.



PS: I’m still taking on a few more folks to explore the power of hypnosis, undoing, and dreamwork… These sessions are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. See you soon.

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Hi there-

I trust you’re doing well, enjoying life, and at least taking a few moments to yourself each day to detense your muscles, shrug off stress, and take some actions toward getting what really satisfies you.

If not, you’re in luck.

Now, about that overcoming fears and phobias thing…

No matter how huge and powerful the fear, or how pervasive the phobia, no matter how much it makes you tremble inside and feel all tense and wanna puke–you really can overcome it, and with a lot more ease than you might think.

Here’s the deal: your unconscious mind works with knowns and unknowns. It loves the known and absolutely hates the unknown. It’ll do everything in it’s power to nest you deep into a rut of knowns, and blockade your movement into new adventures.

So what to do about it? How to overcome fear with hypnosis?

First, understand that the unconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between imagined or real events. What we do with hypnosis and undoing is to first knock out the tension and anxiety level, and get you breathing deeply again, opening up to new possibilities.

Then with hypnosis, we overwhelm the critical mind to gain access to the unconscious, and give you a direct experience of comfort, confidence, and ease where you used to associate fear and discomfort.

Instead of bringing up the old associations, you have replaced them with new ones, and you’ll slide right into whatever you want quickly and easily.


After you do this a number of times, you’ll start to develop an overall fearless state, which you can anchor into a power word or any of the undoing exercises you choose.

I’ll be in touch over the next few days with a lot more tips about how you can radically change your life with hypnosis and undoing. I’m super excited to share it all, but it’s best to digest this stuff in little pieces so you can get the most out of it.

The dreamwork sessions have been the most revealing so far. Once you learn this approach to dream interpretation, you’ll have a clear channel to your unconscious, and never have to rely on dream dictionaries or so-called experts again.

I look forward to working with you.



PS: These sessions are extremely powerful. Make sure you know what you really want, and feel prepared to do what it takes to grab hold of your life.

Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

What is Enlightenment?

Is there a recipe for attaining it?

Those are HUGE questions for many people. Humanity has spent insane amounts of time, billions of dollars, and tons of energy devoted to the almost heroic cause of getting the answers. 

Find a guru, a mentor who you believe  has a magnificent life, who is beyond mundane issues, who lives far away and you perceive as a superhuman and you won’t ever be able to see your self getting even close to what he has accomplished because at the end, enlightenment is not for everyone. And besides, who are you to compare yourself with the grandiosity of your master? 

In order to get at  least in the “path” you force yourself to believe that you must practice meditation, yoga, have neutral emotions, be tolerant, practice compassion and feel that everything is beautiful and amazing all the time, plus constantly looking for spaces that allow you to grow, because the daily routine is too vague, too impure. Frustrated? Angry? Distracted? Those aren’t in the recipe. You’re still far away…

When you convince yourself that this is the way, the concept of enlightenment at the end turns into just an excuse, a useless and hopeless search for the confirmation that you are not capable of being happy and sadly you won’t ever be.

I got into Buddhism for awhile looking for solutions for what I considered problems. I had heard from authors, teachers, friends,  that if you have a spiritual practice you can really get the relief you are looking for, which seemed to make perfect sense. The solution must be somewhere outside the mundane and quotidian ways of the world I believed had corrupted me, and I needed a cleanse from injurious ideas and behaviors that were taking me away from the truth. 

At the beginning I started feeling so good, so proud of myself for taking action toward my own salvation. But it didn’t last too long. I started to feel insecure about the rightness of my practices. I read many meditation books, and at the end all I found was a sense of personal inadequacy and mediocrity. 

I wasn’t able to smile at problems, I wasn’t compassionate enough. I couldn’t stop my thoughts and I engaged in all of them during the meditation, etc… and the more I heard from the masters, the more I felt far away from being able to get into the place I believed them to inhabit.

Once I realized that I didn’t want to be me anymore, I wanted to be like one of them. I wanted to be like the Buddha without understanding that I was already the so-called Buddha.

Maybe that sounds prepotent and even megalomaniacal, but to me it’s the only possible truth that all humans are already Buddhas. 

Enlightenment is not dualism, it is not about doing more “good” and cutting off “bad.” It’s embracing EVERYTHING without wanting to change it into something else. 

It’s not about finding this practice or that master to follow forever and pretend we’re doing the right thing. It’s not about having an altar and 45 min of daily practice while the rest of the day you feel disgusted by yourself and your life, dreaming and hoping that a retreat or a course will miraculously change your reality. 

It’s about finding inspiration in the things you enjoy without categorizing everything as sacred or mundane. It means to live and experience life with a fresh perception every single time. 

