The way you do the exercises is the way you do everything else in your life.

If you’re hesitating, look closely at difficult situations in your life. What are you holding back?

If you’re forcing the movements, which situations in your life are you bringing too much aggression? Are you trying to force things?

It gets really fascinating once you make the exercises and experiments your own, and start navigating your own Flowing Life from the sovereign perspective of your own body, direct experience, and perception.

You’ll see that the tension around your eyes was keeping you from seeing your partner in a new and different light.

You’ll notice that you fear a catastrophe–instead of being present to the current situation–when your shoulders rise up with tension.

You’ll notice that you can learn a lot from that body you carry around all the time, if you’d just start paying some attention to it.

The cool thing is that all attention paid to your body and your direct experience is an investment that will always repay you a hundredfold in ways you can’t even imagine.

Everything gets a lot easier when you keep your mind rooted in your body.

You’ll no longer be haunted by phantoms of thought, past guilts, and future catastrophes.

Instead, you’ll just be living, growing, and experiencing things as you go.

Try out this exercise, and then leave a comment or hit reply and let me know what YOU learned about YOURSELF by doing it:

Make sure you try it at least 10 or 12 times before making any assessments or analysis.

Even better if you make a video of yourself and watch it for clues.

When you do the Basic Training, you’ll learn how to upload hundreds of these kinds of organic tools into your bodily operating system–all to put you back in charge of your own Flowing Life.

See you there,


We all know how it goes.

One minute you’re sitting there working…and flash forward 5 hours later… And there you sit, hunched over the keyboard or craning your neck like a turtle over the phone, the cool glowing screen painting your face like Halloween (yeah, the sun set at some point) and on and on…


image by

The day just scrolls on by, while you like this and that, make a comment here and argument there, oooh! Look at these pictures! What a great article–Oh I didn’t realize the new episode started tonight!

Before you know it, the day has passed, and you don’t remember anymore what was going on with whatever you forgot to keep working on.

It happens to everyone. It’s a completely natural response to that kind of stimulus. Some have argued that social media sites are actually designed to hypnotize you. I don’t know if that’s true, but take a look at any office, coffeeshop, or public transportation and you’ll see what I mean by hypnosis.

Eyes glazed over. Tuned out to the rest of the world. Flitting from one thing to the next. Never getting anything done that you really want to do.

And yeah, it’s fun. There’s nothing wrong with spending some time online and enjoying yourself.

But when social media steals your awareness away from other things that bring you deeper satisfaction, you’ve got a choice: will you remain hypnotized with that scrolling news feed in the driver’s seat?

I’ll explain exactly how to get yourself out of social media hypnosis, but first, we’ve got to understand exactly how hypnosis works.

It’s a completely natural process that we all go through multiple times a day.

It all starts with anxiety. We get bombarded with so many bits of information all day long. Our unconscious filtering process gets overwhelmed at some point, and anxiety is the result.

After the anxiety builds up enough, it triggers the primitive fight or flight state in your lower brain.

Once that’s occurred, most of us aren’t going to fight, and when it’s just you and your phone, there’s nothing to fight. (Wait, maybe that explains where youtube comments come from…)

So we’re left with flight.

Where do we flee?

Our conscious awareness flees into a hypersuggestible state of hypnosis.

So why is that such a big deal? Because your critical mind is numb to what’s going on, and then all that news, all those ads, and all the other random stuff goes straight into your unconscious mind and starts influencing your life script.

That might not sound too bad, but think about how insidious it could be. You’ll actually feel like you made the choice to like something you see at the store, when in fact, that emotion was conditioned into while you sat there scrolling past the ads and playing online.

Again, this isn’t meant as an attack on social media. I use it and enjoy it most of the time. Instead, it’s a way to put yourself back in charge of your own time and your own mind.

To do that:

1. First notice that it’s going on. You’ll feel that pang of conscience letting you know it’s time to get back to work on your real goals.

2. Close the app or the browser window. Log out.

3. Close your eyes. Take a deep, refreshing breath.

4. Count yourself OUT of hypnosis by saying out loud: 1-2-3-4-5 and WIDE AWAKE!

5. Take some action toward what you were meaning originally to work on.

This may seem simple, and it is. Simplicity is the sign of effectiveness. Can you see how this might benefit you throughout your day?

