Are You Ready To Face Your Fears,

Go Beyond Your Limitations,

and Seize Your Life?


The person you think you are when you start this adventure is not the same person you’ll be when you finish. This is both a warning and a certainty. If you’ve been looking for something real that will open you up and change everything about your life, your search is over. You’ve just found it. See you on the inside.


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Have you gotten lost in the details of your life? Do your emotions rocket you through your day as you crash through each situation? Or do you just sit, bored, swallowed up by screens and endless lists of joyless tasks?

That’s all there is. Why else would you be doing it? The question in your mind “Is this really all there is to life?” You go to school, get the grades, go to college, do the homework, afterwards, you get advice that amounts to: “Just get a job you love 10% of the time, so you survive the other 90% that kills you.” Who wouldn’t be looking for more from life? How can a person really go on in that? Well, the answer’s simple.

Science and neurophysiology have conclusive evidence that the human species exists in a zombie-like hypnotized state 99.999% of the time. It isn’t pretty, but it’s reality. It’s hard to make changes. Whenever you try to, if you’re honest enough with yourself to admit it, there’s a great discomfort. It feels 100x easier to just keep doing what “works.” But is it really working? Is it really a satisfying life? Undoing yourself is about making *permanent* changes. And the techniques for doing so that deal with the anxiety, making it a far easier process.

Typical self-help practices have you chanting affirmations and thinking positively. Most techniques like this barely scratch the surface of your mind. Your habits run far deeper, down to the neural pathways of your brain, and stored tensions in your nervous system and musculature.

If the practices don’t reach that deep, they’re just not going to work. There’s no way around it. You’ve probably had a sense of that yourself. If you’ve been into new age spirituality of any variety, or typical self-development, you’ve been asked to “just believe.” You were asked to take things on faith. Or to put it more literally, you were asked to pretend. In this course, you simply won’t need to. You’ll have unmistakable direct experiences. You’ll know first hand that change is happening. You’ll feel it physically. You won’t have any need for mantras, meditation, or the other practices.

Let’s get something clear: I’m not knocking things like meditation. But let’s take it from a reality standpoint. How much time/money/energy have you put into life change practices? How much have you gotten from them? If you’re honest with yourself, most of what you got was simply more of the same, except you’ll wear a new forced smile as your day trudges all over you. At worst, when you fail at various self-development practices, you’ll end up blaming yourself, when the problem was really the practices themselves.

With Undoing, you’ll feel a result right away. From the first time you do an exercise, so long as you follow the simple instructions, you will feel something. And it will snowball from there. What results am I talking about?

Check it out. Remember those areas you need to affect to actually start flowing with and enjoying your life? To do that, you need to descend through the deep reaches of your mind, your brain chemistry, and your entire physiology. The question is how?

There’s a few things about your habits that you might have never heard before. These are the missing links that make undoing yourself suddenly make sense. It shows why almost all of your efforts up to this point have either failed or been so ridden with tension that it almost wasn’t worth it.

Your habits are more than just consciously repeated actions or behaviors. The human body functions as an entire system. And all of it affects your mind, all of it programs your decision-making. For example, think of the last time you got angry or saw someone else go into a rage. Later, they might have said, “Oh that just wasn’t like me!” or “I don’t know what came over me!” It makes sense to think of emotions as altered states of consciousness, which is supported by recent scientific literature.

In the book Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely demonstrates through a number of studies how drastically emotional states affect our decision making. But what keeps causing the emotional states? And why are we so unable to control them? There are a few clues.

Neuroscientists use the triune brain model as a way to analyze the functions of different parts of the brain. This model separates the brain into the human, mammalian, and reptile parts. The older parts that developed first are able to override the newer guys in town, which explains how emotions can override your best intentions.

The mammalian part of the brain generates emotional responses, which can trump and override the human part. So much for being rational creatures… At the first sign of emotion, rationality is shutdown—literally. Even further, scientists have found that there are very few pathways leading from the uniquely human part of the brain to the emotional part. Yet, there are far more pathways leading from the mammalian sector up to the human part of the brain. This is more important than it seems at first.

The upper 1/4″ of the frontal lobe governs our use of language. This brain structure demonstrates how much language is actually far more tied into emotional structures than rational ones. Now, even a step deeper into the brain. The reptile sector is strictly about survival. At the first scent of anything threatening, it fires into the startle reflex. Gravitating the body toward the fetal position. But that’s not the whole story.

So, you do react to the outside world, and to language, and see how that can trigger emotions and stress hormones. But it goes the other way too. Once you’ve been in the tension of the startle reflex for a while, the tension starts to stay in your muscles. And when your muscles are tense, it sends signals to your brain to keep feeling the way that caused them. As this tension grows, you become more and more habitual. This is important, because this is exactly where you start to undo yourself.

