Welcome to the Command Z Lower Body Course

These are basically the most powerful in the entire undoing physical repertoire. If you’ve already been moving through the other body segments, this one will rock you. If you haven’t, you can pick up the whole package below and get started right away.

I’m going to explain a lot more about the body segments, undoing, and how everything fits together here really soon. But right now, I just want to make the Lower Body course available to those of you who need it, and then offer the whole series to those of you ready to get started in earnest.

After this course, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your training in a few different directions, but we’ll deal with that later.

For now, you can get the lower body course for $97 right here:

If you want the Complete Command Z Undoing Body Segments Package, including the Eyes and Face, Neck, Throat and Shoulders, the Core, and the Lower Body, you can get all of those combined for $299 by using the code: UNDONE on the next page and I’ll add the Esozone Codex course just for fun:

Now, if you want to get the Master’s Package, including Radical Undoing 101 (normally $497), along with all the body segments (normally $697), and the Esozone Codex (normally $97, and usually unavailable), plus 4 undoing sessions on skype or in person (normally $997), just pay the full price on the next page, and you’ll get full access to everything ($2300 value) for $597. That’s $1700 less than if you got everything separately.

As soon as I finish the proper description pages for each of the body segments courses, along with the Esozone Codex course, and start working on the new courses…they might not be available in this package again.

So for the whole fucking deal, just click on the button and skip the code:

If you’d like a complete Command Z weeklong undoing intensive in Ojai, CA or in your area, contact garrett@radicalundoing.com. Intensives begin at $5000. Serious inquiries only. Limited to 11 clients per year.

See you on the inside.