Radical Undoing Case Study: “I Feel Better Than I Imagined Possible.”

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Anthony Halvorson is a client of mine from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We met a few years ago and he’s asked me to share this with you.

His words:
“I was very skeptical about undoing at first. But, I did the daily exercises for about a week… and my turmoil over a recent breakup vanished… and I felt damn good. Then, the feeling good kept escalating. Now, after a year, I am in awe at how good I feel. I feel better than I even knew was possible. And I live a life I never even knew was possible… where I get to do what I love each day… and all that stress and turmoil no longer haunts me.
“I used to sit and think about where my life was going. I watched everyone else following ‘the master plan’… and realized no one is happy. All the things that are supposed to conjure happiness simply don’t. And the people who seem the most successful are actually the most miserable… behind closed doors. And often addicted to drugs just to cope.
“Radical Undoing showed me the way to break outside that and live my own life… the way I want to live it. It sounds crazy at first… because it’s not something I even knew was possible back then. But it was clear that doing what I was supposed to hadn’t worked yet… and that if I kept doing it for another 20 years… it still wouldn’t have worked. So even though it seemed new and strange, I took the leap.”
No form of real self development and life improvement can offer instant results. But, because Radical Undoing goes right to the core of the problem it can give you REAL results. Growing up we get so many fears and tensions pushed into our minds that we don’t even know what we want anymore. Just about everyone has their own personal agenda… and is trying to sell us on it all the time.
AT and T tells us happiness is about free nationwide calling. Our parents tell us it requires college and the right job. The dating coach says its that perfect someone. The beautician says its a perfect haircut. The right car? Those new shoes? An Iphone? On and on and on. But in my most honest moments, I knew that none of those things have ever brought about lasting satisfaction. So, what does?
I’m not going to tell you.
I’m just going to show you the tools that let you experience it for yourself. It’s different for every person. And I respect your individuality too much to try to suppress it. I’m not going to tell you who you should be. I just want you to be you… and discover it for yourself.
Your life is already waiting for you. It’s just that your ability to live that life gets stuck sometimes… behind all of the fears and tensions that were pushed into your mind when you were younger. By learning how to clean it out of your mind, you can free yourself to move into something new… and… (dare I say it?) feel excited to spring out of bed in the morning.

Best Wishes,

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