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Radical Life Change: The Power of the Unconscious Mind

by radicalundoing 4 Lessons in

Life can be a fun adventure instead of a fearful struggle. The Undoing and Hypnosis cocktail intoxicates you with fun, enjoyment, growth, empowerment and excitement as you make radical shifts in your habits, patterns, and behavior. If you want to feel more satisfied, motivated, and alive, this 4 week live adventure will get you there. … Continue reading Radical Life Change: The Power of the Unconscious Mind

Esozone Codex Brain Change Course: A Basic Introduction to Radical Undoing

by radicalundoing 9 Lessons in

This course is designed to get you back to that place of deep awe and appreciation. From there, your problems can shrink back down to size, your mind can shut up a bit, and you’ll start to feel what it is you really want to do next. This is the most basic introduction to Radical Undoing. It gives you 8 tools and concepts you can apply immediately to start making small and big changes in your life. You get a suite of powerful concepts and tools you can use RIGHT NOW to start repealing your beliefs, and the tyranny they wreak on your behaviors and your life. To put it simply: all beliefs are false. You don’t need beliefs to live…in fact, they often make life more difficult. The very nature of a belief is that it isn’t true, but you act like it is. This little course will show you waht you’ve been believing in, and give you keys to unlock the cell door of a life constructed on those beliefs. From there, you’re free to do whatever it is you really want to do, and no amount of shoulds, musts, or things other people think you need to do can stop you from living your own ideal life.