While we keep thinking that we need to eradicate certain aspects of ourselves and force feed ourselves new and foreign ideas as an effort to get closer to happiness, we’re just composing the tragedy of our lives. 

Even more of those ideas come from cultural values we’ve been conditioned to accept, without questioning them. This is like when we were babies and we learned from our parents to develop as humans, but later in life we didn’t create our own criteria. Then we never get to grow fully into an individual because of our inability to destroy those teachings and create our own personal, genuine path.

If you have doubts about all I’ve  said here, congratulations! You’re practicing the art of thinking for yourself. 

And if you’re still looking for any kind of recipe for enlightenment, take a look at this one and give it a try. What can you lose? After all it’s free, and you can try it from the comfort of your home.

Attention: Don’t read this recipe as a series of rigid instructions you’re being forced to follow. Instead, see it as a guide to get a look under the surface of your unquestioned beliefs and presumptions about your life.

Recipe for Enlightenment: 

Make a list of all your beliefs about yourself, life, existence, reality. 

Combine this with all the concepts and ideas you’ve learned as necessary elements of liberating yourself from suffering.

Make sure you really understand what you want to liberate yourself from, and why you want it.

Once you have a clear picture of what you need to change in order to attain enlightenment, ask yourself, What needs to happen for me to start getting there?

Next, make a list of the reasons for why you aren’t there yet.

When you have all this information, before you fall into misery, put your head up and FEEL what’s happening in your body for a couple minutes.

Try not to label any of the sensations you notice. Just describe them, being aware of the movement, speed, and intensity of what’s happening.

After this, ask yourself, Do I really believe I will attain this idea of enlightenment? Is this really what I want, or is it just something I think I should be doing?

What if enlightenment is just the full comprehension of a situation? And what if that means admitting to yourself that everything is just a perception and there is no such a thing as a real thing or a fake one; a good one and an evil one… It’s just about movement, speed and intensity, the rest are just interpretations of the experience.

Imagine a kaleidoscope, it is a pretty simple artefact made of glass, cardboard and some little things, but the amount of possible images you can see are endless. Reality could be pretty close to this. There are some basic ingredients that interplay and create and infinite manifestation of possibilities and our brains perceive all those possibilities and registered as different objects, people, scenarios that later are interpreted based on our particular experiences.

The key is to focus on what is at every single moment, rather than on what should be. Once you are experiencing life with this new vision, ask yourself again: How can such a thing as enlightenment can exist in a world where labels and names are just an invention of our minds? 

And finally reflect about this, How much time and energy are you spending putting yourself down and thinking about the “issues” you have  that are taking you away from a better life?. You could actually  be doing things that really satisfy you and make you live up to your true potential.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at nature and observe how things work out there.

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Did I ever tell you about the time I hopped a train from Eugene, Oregon down to Roseville, California?

It wasn’t an Amtrak, in case you’re wondering.

No. It was a mile-long coal-powered beast of a freight train barreling along the tracks.

I didn’t run and catch it like they show in the movies. (That shit’s WAY more dangerous than it looks. Don’t try it. Seriously.) No. I actually hid near a bridge in some tall grass waiting for a train going in the right direction to stop for crew change.

Crew change is when the train stops in a trainyard for the workers to trade place. Guys on the train go home, and guys in the yard get on the train and start work. (Ok, there are some women train workers too, but I never saw any.)

So I sat there in the bushes waiting to get on the train. For hours. When a southbound train stopped in the yard, I waited, looked for guards, and got into what’s called a Canadian grainer.

The car looks something like this:

(Photo by Robert Taylor. Obtained from Wikimedia Commons.)

See that little hole on the right side there? You crawl up into that, and there are two more holes like it to the left and right. Once I crawled up in there, it looked something like this:

(Photo by Nathan Kane. Obtained from Flikr.)

I felt pretty crazed for the first few hours. It got dark. Rain poured down. I tucked my sleeping bag into a huge black plastic trash bag to keep it clean and dry, and lay there half-asleep all night.

I complained to myself for most of those hours about my discomfort, fear of getting caught and thrown off the train, and how much better it was to hitchhike, where at least I had more control over where I was going.

The next day, something totally unexpected happened. The sun came out and I felt the first glimmer of warm air creeping around my face–the only part of me sticking out of the sleeping bag–and finally, I smiled.

When I crawled out of the hole, the glory of what I saw almost knocked me off the train.

Endless fields of green waved to me in the winds from every direction. It was absolutely beautiful, and I felt absolutely free.

I didn’t have to talk to some half-drunk dude like I probably would have if I’d have hitchhiked. There was no one between me and the open skies. All I had to do was enjoy the view, with the absolute knowledge that the train was taking me where I wanted to go.

That really reminds me of my life now.

I haven’t hitchhiked or hopped trains for a few years now, but hopefully a point’s starting to dawn on you.

