radical undoing does what?

if you take the radical undoing online course and do the undoing work with us in one of the multitude of options available (skype, email, phone, in person), here are some things you can expect:

–destroy limiting beliefs
–tap into latent resevoirs of intuitive, creative, and psychic energy
–increase vitality and health
–acquire specific skills to overcome and dissolve anxiety and tension
–discover your true goals and desires
–heal psychosomatic ailments
–transform all psychological roadblocks into stepping stones
–learn to love and enjoy the perfect being you are right now
–become a fucking wizard

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4 Comments on “radical undoing does what?

  1.  by  Robert Grossman

    Hi there! Thanks to all of you for carrying on the work of the late Dr. Hyatt, and for what you are sharing via all your work, including the various websites and your podcast.

    I am intensely interested in learning and working with the radical undoing methods, but I am not sure this is the right time for me to join your course.

    I have purchased all the Radical Undoing DVDs (and the Energized Hypnosis DVDs as well) but I have not yet had the time to work through them. I do intend to work through all these materials systematically, over time.

    One of the main challenges I have is how to integrate the Radical Undoing work with my life and current practices. I have a twice-daily meditation/pranayama practice and a very busy life around that. Since the Radical Undoing work is physical work and takes some time, it is really important for me to find the right “schedule” for all the practices – how to know which practices to do, how often, and when in relation to the twice-daily meditations, etc.

    What do you say? Do you intend for your course to replace the DVDs, or to complement them? Will you teach me how to make better use of all the learning materials I already have?

    Again, thanks for your work. I think what you guys are doing is badly needed and hope to add my own energy to help move this work forward.

  2.  by  Mariana Schulze

    Dearest Robert,
    thank you for exposing the paradox.
    all the information you need is inside you.
    tune in with your body in an intuitive way and not through a series of systematic exercises and voila! you will discover how naturally you will fit and integrate the all to all…

    with love and respect,

    ps: burn those DVD’s

  3.  by  riley

    hi robert,

    thanks for the post, and sorry i missed it and your questions for so long!

    looks like you are on board for the course, though, which is great!

    to respond to some of your questions: while i believe that the best way to *learn* the material is systematically (knowing how to do the exercises, how they can be combined, getting an overview), i believe that once you’ve learned, it’s important to work through it not systematically, but organically. start listening to the messages that come up, and let your body teach you. Try not to impose on it. our course attempts to nudge students in this direction by gathering and presenting various undoing exercises in organic, archetypal patterns that we’ve noticed in our own experiences. so no, they are not meant to replace the dvds, but to expand on them and complement them.

    an analogy would be learning to drive: you need to learn, systematically, how to control a vehicle; that information is not within you. But once you’ve learned, you switch to just letting your body drive, letting your unconscious take care of it, and not thinking about it too much.

    Similarly, the body does not just know how to dissolve the deep neuro-muscular tensions that arise from the structural biases of our nervous systems and their development (if it did, we would live in a sane world). So it needs to learn a technique that works, but once it starts to learn, it starts to do it on its own, until it starts using the technology of undoing like it uses a car to move it around – naturally, organically, and effortlessly.

    this may seem like a paradox on a superficial level, but it’s not: the organic unconscious may have evolved the frontal cortex in part to allow us to empirically observe our current limitations and to develop technologies like undoing to self correct and enhance ourselves – to make things happen that don’t just magically happen by themselves, like driving down the road at 80 mph, or being moderately well-adjusted, courteous and self-critical.

    without such a technology, metaphysical beliefs about everything already being “perfect” or “natural” do as much good as believing you’re in New York when you’re really in California, just because you don’t want to learn how to drive a car to get there (cars are “unnatural,” after all).

    i have often thought about this, and i suppose it’s possible that some people were born with the advance model nervous system that wires everything perfectly from the trauma of birth onward – but until i meet such a Nietzschean overman or overwoman in the flesh, i’ll continue to see conservative impulses against self-change as all-too-human and all-too-common final resources of denial.

  4.  by  ryan

    How does one “tune in” with their body when intuition and awareness have been atrophied through cultures highly cerebral, over analytical impetus? If one began with an awareness, an intuition, dont you think they would already know what to do? It Just does NOT add up.

    Listen. I have witnessed many inflamed egos, in the martial arts community, that walk through the doors saying, It’s instinct bro. I just think intuitively. we’ve been doin this since the dawn of man. Iv’e been fightin since I was little and whoop everybody’s ass in my neighborhood.” Nonsense like this, are just a few examples. Then these individuals begin their training and typically leave within the first week because they’ve had their asses handed to them in a high hat, by someone who has trained systematically in one form, or several.

    It takes tremendous courage and humility to assume your resources, (ie. analytical, intuitive, etc.) are not as refined as they could be. Most people do not excersize intuition on a daily basis if at all, and need atleast someone or somthing pointing a finger in the right direction.

    Riley expressed everything perfectly, so I will keep my response to this.

    Fellow student of RU

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