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This is about lies. We are about commit heresy: talk about reality in a world that’s sleeping.

When faced with a  decision, how do you begin? Most will engage their system of probability in their head. They figure, well if I do this, then that has X% chance of happening. This has Y% chance. They weight the situation on their mental scales. But let’s go deeper.

Extensive research has been conducted into the effectiveness of eyewitness testimony. Simple, right? If we think someone did it, are people reliable? It’s been found to be incredibly inaccurate, actually. What researchers found was that given 20 eyewitnesses, almost all of them will tell the story differently. Also, they usually just focus on the weapon in fear and forget all of the real details. Including what the perp actually looks like. It’s not only that.

When quizzed, they’d make things up, feeling pressured that they should know something (ignoring their programmed-in limitations rather). Also, their story would change over time. After a week, it would often be so different that it sounded like an entirely different event.

It gets worse.

There have been *hundreds* of cases where, with the advent of modern forensics, a person was found to be innocent after being convicted by eyewitness testimony. Researchers found that the person convicted had been shown to the eye witnesses multiple times in a lineup. They were chosen in the second lineup but really they were the –only familiar face– in that lineup (they appeared before). The witnesses didn’t even remember it accurately at all.

In fact, in the state of Maryland, after a group college students began unearthing old cases of inmates on death row, there were more people coming off death row than being executed. Following, states began abolishing the death penalty. Because we don’t really know. So, how accurate is everyone’s little probability game in their head? (What is it really based on?)

Are you sure that’s going to happen? If you’re afraid of it, don’t you tweak the % so you can feel comfortable not doing it? Does the only familiar option always feel right?

I’ll leave the rest of this honest inquiry to you. But if you want to move past these kinds of games and see what’s really going on, beyond the boundaries of the known (fear), we’re inviting you to experience a radical undoing session for only $37.

Normally, it’s almost 10x that, but we’re going to do it as a group so you can try it out. This isn’t about selling you on it. My thing is telling you to look for yourself. Try it out, if it isn’t for you, walk away (I mean it.)

I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. I’m just making the tools for achieving *real* freedom openly available, for permanently reversing your conditioning.

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Anthony & Garrett

If you want it, there’s absolutely more to life. Question is…

Do you want it?

P.S. The radical undoing body work is the easiest way to move into the work. If you follow along with the session, you’ll feel it for yourself. And it only continues from there.

Feel free to ask all questions on the call as well. Anything and everything.

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