Garrett conducting his first workshop in the olden days.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of you reading this have faced some dissatisfaction with what you have to do to make money. This is a common ailment in civilized cultures around the world. Hillary Clinton once commented that modern forms of work have become an epidemic affecting millions of people.

Every individual has to face this disease on his or her own terms. You have to decide if you feel truly satisfied with what you do to make money. If you’re one of the lucky or valiant few who’ve found a job you really like, I applaud you. But, if you’re like me, and you have a hard time working for other people in situations you’d rather not be in, I have some good news for you.

Going out on your own to do freelancing and/or starting a business is way easier than you might think. We’ve almost all been trained in school to be good workers, to follow orders and to leave most of our important life decisions in the hands of others. Unfortunately, not everyone has your best interests in mind.

I stumbled into freelancing and doing business almost by accident. It started with helping people with their writing projects and editing papers for others. Then, a friend turned me on to some online content-production companies who pay freelance writers. Finally, I undid myself so much and fell in love with the process of breaking free that I knew I had to start a business passing on my knowledge and experience to other individuals like myself.

The process took a number of years, and I failed many times. Those failures all became fertilizer for my next attempts, until finally, I started making it work. A lot of things in life work that way.

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Check out this video I made about the Spirit of the Entrepreneur and how to make money doing workshops. After you watch the video, read on, and I’ll go into a bit more detail about getting paid to do simple workshops and teaching people how to do things you love to do.

To find out more about the Esozone Codex and The Spirit of the Entrepreneur training, click on the links in this sentence.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out the Art of Not Giving a Fuck guide to business and work to establish a new foundation for your efforts, aimed at personal freedom and self-defined success, and the NGF Workshop on how to put on your own workshops for money.

I’ve covered the following points before, but they bear repeating over and over in as many places as possible.

The Basic Formula of Making Money Doing Workshops

1. Identify Hobbies, Interests and Passions

It’s a simple as taking a look at what you get excited about. What kinds of hobbies do you spend your time on? Even if you enjoy searching around online, there are people who would love to learn how to do it. Make a list of 11 things you like to do. Don’t worry yet if those things are profitable or not, we’ll deal with that later.

2. Make a list of types of people who might want to learn what you love to do.

For each item you listed in #1, make a list of the types of people who might pay you to teach them how to do the things you’re passionate about doing. Get as specific as you can with these types. Are they 65 year old women who want to learn how to use email, facebook and skype to stay in touch with family? Are they 35 year old men who are making $100,000 per year at office jobs who want to learn how to break out as freelance consultants?

Identify who these people are and where they spend their time, online and off.

3. Pre-Test the Ideas for Profitability. (Thanks to Ramit Sethi for his teachings on this one.)

For each group of people you’ve identified above, ask the following questions:

1. Are they able to pay for your services?

2. Are they willing to pay?

4. Go to where the groups of people spend time and talk to them.

If you answered yes to the above two questions in, choose your favorite idea of those that passed the test. Make a list of places the target audience spends their time. Go there and meet those people. Tell them about your ideas and potential services. If you can reach them online, send them emails and find out what you can do for them by getting clear on what it is they really want. More advanced stages of this include setting up a website, online surveys and research, and other techniques. For now, just go find people and talk to them about what they want in relation to the skills, knowledge, and resources you have to offer.

Find out if these people really want what it is you have to offer.

5. Build a workshop, service, and/or product out of your idea.

This can be a workshop like the one provided in the Esozone Codex, it can be a how-to PDF, or it can be an individualized service like teaching people how to write better, use computers or how to workout for maximum weight loss and muscle tone. Make sure you get excited about what you’re doing. Your excitement will add great value to your product or service.

6. Tell People About Your Workshop

Set a date, time and location for your workshop. We can help you with all the details in a Spirit of the Entrepreneur session, the Esozone Codex, and personal undoing sessions and training. Basically, you go to the places where your target market spend time, find out what they really want, craft an offer based on your findings, and put your offer in front of them. Talk to folks about it. Put up flyers. Put ads on local listings online and in local papers. Find teachers, leaders, and other network hubs in your market and create win-win situations for them, their clients, and yourself. Be creative and come up with other ways to share your offering with people.

