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Lower Body Undoing Course

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The Lower Body movements are the most overtly powerful exercises of the entire suite, and it’s best to work on the other three courses until you feel comfortable with them before moving down to the Lower Body. You’ll be delighted at the sudden improvement in your sex life, and the ability to see more clearly what you really want in terms of sex, home, relationship, and geography. When I started doing the Lower Body exercises years ago, I noticed my home life was full of restrictions. I lived in a house where I couldn’t kick and scream without upsetting someone…so I overhauled everything and built a more liberated life for myself from the ground up.

Core Undoing Course

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The Core Course gives you almost 50 more exercises to explore and drain the tension out of your most personal issues, problems, and dramas. The Core exercises will also inspire and motivate you to take more care of your body, eat more healthy food, and discover physical pursuits you can really enjoy and excel at. Last year, after working on the Core exercises for a few weeks, I rekindled a passion for exercise, rock climbing, bicycling, and running. All of those pursuits just popped into my life as effortless inspirations. I didn’t have to force myself. It just felt like the right thing to do, and I have all the energy I need…

Neck, Throat and Shoulders Undoing Training Course

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Everyone’s got neck, jaw, and shoulder tension, and these exercises will help you to stop choking back your true desires, all those things you really wanted to say but didn’t. You’ll be surprised at how much creativity and motivation to follow your desires is locked up in the neck throat, and jaw area. It is a great joy to experience your tensions melting away as you start to feel more excited and capable of building the life you really want, starting right now.

Eyes and Face Undoing Course

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These exercises will help you alleviate emotional tension and stress in your face, so you can start feeling more free, and develop your ability to really let go when you start to panic from intense feelings. The eyes and face exercises will help you to see your situation and the important people in your life much more clearly.