You’ve been on a roller coaster, right? No matter how much you complain or not, the coaster rolls forward…and takes you where it’s going to take you, whether you like it or not.

Once you choose to get on it, you just let go and enjoy the ride.

That’s a little bit like what life feels like once you’ve gotten deep with the undoing process.

You can relax in the absolute knowledge that your life is heading where it’s supposed to, and you’re there to enjoy the ride.

Just think about it. There’s no way to know where all of our desires, wants, and preferences come from–just like thoughts. They just appear at some point in our minds. Does that mean they have to come true? Obviously not.

But what you can rely on with certainty is what is. That means you can rely on your direct experience and what you can observe to be there for you to observe it. That might sound pretty silly, but it’s true.

Life is always an adventure. Why? Because you never know for sure what’s going to happen next. But, you can know with certainty that the train ride you’re on will keep going, until it doesn’t anymore. At that point, you won’t be around to worry about it anyway.

The only real problem is that we get so caught up in the desires, expectations, and preferences that we can’t see the train ride for the glorious adventure it really is. 

Instead, we constantly compare it to our ideas of what we think we might want, and then constantly find things to complain about…never realizing the true freedom in letting go and simply enjoying whatever the hell happens to be happening.

I know. I used to complain like that All.The.Time.

But when you catch a glimpse of all this for yourself, you’ll never have another complaint–even when things don’t seem to go your way. You’ll be too busy enjoying the adventure that is your life.

So how the hell do you get there?

Well, that’s what all the CZ courses, workshops, and experiences are for: to help you stop living the manipulated, complaint-based life–and to embrace your own true adventure, already underway.

Now last week, I put together a huge Command Z MegaPack of courses and sessions, but you asked for a few more options. I know that 797 was a bit too much for some of you, so I’m putting together a better range of stuff so you can get started with your own undoing process, whatever you’re able to do.

Within the next week, I’ll add a couple more options at a better rate, just for you. The thing is, I don’t know exactly how much you’re able to pay for the courses, so please do let me know.

Leave a comment below and let me know, and I’ll do my best to give you more bang for your undoing buck than you can find anywhere else in the world.

It’s a train worth hopping, and when the sun starts to shine on your face–like it did on mine that cool, beautiful morning–you’ll watch your complaints evaporate in the face of your ferocious new smile as you relax deeply and take it all in.

Tomorrow, I’ll get into more detail about where all those complaints and expectations come from, and what you can do about it.

For now, just let me know what rate you’d like to see for a great undoing pack.



PS: Yes. I’m still taking down all the current CZ courses, including Undoing 101 and even the new body segments courses. It’ll all be going into the vault, and available by invitation only, except in certain rare circumstances.

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Ever get the feeling there’s more to it?

Like you might have missed something?

That feeling of dread creeping up through your chest, turning into a lump in your throat, and hot flashes across your face…when you realize you’re the only one who didn’t know! (But how could you have known? Even if it’s so obvious after the fact…)

Those things that you’re unaware that you’re unaware of can prove really tough to spot. But there’s moments when you feel drawn into your own life, like an intuitive pulling inward to the richness of your own inspiration and organic drives.

Other times it feels like complete desperation, like that time I had a gun shoved in my back by some dickhead on meth. You know you’ve got to move–there’s no other option–and for some of you, that’s what lead you here.

A sense of wanting to escape the intensity and anxiety of your own insides–to find something more stable, more solid, and more reliable than just running away from your own life–hiding in a blanket of habits out of fear of losing…

Losing what? Your dignity? (do you have any? What does it matter from the grave you’re digging?) Sanity? (What is sanity but another way to measure yourself against an imagined “norm” that literally no one fits into?)

As you stroll through your life, wondering if maybe there’s something more, take a closer look at everything you’re missing right this minute. Even as you start to think about it–right now–you can see,,,,,hear…..;;;;;taste::::smell”””feel a lot more than you did a few seconds ago, when you were completely focused on reading and thinking.

That, my friend, is the terror of your situation. One minute, you feel in full control of things, and the next minute, you feel a victim of the changing tides. Habits and daydreams creep in to blind you to the textures of the life drifting by before your senses.

The only thing it’s possible to prove, or to rely on, is that everything seems to drift it’s way out of your life…out of perception…and as things disappear, do you even notice?

Again, what does it matter?

The only reason for you to suffer is because you’ve unknowingly given preference to something you don’t have over what is.

The way out of that suffering is through bringing your awareness back to the world of what is in this adventure-land of your own perception.

You may never get exactly what you think you want, but if you can learn to want what is, then you can never be defeated. Then you will embrace your own invincible mindset, and find the freedom you’re after to live the life you choose.

Before that, you can only chase ideas, fantasies, and expectations, and find only disappointment when what is doesn’t live up to those ideas.

