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At Command Z, we are huge fans of Charlie Sheen.

But not in a juvenile “lol, famous man is silly” kind of way.

We appreciate Charlie Sheen because he has repeatedly demonstrated transcendence in action. We even named two powerful exercises after him.

Remember a few years ago, when Charlie “went off the rails” and started talking about bi-winning and tiger blood? Several of us around here recognised great truth in his expressions.

We’ve referred to this video in some of our workshops, and it’s a good example.

The interviewer says “Your anger and your hate is coming off as erratic”. Charlie responds: “Passion. It’s all passion.” Do you see how he effortlessly dismantles her reality tunnel?

The interviewer tries again: “I think some of the things you’re putting out there are making people think something’s wrong with you.”

Charlie responds: “That has nothing to do with me… People are, I suppose, free to interpret stuff as they must. What are you a doctor of?” He reveals the interviewer, and his critics, to be incapable of clear thought, unqualified to assess him.

Now for the crowning achievement. The interviewer suggests that Charlie may be bi-polar. His response: “Wow. What does that mean? … I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.” Charlie demonstrates that the interviewer is vomiting labels the way a drunkard plays paintball. Then he accepts himself 100%, making himself invincible to her judgments.

While the interviewer mistakes words for reality, Charlie understands the void between the two.

Can you see that, as unhealthy as Charlie Sheen may have been at the time of that interview, he had more clarity than most people ever do? He could see straight through the interviewer, with all her fearful judgments.

Today, the spotlight is on Charlie Sheen once again. On live TV he announced that he was diagnosed HIV positive four years ago. During that time has paid blackmailers millions of dollars to keep his secret.

But no longer. Today, Charlie Sheen recognised that he was in a prison of his own making, and decided to leave it forever. He faced his fears, fighting what must have been incredible inner resistance, by going public about his condition and thereby undermining the extorters.

Charlie must have been terrified, having avoided this situation for years. Today, he gathered up his fears and walked through the fire in order to free himself. His resistance burned away in the process.

I have a sense of what Charlie must be feeling right now. Exhilarated that he not only survived, but triumphed. Astonishment that even though he was in free fall earlier today, he persists, more full of life than ever before.

Charlie Sheen’s inner victim is dead. He executed it today, live on television. Let this be an inspiring example. All the self-hating nonsense that we waste time and energy on, instead of living, can simply go.

Charlie Sheen is a patron saint of the Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and we salute him.

Command Z Gatekeeper

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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Welcome to Mika Juntunen–longtime client and friend of Command Z.

Mika hails from Finland, and was kind enough to send us a video with instructions and demonstrations of face stretching in Finnish! Plus, this awesome post explaining things below.

Hello to all our Finnish friends and clients, and thanks to Mika!


Tämä blogi käsittelee Radical Undoingia.

“Öö, jaa, niin mikä radikaali?”

Hyvä kun kysyit!

Homman nimi on laajentuminen, syvä rentoutuminen, omien sisäisten rajojen ylittäminen ja elämälle avautuminen.

Tämä tapahtuu ensisijaisesti avaamalla syvälle juurtuneita kehollisia jännityksiä. Näihin jännityksiin on tallentunut kaikki mielen konfliktit, pelot ja uskomukset. Työskentely kohdistuu siis kehoon, mutta vaikutus ulottuu syvälle mieleen asti.

Näiltä harjoituksilta voi odottaa:

  • Uutta, tuoretta inspiraatiota ja elämäniloa

  • Selkeyttä siitä mitä todella tahdot (ja et tahdo) tehdä elämälläsi ja ajallasi

  • Parantunutta kykyä käsitellä tunteita ja elää ilman että tunteet hallitsevat omaa päätöksentekoa

  • Stressin ja ahdistuksen vähentymistä ja niiden muuntamista positiiviseksi energiaksi (energialla tarkoittaen inspiraatiota ja virtaa lähteä toimimaan ja tekemään, lamaantuneisuuden sijaan)

  • Kykyä toimia uusilla tavoilla tilanteissa, joissa ennen olisit tiedostamatta rajoittanut itseäsi

  • Muita yllättäviä muutoksia..

Tiedossa työkaluja, joita säännöllisesti toistamalla voit tehdä ylemmästä listasta todellisuutta elämässäsi. Sillä ei ole väliä uskotko siihen tällä hetkellä vai et, ainoa määrittävä tekijä on tekeminen.

