Command Z Training for Radical Self and Life Change

If you’re fed up with all the self-help, personal development, spirituality, the failure of religion, politics, and common knowledge that always gets you common results (or worse, when it wastes your precious time!), you’ve arrived at something that will shake you to your core.

I’ve spent most of my life searching on the fringes, into the hearts of various religions, spiritual experiences, life change techniques, alternative psychological techniques, body expression, movement therapy, massage, healing, mysticism, the occult, and every form of life change and self-development you could possibly imagine.

Most of it’s garbage, and you don’t need me to tell you that.

What you do need is an experienced guide who can give you authentic instruction in how to transcend your limitations in the very fabric of your daily life.

Soon, I’m going to tell the whole story of Command Z, Radical Undoing, and make it simple and clear what the training here can help you accomplish.

I look forward to working with you.

For now, send me an email to get on the waiting list for the next Radical Undoing 4 Week Intensive Adventure.