The cool thing is that what is will always wait patiently for you to come back to it, it will never fail you, and it can never be taken away from you.

That’s the reason I love doing this work: helping to usher you along toward your own realization of what is, and then fractalizing out into your life.

Have you ever taken in the vast, exquisite beauty of what is before it gets drawn and quartered through the filters and funnels of what’s supposed to be?

Every undoing session, adventure, exercise, and experiment is designed to put you in deeper touch with what is, while you UNDO all the shit that ain’t.

What do you think? How does that resonate with you?

Let me know in the comments below. Let’s get a discussion going. I want to hear your take on this.

Chew on that for today, but before I go, I want to invite you to take part in the next 4 week undoing intensives. We’re starting a week from this Saturday (so May 3). Sunday at Noon Pacific, I’ll be holding a live hangout on google. I’ll post the link tomorrow in the daily Undoing email. (Subscribe on the right over there is you haven’t yet. You get new exercises, concepts, and daily undoing boosters!)

It’s the adventure of your life, the best one life has to offer.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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That’s what I thought after the first time I ever did a full Radical Undoing session.

I must be having a heart attack. I never knew it could feel like this. I never knew it was possible to feel this much life coursing through my body!

That’s what kept running through my head in that cold room in Buffalo, Wyoming 90 minutes after deciding to do a simple “meditation experiment” I’d been meaning to try.

Holy goddamn fuckin shit, was that an experiment! More like an adventure! I forced my small, hardback Moleskine journal open with one fist, and wrote with a pen jammed into the clasped fingers of my other hand.

Buzzing and tingling radiated throughout every inch of my skin and body. I literally thought I could be dying, I was so unfamiliar with that much intense aliveness.

“Dinner’s ready!”

I was at my partner’s parents’ house for Christmas vacation, and the dinner bell rang in the middle of the most intense experience of my life.

I stumbled up the steps, determined to explain all the secrets of the universe to her happily gathered family.

“I just did this crazy meditation experiment from this book and you’ve gotta try it, it’s like some kind of….” (I had no idea what to call it, so “meditation” had to suffice.)

Right then I learned a very important lesson: don’t put on a punk rock show for a crowd waiting to hear Kenny G. No matter how well you play it, the audience ain’t right.

So I turned off the amps and unplugged for some turkey, potatoes, gravy, and a bottle of beer–which was the best bottle of beer I’ve ever tasted. Come to think of it, that was the first dinner I’d ever had in my new body.

What the hell does that mean, you ask?

Up until that experiment, I never realized I had a body before. I knew that my knees and elbows got scraped, I’d scratched a thousand itches, warmed my hands and feet on raging campfires, and experienced myriad joys of the flesh…and yet, I never fully realized the body in which I experienced all these things.

It might sound ridiculous to think of not having a body one day, and then waking up to the fact that you have one the next day, but that’s exactly what it felt like. Up until that first Undoing session, my body existedmainly as a composite of ideas in my mind.

Before that session, most of my life was like that: ideas in my head. Suddenly, the textures of everything opened up before my newly awakened senses. The weather, my house, the falling snowflakes, a light breeze across the backs of my hands, tingling in my fingers, and a deep warmth were all the first, last, and best possible experiences anyone had ever had, and I knew it, and felt it for myself.

Nothing could get between me and my body ever again. With that new awareness and union, everything else made exquisite sense.

Turns out all that stuff I used to think of as me was just a conglomeration of ideas, like rounded stones and sediment collected in a dry riverbed.

I used to think I was one of those stones.

But, after that first session–and the waves and ripples that rushed through every part of my life–I felt more like the solar system in which suns, planets, rivers and rocks take place.

Maybe that’s a little obscure, so let me bring it back home again. No ideas can ever fully encompass you. In that light, none of your ideas about yourself are accurate. They’re just a collection of observations about the past…about things you remember doing…about things you regret doing and not doing…and a whole lot of ungrounded opinions.

You don’t need your ideas of yourself. What you really want is to feel good, to wake up in the morning excited, curious, and grateful about the day opening before you. And you want to fall asleep feeling good at night, letting go of the day you just had.

The one trick I know to feeling good most (if not all) of the time is to get out of the vicious jungle of your mind and dive deep into your body–especially your breathing.

That’s what radical undoing–and all the Command Z courses, NGF workshops, and adventures are here to help you do: bring you back to yourself, minus the guilt, shame, and belief that there’s something wrong with you as you are. 

Because there’s nothing wrong.

When you’re ready to experience this for yourself, get in touch and we’ll figure out which Command Z adventure is right for your situation.



PS: still time to reclaim your mind for more than half off. For those of you who know intuitively that facing mortality can exponentially enhance the quality and appreciation of your time here, get this one too.

Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

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