on the poverty of complaint

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complaint occludes appreciation and observation.

complaints are excuses for inaction. take action to change circumstances you don’t like, yes, but do not complain about them. circumstances provide inspiration for action.

observe the movement of complaint. it narrows awareness into delusional focus on some imagined slight, pain, blame, discomfort.

awareness dissolves complaint.

halting complaint does not mean an end to discomfort. it means a new outlook, perspective, view, paradigm. discomfort may inspire complaint. the hypnotic sentences pushing against the dam of your teeth need not find release.

use the pressure of withheld complaints to concentrate your awareness on gratitude.

gratitude for what?

for life itself. for simply having a life to live. appreciate the basic facts of existence, all that you have, all that you are. from there, decide what you want. decide what you don’t want. go for it.


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