It’s as simple as that!

It really is that simple. Trust that you’ll learn and adapt as necessary along the way. If you ever have any questions, find people who are doing something similar to you and ask them how they do it. You can learn anything you need to know, just like you did when you were learning about your hobby, interest or passion. Once you make sharing your knowledge and value with other people one of your passions, making money will excite you just as much as your other interests.

A Very Cool Secret…

A cool secret about all of this is:

When you make money doing something you love, you win at every stage of the game. You’ll always be satisfied with what you’re spending your time on. When the money starts to flow, it feels even better. You’ll know that for every dollar you make, you have added value to someone else’s life, and your own.

Why Make Money Doing Workshops?

Here’s why:

1. You get over your fears of public speaking and performance.

2. You get to directly interact with other people who share your interests and passions.

3. You learn the material you teach in much greater depth and detail than you would otherwise.

4. It’s a lot of fun.

5. You can increase the value of what you’re teaching and start charging a lot more for your workshops as you gain experience.

There are a hell of a lot of other benefits you’ll get out of putting on workshops, but I want you to experience those for yourself.

Best of luck in your journey of expansion and fulfillment.



how many times has someone told you, “relax…” ? probably more than you care to remember. telling someone to relax or chill is a sure way of getting them more upset. many times people command others to do things they don’t know how to do. “relax” is one of those commands.

this article will arm you with three tools you can use immediately to achieve some deserved relaxation, even if only for a moment. repeat the exercises over time to reach deeper and deeper levels of relaxation more quickly than you now believe possible.

i have included a simple trick you can use to trigger a relaxed state without using the exercises once you have learned to get yourself there over and over. read to the end for the trick.

simple ways to relax:

1. a moment of silence: close your eyes and sit still for a minute or longer. don’t try to do anything. just sit there and enjoy the silence. if you have thoughts, so what, you have thoughts. don’t worry about them. people often get confused and stressed out about what they are supposed to be doing. for this moment, let go of that.

use these videos as a timer to assist you:

start with one minute and work your way up to five minutes per day, or whenever you feel the need or desire to relax. make sure to do it every day, but don’t stress out if you miss a day. that defeats the purpose… 🙂

2. ultra slow neck turns: turn your neck from side to side e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slowly. if you feel so moved, follow along with this video until you get the hang of it yourself. you might feel plagued by rampant thoughts and the desire to move more quickly at first. over time, you will feel the joys of slowing down and taking a few moments to do this exercise. one great side effect is deep relaxation of the neck muscles.

3. what the hell is going on? its best to lie down when you begin using this technique. later on, you will find yourself able to do it in your head at all times in all situations. for now, lie down flat on your back. make no voluntary movements. do your best to make no interpretations.

just describe out loud every sensation and feeling you notice in your body. if you need help, just scan your body from head to toe and report out loud what you notice. if you have trouble describing something, just say, “there is a sensation in my knee…there is a twitch in the leg…” etc.

again, drop all judgment of yourself. judging yourself increases tension. don’t judge yourself for judging yourself, silly. just notice when it happens and move on. laugh a little and tell yourself that the judging voice is not you

leave comments with questions and results below this post. click on the post title to reveal the comment section below each post.

ok, that’s all for now…..

oh yeah… i almost forgot the little trick.

once you begin to notice the difference between relaxation and tension, you can anchor the relaxed state to an image, gesture, sound or scent. choose one thing and stick with it until you feel it working. here’s how you do it:

pick one image, gesture, etc. not one of each, just one total for now.

next, do your preferred form of relaxation until you notice yourself getting more relaxed. once you get as relaxed as you wish to get, visualize or look at the image, listen to the sound, do the gesture or motion or smell the scent. repeat this process every time you relax. use the same anchor every time.

test your anchor by doing the action you chose when you want to relax. you should notice yourself dropping quickly into a relaxed state. refresh the anchor every chance you get by doing the relaxation exercise of your choice and doing the chosen action over and over. you will KNOW once you get it.



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