undoing inertia

undoing: removing the layers of tension, fear, and worry layered on top of the organic, primal self in the form of muscle armoring or chronic tension.

inertia: objects at rest tend to stay at rest. objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless changed by an external or internal force.

undoing inertia

the title refers to two separate accomplishments.

1. once you get moving with the undoing work, it will work its way through you from the inside out and the outside in. doing one to two sessions per week will keep the veils of perception peeled back enough to start dissolving deeper layers of tension in the musculature.

radical undoing provides steadily increasing dynamic energy from within to keep the process going. what is the process? your life…

2. beginning anything takes energy. the human body can stagnate without motion. a mind without motion or a mind chained by fear will stagnate and sink into patterns. getting the wheels turning often takes effort. not an immense amount of effort, just some effort. once the wheels start to roll, it will feel much easier to continue along your way.

undo inertia in your life to build undoing inertia.

leave comments with areas of inertia in your life that you would like to overcome or change the direction of.

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2 Comments on “undoing inertia

  1.  by  Paul Chadwick

    Great! What comes to mind for me having a greater sense of physical vitality and creative optimism in the pursuit of my aims.

    •  by  radicalundoing

      some amount of these things you desire will come from simply moving your body more throughout the day. more exercise. eating healthy and less food. where can you apply the least amount of effort that will make the most movement/difference?

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