Now what if every time you broke out of the FB scrolling trance you also took a few minutes to stretch your face, shrug your shoulders, and drink a glass of water? How might that change your life in both subtle and profound ways?

We’ll get into this in a lot more detail during the Hypnosis and Undoing workshopstarting this Saturday. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly when you’re dropping into those unconscious hypnotic states,and more importantly, how to get back out of them.

Not only that, but you’ll learn how to convert your tensions to raw motivation, and then immediately direct that force toward accomplishing whatever you want most in your life.

Damn, I’m excited about this one. It’s the most cohesive, comprehensive, and effective training I’ve ever put together, and that’s why it’s limited to 10 people. It’s only for individuals ready to take action and start getting big results in their lives.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Get into the workshop series while there’s still a few spots left.



PS: The workshop will show you how to make things happen on a level you may have never known existed.

I’ll keep this short, so you have time right now to try out this exercise.

It’s very simple, and you can use it to shake yourself out of bad moods, to relax deeply, to feel more alive, and see things from a new perspective.

If you’ve tried any of the exercises I’ve sent out over the past few days, you already know they get better and better the more you do them.

Sometimes when I catch myself drifting into some imagined suffering, an exercise flashes through my mind. If I’m not trying to rebel against my own enjoyment and fun, I take the cue and do the damned exercise, no matter how difficult it is to get myself to do it.

Because of that, aliveness fills my belly, a grin dances onto my face, my arms look for something fun to work on, and a tingling awareness buzzes in my lower back.

Those are just pleasant side effects of breathing deeply and paying attention to your bodily experience. When you ground your awareness in your body, everything else gets easier, and you can finally feel in charge of your states.

Not that you’ll always feel at your best, but you’ll always be willing to do your best, and to squeeze out some fun, laughter, and enjoyment, regardless of the circumstances.

If that sounds like a radical life change, it is. If it seems impossible, I’m here to show that it’s quite possible, if you spend a little time every day dedicated to feeling more alive.

Here’s a video of today’s exercise:

The cool thing about all the CZ exercises is that they get easier and easier to take action toward what you really want, and to make sure you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction possible in all the experiences of your life.

In addition to that physical exercise, you can also learn to put up boundaries to help nudge you more toward your own deepest satisfaction and joy–in every area of your life.

I call the process of putting up those boundaries Psychic Self Defense. What that means is to:

1. Know what you really want. If you have no idea, then your next step is exploring your options and finding out.

2. Aim yourself at what you want, and take action toward it. If you make a mistake or fail, aim again and continue further.

When you don’t know what you want, you can get caught up in the treadmill of a life not of your own making–and that’s not satisfying to anyone, except maybe the people and businesses you donate thousands of days of your life to, and the other businesses you pay to keep you distracted, to help ease the woes of living a life that doesn’t fill you with satisfaction and joy.

When you decide to take the reins of your own life, to play only the games you want to play, and do what deeply satisfies you on a consistent, day to day basis, you’ll be surprised at the resistance that arises to keep you in your place.

Friends, family, coworkers, and popular media create a chorus of doubt, despair, and discouragement that overwhelms and conquers most people’s best intentions before they even get started.

When you start changing your life, be prepared to take responsibility for your own joy and satisfaction, and don’t let the naysaying of other people get in your way.

It’s in that spirit I made the NGF Guide to Psychic Self Defense.

Don’t let another week goes by without standing up for your time, reclaiming your mind, and making progress toward your own best interest…

Have fun earnestly,


PS: The cool thing is, when you master the exercise from today, plus the stuff you learn in the NGF workshop, getting the results you want gets easier, while you have fun and enjoy the process.

The following delightful story was written by Mika J., a long-term client of Command Z. He wrote the story shortly after doing an exercise from the Radical Undoing 101 Course. Thanks to Mika for his boldness and willingness to dive into his own life and start experimenting! Good work at trespassing your limits, Mika. -Garrett


Last spring I had one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

It happened when I did an adventure from the Radical Undoing 101 Course called Go to a Grocery Store, originally from Dr. Claude Needham’s book , The Just Because Club.

This exercise goes as its name suggests, with just one twist: you do the whole visit as if you don’t exist.

You enter the store when someone else triggers the door, and then just walk around and spend an hour in the store–without touching anyone or anything. After the hour ends, you sneak out the same way you entered, letting someone else trigger the door before you exit.

When I did this exercise, I was just roaming around for the first thirty minutes or so thinking, this isn’t doing anything, what a waste of time. 