Joten, spekulaatiot sikseen, tässä suorilta opas yhteen tärkeimmistä undoing tekniikoista. Jos kiinnostuksesi on yhtään herännyt, tee parhaasi käyttääksesi nyt viisi minuuttia tämän harjoituksen kokeilemiseen:

Videossa esittelyssä siis naaman venyttely, erikoinen ja hauska tapa rentoutua. Suhteellisen iso osa ihmisen aivoista on keskittynyt havainnoimaan ja hallitsemaan kasvojen aluetta, verrattuna muuhun kehoon. Kasvojen alueen aktivoimisella saa siis eniten ajalleen vastinetta, eniten rentoutumista pienimmällä mahdollisella työmäärällä.

Oletko miettinyt, että tunteiden muodostumisen prosessiin voisi olla mahdollista osallistua itse?

Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Gasoline burns on any surface you pour it on and ignite.

Nuclear power plants pump out massive invisible clouds of destructive chemicals if their energy gets out of balance, ill-managed, or not flowing properly according to strict protocols.

Your own life force is the same way.

You’ve spent most of your life wrapped up in conflicts and drama that SEEMS important, but really bears no import on your life whatsoever–EXCEPT that it steals away your precious time.

That precious time you could be spending living, loving, enjoying, and squeezing the absolute highest quality out of every single tiny moment of your life.

But few of us actually accomplish this simple-sounding task.

Why do so few of us enjoy life fully, while evolving at an accelerating and fun pace?

Because we have no outlets for the intense forces of motivation, inspiration, passion, sexuality, humor, anger, frustration or any other feeling for that matter.

We lock up our muscles and imprison our minds in illusions that look, smell, taste, sound, and feel quite real and important.

When you have no outlets for the full spectrum of intensity it’s possible for you to feel, you suffer a sense of anxiety.

The anxiety leads to overwhelm.

The overwhelm leads to a fight or flight state.

The fight or flight state creates a double-bind.

The double-bind hypnotizes you and puts you on the most relevant habit your unconscious mind knows how to handle.

You no longer have any attention on the situation. Your mind runs away with you.

Eventually, repeated futile escape attempts lead to what the normals call “depression.”

This state is easily removed–permanently–by replacing it with very specific outlets of intense energy–passion, sexuality, inspiration, motivation.

Fun, excitement, and celebration must be elevated to their rightful place at the forefront of every moment of your life.

The outlets we recommend are: Business, Art, Crafts, Music, and Adventure on the micro and macro scales.

It’s not enough to just learn the exercises and undo yourself, and not enough to just stop giving a fuck about your problems.

The next step is to use the 6 Elements here to accelerate your natural evolution toward a state of harmony with the organic currents observable in your daily life.

Enjoy the podcast.

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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

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Get Daily Real-World tools, tips, techniques, adventures, and inspiration to stop feeling like a fake and forge a life you actually!

Mister Rogers is my new hero.

**FILE**  Fred Rogers rehearses the opening of his PBS show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" during a taping in this June 28, 1989 file photo, in Pittsburgh. The media company behind the PBS hit "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" is working on a new children's television series.  Kevin Morrison, chief operating officer of Family Communications Inc., told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the company is in talks with producers of several children's TV shows about a new program. Production of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" ended in 2000, and Fred Rogers, the show's star, died in 2003, at age 74.           (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, FILE)

But I have to be honest: I don’t really know who he is.

His TV show wasn’t shown in my country. I have no idea what it was like. And I’m not interested in finding out.

But I stumbled across a video of him that totally astonished me.

In the video below, Mister Rogers is addressing a senate subcommittee. These people are going to decide whether to fund his TV show. It’s not going well.

But then Mister Rogers does something wonderful.

He does not argue.
He doesn’t dominate or manipulate.
He doesn’t panic.

Instead, he speaks to his adversaries with total respect and acceptance.
He is fully grounded in himself.
He affords the risk of opening up and being vulnerable, since he knows he can take it.

That’s real power.

In this video, Mister Rogers comes up against a mean hardass. But he doesn’t get flustered. Mister Rogers responds by giving him a much-needed lesson in the healthy way to manage negative emotional states. It’s a lesson this senator should have learned in childhood, and desperately needs.

By showing this man that it’s okay to feel and express his rage, something he probably never heard before, Mister Rogers wins the funding.

What a fucking hero.

Take a look:

If you want a taste of the unflappable self-acceptance and grounding that Mister Rogers demonstrates, you’re in luck. We’re putting on a final live run of the legendary Command Z 4-Week Intensives. Go here now to find out more.

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