The Body Has No Troubles

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Have you ever seen a deer or a dog with just 3 legs? They don’t spend much time complaining. They just adapt to the new circumstances and keep doing whatever they want and need to do.

The body adapts automatically to almost any new situation or circumstances it encounters, inside and out.

You might argue that pain is a trouble of the body. Pain is an experience, yes, but what makes an experience¬†trouble is the mind…the thoughts we think about it and the unconscious associations we make to it.

The mind has endless troubles, while the body has none.

The mission of Command Z is to refocus the mind onto the body…the vast and beautiful land of no troubles.

The trouble with clearing all the troubles out of the mind is that most people have built their entire identities around the recurring troubles they experience in their lives. When the troubles disappear, so do their identities.

This explains the prevalence of gossip, rumormongering, TV news, disaster footage, politics and religion.

Think about it. Since when does anyone or anything need saving? Do we really need to rescue the Earth from some imagined catastrophe? Or is that just a holdover from Christianity still living in the shadows of our minds?

When you refocus your mind on your body, you will witness directly that there are no troubles.

You might say that the only real trouble is the task of refocusing the mind on the body… It’s an Indiana Jones-style adventure.

That’s where we come in…

Choose Your Own Adventure… Find the Fountain of Youth… The Land of No Troubles. It’s been right there with you all along.



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