Lower Body Undoing Course: Restricted Access

Please complete the previous course before taking this course.

The Lower Body movements are the most overtly powerful exercises of the entire suite, and it’s best to work on the other three courses until you feel comfortable with them before moving down to the Lower Body. You’ll be delighted at the sudden improvement in your sex life, and the ability to see more clearly what you really want in terms of sex, home, relationship, and geography. When I started doing the Lower Body exercises years ago, I noticed my home life was full of restrictions. I lived in a house where I couldn’t kick and scream without upsetting someone…so I overhauled everything and built a more liberated life for myself from the ground up.


Lower Body Warmups

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: radicalundoingComplexity: Standard

This video session is part of the Lower Body Undoing Course which is part of the DIY Radical Undoing Training.

Lower Body Video Sessions

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: radicalundoingComplexity: Standard

This is part 3 of the Lower Body Training, which is part 4 of the Command Z DIY Radical Undoing Training Series.