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What follows in an excerpt from Garrett’s PDF for the upcoming Command Z Undoing course: The Core. Note: the course includes 2 hours of audio downloads, a PDF and workbook, over 3 hours of video demonstrations, plus more, which will be detailed in the next few days, leading up to the release of the course on 10.18.2012. Click Here to sign up for the early release special, happening 10.17.2012.

…some CORE insights…

I realized something at the Core of the entire undoing process. I’ve had to navigate some difficult and hazy experiences trying to handle the assertion that the Self Undoing process is somehow a system or a practice or a meditation or other such inaccurate assessment.

My experience demonstrates consistently that the assumption is false. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to describe the process. So far, I haven’t described it accurately.

The process you start when you fall into undoing yourself becomes your own personal madness, the only friend you’ve ever had, and the destroyer of all systems, practices, meditations, philosophies, teachers, and teachings.

As you usurp the power from words and assumptions, your awareness drifts away from fear-based veils of thought and into something different and alien, and yet intimate and obvious.

The only real wonder is that you never noticed it before.

Once you do an exercise—Mussolini Jaw for example—the movement and sensations ARE YOURS ALONE.

The entire undoing process will reveal to you that everything you’ve ever experienced is yours alone.

The process is not what you’re reading about here and now.

The process is what’s going on inside you all the time. You can resist it or assist it. This compendium of movements labeled Command Z gives you tools to assist your own inevitable process.

There’s no real way to resist the process, otherwise known as “What Is.”

Resistance to the process amounts to pretending that you’re in control of everything and a victim of everything at the same time. Neither of those assertions hold true. If you examine them, they come undone.

Undoing your assumptions and unquestioned beliefs about yourself, life, and everything else is not a system or a religion or a philosophy or a science or a productivity exercise or a law or anything else for that matter.

It’s cleaning up messes.

Those messes are what stand between you and what you really want.

Which is to enjoy.

Which is to let go.

Which is to stop pretending.

Which is to stop struggling.

Which is to let go.

Which is to enjoy.

The actual process of undoing yourself is so utterly simple. Yet, the momentum and force behind the explosion out of the web you’ve thought of as yourself this whole time is monumental and gargantuan.

Or at least that’s how it seems when I look back at it.

I don’t know if it’s possible to decide to undo your self, or if it’s something that just sort of pops up in the lives of some people. Either way, it’s what I went through in my own experience. Looking back, I can’t discern whether I had any choice in the matter at all.

Now I have no real reason to make decisions, because I have no basis on which to assess seemingly different possibilities. All the possibilities are just imagined, while what is just IS, and it never changes, it’s always what is

OK, that’s enough for you to chew on for now. Here’s that early bird special sign up link again. If you’re planning on getting in on the Core Course, make sure to sign up, because you’ll get an option to get all the other courses (currently unavailable) at the best rate yet. You’ll also get priority access to the Inner Circle, which has been closed for over a year now.

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