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How much do you think your handwriting reveals about your personality? Probably more than you think.

Think for a moment about your experience with Radical Undoing. How much your  posture and ways of approaching the exercises were completely connected with your ways of thinking at that time.

Your body is your unconscious mind, and there are different ways to create a bridge between the aware part of yourself and the rest, which remains latent in every part of your body.

Handwriting analysis serves the purpose of revealing sides and tendencies of your personality that you might not be aware of.

And those parts can give you clues to start seeing yourself from a wider perspective, and to improve aspects of your life that for many years were unresolved, even though you’ve tried really hard to make them different.

So with the analysis, you get the information you need in order to focus your personal work, like Hypnosis or Radical Undoing sessions, on the areas you want to explore and change.

For example, a client came to me because he was feeling overwhelmed by his social life, he described it as dragging most of his energy, and he blamed others for being invasive in his life.

After doing a handwriting analysis, one of the things that came up was his tendency to give too much space to others and not enough room for himself.

With the analysis, he could see and understand that the people around him weren’t invading his space, as he described, but that he was the one allowing others too much into his life, not dedicating enough space and time for himself. With the result of feeling frustrated and putting the responsibility outside of himself.

Now that he is aware of that tendency in his personality, he is learning to open more space for himself and strategies to be more assertive in his social world.

By Peacay

By Peacay.

Many times, in the experience of transforming ourselves, the way we perceive and approach our lives or ourselves, ends up being the real obstacle in the way of making the changes we want.

Fortunately, there are powerful tools like handwriting analysis that we can use to get a wider picture of ourselves. And the more aware we are of our automatic responses and unconscious scripts, the more we can be in charge of our own lives.

If you are interested in having a handwriting analysis, which includes one consultation to discuss the findings and possible alternatives to transform the aspects you want to work on.

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