C.L.A.W. Your Way To The Top…How to Let Go of the Past

A brief selection from Garrett’s course booklet for the Student’s Choice Course. (Course unavailable. It was done live with no recording.)

The war between the true artist and Resistance is a war without end, thankfully. Without Resistance, no artist would ever get out of bed, let alone create magnificence on perpetual display in the museum of life.

 –Mr. G

As I repeat so often and fondly:


Find a place to park your rickshaw. Come inside and pull up a chair.

The show is about to begin.


Now that you’ve found yourself, or even better, found out that you have no self, the real work begins. Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve gotten deep into your body. You’ve done a lot of face stretching and some other radical undoing exercises. You’ve felt the simultaneous magnificence and horror of life in a body, and you’ve really started to enjoy it.


Now it’s time to take responsibility and create a life out of nothing. What does that mean? It means that you have no morality, no template of fixed responses to the circumstances of your life and no real basis for making decisions anymore.

You used to let fear guide you. Yes, you did. Now you don’t even have that as a guide anymore. The great absurdity of life and death are one and the same to you. Without a constant fear of death, how can you make any movements? How can you make any decisions?

Many have fallen from this precipice into lives of depravity, boredom, sociopathy. This isn’t necessary. You can spare yourself those fates.

But how?

By letting go of the past…anchoring yourself firmly in your body…and following joy and awe wherever they may lead you. The treasures of life are within your reach. Wrap your arms around yourself and you have found what every earnest seeker has sought. Close your eyes and stare into that profound darkness. Everything you find there is yours to keep forever.


Whenever you find yourself becoming a willing victim of past circumstances, events, people, places and things, try to locate these items in your immediate surroundings.

Do you see them anywhere? Can you pick them up and hold them?

No. They are ghosts and nothing more.

Every time these ghosts of yours show up to haunt you, look around and try to find them. Yes, there might be items in your home that keep the ghosts anchored there. Identify these items by how you feel when you look upon them. Then, exorcise your area by destroying the items. When it feels the worst, you’re gaining the most power.

Once you banish these ghost magnets to your local garbage abyss, they can never haunt you again. This is the beginning of letting go of the past: ridding yourself of the magnets you use to hold it in place.

It could be anything: a shirt, an old photo, a letter, a book…

You know what I’m talking about. You know how things make you feel. When they make you feel “bad,”


If you want to take this exorcise to the next level, deliberately place new items in your home, office, and everywhere else you consider your domain. Make every item count. Choose things that inspire and enthuse you. Let’s call these: MIRRORS OF JOY.

Fill your spaces with mirrors of joy. Feel how these items fill you with excitement. Hang them on your wall. Wear them. Read them. Enjoy.

This is what the New Agers wish they could understand when they tell you: LIVE IN THE PRESENT. The present is an ever-fluctuating stream that you can embed with codes to enhance your experience.

Create a space you can really love and enjoy, and that space will feed and nourish you constantly.

Fill it with sorrowful items, and that’s what you’ll get for dinner every night.

For Gawd’s Sake, Feel Good!

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PS: If you’re wondering what C.L.A.W. stands for, you’ll have to find out in the course PDF… I’ll give you a hint. The “C” stands for Creativity. Can you guess the other 3? If you can, you win free access to the course.

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13 Comments on “C.L.A.W. Your Way To The Top…How to Let Go of the Past

    •  by  radicalundoing

      Interesting, Dave, but not quite. Thanks for stopping by though.

  1.  by  Aidan


    Love And Wisdom? or Wellbeing, I thought, too. I just reread Western Tantra again this morning, and I’m about to start my warm-up movements again! Time just seemed to catch me in its flow, but I’m starting to be aware of time again, and awareness is your best weapon. When you start looking at things, without looking at the material, they lose their grasp on your self. Anger is exactly like that. I’d love to not only have Mirrors of Joy in my house, but Mirrors of Revelation. All you need to do to see how ridiculous you are when you pick up the chair to throw it at your dog/child/great-grandfather is to look at yourself.

    •  by  radicalundoing

      Great observations Aidan… close, but not quite there on CLAW. Check Rob’s answer below. We hope to see you in the course.


  2.  by  Nick

    I have done the exercises in the Youtube video relating to this course that you sent out by email. I can certainly see why Riley suggested caution. The anger that came up with the growling exercise really surprised me.
    Thanks for your good work.

    •  by  radicalundoing

      Yes, Nick. It can be a very wise idea to do these exercises alone when you have some time and space to fully express yourself and feel the onslaught of buried emotions without having to attach them to people, places and things around you.

      In the course, we get into some decent ways of handling the emotional flow, such as certain types of martial arts. Batting cages can also help. In Japan, there are businesses that actually let you pay to go into a room and break dishes and that kind of thing… we need those here. Maybe a Command Z anger center?

      •  by  Dante Romero

        Wow! I didn’t know about this dish breaking thing. I’m totally doing that when I get to Tokyo. Sounds like a great form of Rehab. =)

        Plus destruction is fun. When I was a carpenter, I used to get really into demo. Rather than unscrew the old walls I’d just run at it and put my foot through it and smash it down. lol. =D And then there was the home-made explosives phase…

        Fond memories.

    •  by  radicalundoing

      Close…. oh so close… but Action goes along with Work….

  3.  by  Rob

    CLAW? I’m guessing it’s Creativity, Love, Adventure, and…. Work?

    •  by  radicalundoing

      Congratulations, Rob. You got it. Welcome to the course.

    •  by  radicalundoing

      Close… very close. But, it was Creativity, Love, Adventure, and Work.

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