What is an Organic Session?

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You know that feeling…

When you’re really connecting with someone…

The conversation flows effortlessly, and your posture matches up. You don’t need to think, because everything is just flowing. You feel it, and you know they feel it, too.

Maybe you’ve had moments of such deep rapport that it seems to verge on telepathy—like it’s not even necessary to speak, just to be, and everything is communicated.

Organic Radical Undoing sessions operate from that space.

The alternative–doing exercises from an impersonally prepared list–is more like having a conversation by reading from scripts. Not exactly the same…

Having “downloaded” and “installed” every element of the Undoing repertoire into our own bodies and unconscious minds, we trainers get into immediate rapport with the trainee’s unconscious by observing and syncing to his or her body’s reactions to the breathing and exercises, and synching our breathing along with theirs.

Then the information flows: no preconceived notions, just a powerful sense of what “wants to” come next. Sure, we can analyze it and force it into making rational sense, for people who are really into that sort of thing; but it’s the direct feeling in the moment, the strength of the transpersonal intuition that makes organic sessions so powerful.

It’s not magic–it just really seems like it sometimes.

When Garrett and I began doing organic sessions with each other, we were astonished by how often one of us would suggest an exercise, and the other would say, “That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

We also found ourselves innovating exercises, because we could tell the other person’s body “wanted” to move in particular way –which the other would often instantly confirm.

Over time, as you gain proficiency and deep familiarity with the Radical Undoing work, and begin to trust your own intuition, you will be able to rely upon your own unconscious to guide you through organic sessions. (At the beginning, however, it’s a bit like trying to pull the cart and ride on it.)

Once you do become comfortable in that space of trust-and-indeterminacy, your intuition will rise up around you in more and more instances of your life. You’ll be able to surrender to your own deeper wisdom and let it shower you with unexpected gifts, day after day.

So, you’ll have that going for you, which is nice.


(From the PDF accompanying the live Organic Radical Undoing Session demonstration. For more information or to request another live presentation of the Organic Session course, email: garrett@radicalundoing.com)

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