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Radical Undoing & Energized Hypnosis

Stop trying to fit in.

Start Living Authentically.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride.

Get Unbreakable Confidence, Deep Relaxation, and a Life Free of Worry


After an undoing session, your brain and unconscious mind rebuild themselves anew while you sleep and dream. It’s just like when you lift weights or workout. Your muscles rebuild and get stronger when your body and mind are at rest.

Undoing tends to make your dreams more vivid, and often more powerful for working out challenges in your life. Dreams help you to reclaim the attention and energy you have invested in specific issues.

Dreams can be thought of as the language of the unconscious. They can tell you exactly what steps to take to make big, satisfying changes in your life.

Hypnosis allows you to still your mind and body, and set aside the critical mind in order to plant suggestions and change associations deep in your unconscious mind. The goal is to help your unconscious mind cooperate with your conscious intentions.

We call that congruous functioning The Flowing Life.

Here’s how it all works:

1. You get clear about what’s going on for you, and exactly what you want to accomplish.

2. You learn a series of warmup exercises you can use throughout the week to reduce tension and stress, and to stay focused on what you want, and what’s really going on right in front of you.

3. We apply specific hypnotherapy tools to create and anchor a deeply relaxed state so you can access it again more quickly and easily whenever you need.

4. You relax into an organic Radical Undoing experience to discharge tension and conflict from your body and mind.

5. You feel refreshed, recharged, and excited to move forward in your life. You’ll see clearly the steps to take toward what you want.

6. During this process, you’ll often have very vivid and intense dreams. Write these dreams down right when you wake up, and bring them to the next session. We then interpret and understand the meaning of the dream, and the instructions it’s giving you for your life–all verified by YOU–not some outside authority. These are your dreams. Not someone else’s.

As you unlock the power of your dreams–and learn what they’re trying to tell you–you’ll enjoy a boost in energy and motivation. Coupled with the undoing work, you’ll be unstoppable.

Bring your challenges and desires, and we’ll get you on the road to a deeply satisfying life.

Repetition and reinforcement are important keys to success. In that spirit, I’m offering series of 4 or 8 sessions at special rates until December 31, 2014

1 Hypnosis Undoing and Dream Exploration Session: $147

4 Hypnosis Undoing and Dream Exploration Sessions: $447 (Save $141)

8 Hypnosis Undoing and Dream Exploration Sessions: $797 (Save $379)

You’ll receive a confirmation with a link to schedule your sessions right away. I look forward to getting you the results you want.


-Garrett Daun, Founder of Command Z