Command Z and Self Transformation

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Human beings are built to transform. Unfortunately, no matter how externally “successful” we are, we use only a fraction of our inherent abilities.


While we have our ideas about why this may be, the important thing is to change it.

Command Z sessions, courses, and workshops are all based on the idea that you can be much more than the limited creature you are right now. This doesn’t merely mean taking a placebo or grasping on to the next self-help or new age fad to try to “feel good” or fit in better with the crowd. It means doing real work that changes your body, mind, and emotions on a deep level.

They say you can judge the value of a scientific theory by how many previous theories it makes obsolete. The effectiveness of our techniques and expertise make most of the self-help, new age, and personal development market obsolete.

You could search for years going in circles and not find the techniques that we use at Command Z. We use them not because of any particular lineage we belong to, but because they work. And though they work differently for each person, we have the expertise to make sure that you get the most out of them.

Get in touch via my personal email and I’ll get on the phone or Skype with you for 30 minutes so we can assess your situation and inspire your transformation.

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