on appreciation

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≈ the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something

≈ gratitude for something

≈ sensitive understanding of the aesthetic value of something

use appreciation as a way to gather and concentrate attention. focus the attention on the body and the current situation you find it in. express appreciation for simple, plain experience.

express appreciation by noticing the experience of experiencing.



≈ a full understanding of a situation

what will it take to get down to a full understanding of the situation you are in? it will take a lot of appreciation, as defined in 1.

by appreciation I mean undoing beliefs until only something real remains.

by something real I mean something you do not have to believe in. to believe means to accept something as true without knowing for certain.

understanding might prove unnecessary, for there may be nothing to understand. find out for yourself.

appreciate everything, especially the most unpleasant and dark moments.

where have you gone?


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