I was feeling a little unnerved, like an outsider, because I wasn’t behaving as people in that situation are expected to behave. I got suspicious of the store employees in their uniforms, wondering if they would notice that I was just creeping around. I was afraid they’d catch me for breaking the rules.

They were just ordinary people doing their ordinary mundane work, but I felt like a criminal in the presence of police officers. They were the authorities in that space: if they suspected I’d stolen something, they could call the police and draw negative attention to me. I became more aware of how I always get tensed up in the presence of “authorities” of any sort, even if there is no rational reason to be cautious.

Then, at some point after the first 30 minutes, things got very weird…

I was now not only seeing the employees differently, but the customers transformed as well.

It seems impossible to me how quickly and radically my perception of other people changed. Suddenly all I saw were robots. No more free people, just customer robots running a very deliberately programmed “At the Grocery Store” software. They all seemed to be behaving in the very same way, like their programmer knew exactly what he/she (who exactly?) wanted them to do.

Every robot guy and girl with their shopping carts and baskets were running around in a trance state fulfilling their noble duty of consuming. Moving and proceeding quickly, as the grocery store is no place for just hanging around and enjoying yourself. Of course the concerned consumer robots may spend a moment looking at the label before making their decision. The working of the software was clearly visible: Pick the product you need, move on to the next one, get out as soon as you’re done. Good job!

Before I left I was feeling pretty damned separate from everyone. They were playing their software faithfully, too busy to pay any attention to me. I was left outside their awareness, wondering what the hell was going on. I was observing the customers very carefully, but no one seemed to notice me. I even saw an acquaintance I expected would say hello, but he didn’t seem to register that I was there right before his eyes.

I snuck out of the store, feeling relieved and surprised at what had just happened.

I’m not claiming that I’m better or more enlightened than the other people who were there that day. What I do claim is that I had a very unusual perspective on what was actually happening there. I’m probably just as robotic when I do my grocery shopping, though now I may have become a little more aware of it.

I had already known–in theory–that when you bust loose from from your own trance state, it becomes more apparent how hypnotized everyone else is. This was my first direct experience of that phenomenon. What surprised me was how quickly and easily I could create a shift in my perception, and how bizarrely real it was.

I don’t know how or why this exercise works, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that if you do it, it will work, and you will get your results. You can experience something truly new and interesting for yourself by just going to a grocery store. It costs you nothing, and takes less time than watching a movie, so why not give it a try?


Garrett here again. Wow, what a great story, Mika! Thanks again. Next, you can watch the original video from the course so you can do the exercise for yourself. If you do, and you enjoy it and want more expansive experiences, check out the full course.

Here’s the video:


I’m sitting at a cemetery near where I live. A couple horses stand around near me, just past the fence, one eating grass, and the other licking and scratching its face on the bark of an old oak tree.

I let go and thoughts drift through caverns and containers and finally join me here near a wooden grave marker.

Last Sunday a client and I spoke about believing in things we don’t know with 100% certainty. Then we talked about abstract concepts that get almost universally accepted as solid fact.

One example is the term “the world.”

What does that mean? You assume it exists, but can you point at it? If you start to think carefully about it, you might realize that the world only exists in your head. But you act as if the world exists.

Now, what else do you believe in that you’ve never really looked into before? How about your limitations? Many of them are no more than unchallenged beliefs.

So after we talked about beliefs for awhile, I mentioned that some clients want to just get the basic benefits of undoing:

-sharper focus
-greater awareness of your own motivations
-clearer thinking
-knowing what you really want
-letting go

And that’s fine. It delivers.

There’re also a few clients who, for some reason, want to go all the way.

By that I mean to explore fully all the assumptions and beliefs you have, and to rid yourself of everything false. After he said he’d like to take things all the way, he asked me why people seem to need to believe in things, from science to religion to occultism to politics etc.

Good question, and it gave me pause to consider how and why people live out their lives in a land of abstract concepts, make-believe categories, stifling roles, and ideas of how things should be

Two main reasons dawned on me:

Both reasons relate to a paralyzing fear.

1. The fact that you can’t rely on anything but your own perception and experience.

Your own perception is primary, and the rest is second-hand information, no matter how accurate it seems. This can be frightening to realize, simply because it’s unfamiliar and you aren’t used to sitting on your own throne.

