Secrets of Radical Undoing 101: The Way Out is the Way Through

Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

What you see here is a visual representation of a collection of many of the words used in the Part 1 PDF included with Radical Undoing 101.

If you’re one of a unique handful of people born with a very particular birth defect known as “ThinkingForYourself,” you’ll be able to get a sense of what the course will do for you, just from looking at this graphic.

If not, it’s best to just let it inspire you, and then dive into the course and see for yourself. You can’t drink wine without opening the bottle. Same goes for your life.

Pull out the cork of tension and fear that blocks your creativity and enjoyment. See what kind of fine liqueur you’ve been fermenting all these years.

Check it out by clicking here.

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