2. No one knows what’s really going on.

You’re born. You develop into a child and then an adult human. You get told and believe all kinds of stories about what’s going on, from evolution to angry sky gods to million armed blue deities to philosophies aplenty to….

Just because you hear about and enjoy and react emotionally to a story doesn’t make it true. Even if you memorize the bible or the origin of the species or a book on brain science doesn’t mean you know the 100% truth of what’s going on here.

That can also be horrifying to realize, especially since the only person you can rely on has no idea what the hell is going on.

It makes you feel important to pretend you know what’s going on. And it gives you a sense of stability, importance, and permanence.

There’s another way to live where you don’t require concepts and beliefs. It takes a lot less effort, and you don’t need to maintain false certainties about what’s going on.


You can remember that your life is the adventure you’ve been looking for. You find it by letting go. Letting go of what? Of all those fears about what’s gonna happen if you stop being the way you think you should be and doing what you think you’re supposed to do.


We all end up in the same place anyway, so why not get a fair amount of joy just by remembering how unlikely it is to be alive, to have a body, to perceive, to feel anything at all.

Is it not utterly magnificent when you really think about it?

Here’s to your adventure!



PS: if you feel like expanding your adventures and cutting through your own bullshit, you’ve got options:

1. Esozone Codex Course: perfect to test the waters, opening up to new ways of perceiving yourself, removing some filters between you and what is, and ridding yourself of guilt.

2. Radical Undoing 101: going a lot deeper into the process, conquering social anxiety, moving through fear, going beyond your perceived limitations, following what truly excites you, and expanding your life in ways you really enjoy.

3. Body Movement Course Series for learning how to undo your own chronic tensions and internal conflicts. Make your body and mind run smoothly so your life feels more like a ride or a movie rather than a prison camp or the doldrums.

4. Direct personal training online, in Ojai, CA, and sometimes available for workshops in your area.

If you want an extended training series, please email me at: to discuss what approach is right for you.


This is about lies. We are about commit heresy: talk about reality in a world that’s sleeping.

When faced with a  decision, how do you begin? Most will engage their system of probability in their head. They figure, well if I do this, then that has X% chance of happening. This has Y% chance. They weight the situation on their mental scales. But let’s go deeper.

Extensive research has been conducted into the effectiveness of eyewitness testimony. Simple, right? If we think someone did it, are people reliable? It’s been found to be incredibly inaccurate, actually. What researchers found was that given 20 eyewitnesses, almost all of them will tell the story differently. Also, they usually just focus on the weapon in fear and forget all of the real details. Including what the perp actually looks like. It’s not only that.

When quizzed, they’d make things up, feeling pressured that they should know something (ignoring their programmed-in limitations rather). Also, their story would change over time. After a week, it would often be so different that it sounded like an entirely different event.

It gets worse.

There have been *hundreds* of cases where, with the advent of modern forensics, a person was found to be innocent after being convicted by eyewitness testimony. Researchers found that the person convicted had been shown to the eye witnesses multiple times in a lineup. They were chosen in the second lineup but really they were the –only familiar face– in that lineup (they appeared before). The witnesses didn’t even remember it accurately at all.

In fact, in the state of Maryland, after a group college students began unearthing old cases of inmates on death row, there were more people coming off death row than being executed. Following, states began abolishing the death penalty. Because we don’t really know. So, how accurate is everyone’s little probability game in their head? (What is it really based on?)

Are you sure that’s going to happen? If you’re afraid of it, don’t you tweak the % so you can feel comfortable not doing it? Does the only familiar option always feel right?

I’ll leave the rest of this honest inquiry to you. But if you want to move past these kinds of games and see what’s really going on, beyond the boundaries of the known (fear), we’re inviting you to experience a radical undoing session for only $37.

Normally, it’s almost 10x that, but we’re going to do it as a group so you can try it out. This isn’t about selling you on it. My thing is telling you to look for yourself. Try it out, if it isn’t for you, walk away (I mean it.)

I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. I’m just making the tools for achieving *real* freedom openly available, for permanently reversing your conditioning.

Click Here to get in on it.


All maps are false,

Anthony & Garrett

If you want it, there’s absolutely more to life. Question is…

Do you want it?

P.S. The radical undoing body work is the easiest way to move into the work. If you follow along with the session, you’ll feel it for yourself. And it only continues from there.

Feel free to ask all questions on the call as well. Anything and everything.

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