Your muscle tension has become like a glue. It keeps your life in a holding pattern. Just look at most elderly people for a good example. It’s no secret that the older we get, the more habitual we become. More methodical and compulsive. Truth is, less and less real thought can occur as the tension builds. But it can be undone.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to a mirror and make a huge smile. Hold it tense for a full minute. Neuroscience has found that it actually changes your brain chemistry. That’s right. Faking a smile has the same effect as actually smiling. Albeit perhaps a bit slower. But so do your other facial emotions. So, consider the older person who has a permanent scowl on their face. They keep sending signals to their brain to keep being pissed all day long. Is it no surprise they are an ornery old son of a bitch?

That’s why one of the first exercises you’ll learn teaches you to take that tension out of your face. As soon as you do, you’ll feel it, this sense of relief. And suddenly that bad mood just drops. And as you get better at the exercise, you can literally just walk away from a near-breakdown in just a few minutes. The tension in your face has that much of an impact. Once the tension goes, you become less habitual. And we can show you how to remove that tension from the entire body…

You’ve seen how the structure and functioning of the body can keep you programmed, stale and robotic. And how it only builds over time. But how does that undo the rest? I’ll explain.

Right now, most of humanity exists in that zombie-like hypnotized state. Another way to put it is that they exist in a dream. We look at a tree and say “tree,” but beneath the surface, our brain is processing an incredible amount of meaning about that tree. If a loved one died near a tree like that, we feel sorrow. If we got married in the place, perhaps happiness or nostalgia. We are walking around not seeing what’s there. Instead, we’re seeing what the mind is presenting to us.

When you do the body work, you start logging out of that dream. You more directly see what’s actually happening, rather than the filtered version of the brain. As you do that, it shines a light on all your brain patterns that are keeping you habitual. That awareness makes them start to disappear. In time, you’ll suddenly be able to just do public speaking. It won’t even phase you. No “willpower” required like most systems of personal development. You won’t need to just push yourself. Those things never work, and for one good reason.

They just improve the functioning of the machine in your mind. They swap out old habits you don’t like, for new ones that you do. But you’re still just a slave to your habits. While slavery with fuzzy pink handcuffs is preferably to rusty iron nails, wouldn’t you rather live free? And the even bigger problem is, usually the improvements we want to make to the machine, are just the ones we think we have to. Unfortunately, there’s so many “shoulds” in your mind that you probably don’t know what YOU really want anymore. Let me give an example.

I spoke to a young man from Pakistan last weekend. He told me how he hates being a Doctor at the hospital. How he really wanted to go into Computer Science. But his mother had died of cancer and he went on a crusade to end all cancer and became a doctor. A ferocious student. 9 years later, he just wishes he saw clearly enough to do what he really wanted.

That’s a prime example of how social pressures mold our decisions. And this is nothing new either. Roles like ‘doctor’ seem so revered, perhaps more prestigious than roles like ‘artist.’ But that’s just the lines we’ve drawn in our mind. It’s just part of the dream. Don’t worry, I’ll get into explaining this dream business later. For now, just know that what’s going on isn’t really what it seems. It’s just the result of your being brought up in this society. And the result of the way you learn and the brain’s structure.

I don’t share this to knock you. Quite frankly, it’s inevitable that you became a robot. But now you’re being given the opportunity to undo that. You can reverse all of it and begin your life for the first time. Right now, you’ve only lived out what you were programmed to do. Now it’s time for you to discover what YOU really want. That’s the only way life will feel satisfying. The only way it will ever feel like it just clicks. Just works. And not only know what it is, but be able to do it, without any baggage stopping you. Without fear or anxiety getting in your way. And that’s another good point you need to hear.

Fear and anxiety wall us in. If you can be honest with yourself for a moment, you know that you’ve avoided things because it caused anxiety or fear. Maybe you were too shy to talk to a girl or guy. Or to ask for a raise. Whatever it is, don’t see it as a bad thing. We are simply asking you if you’d like that to stop happening. If you’d like to just start walking through those invisible walls in your life. You can. It can start right now.

But how do those walls really form? Let’s slap some paint on them and find out. Growing up we basically just operate in sponge mode. We don’t see a car where other people do. Let me explain.

We just see what’s actually there. But everyone else sees a car and all the meaning behind it. The make and model. If it’s a good car or bad. A long list of variables that we just don’t see. And they poke and prod us and make fun of us. Until we finally say, “ALRIGHT!” and put on a pair of glasses that allow us to see it. When they smile, we smile. When they laugh, we laugh. Finally, they stop teasing us. Or in the case of parents, perhaps they finally stop beating us. We keep putting on more and more glasses, until the layers of fantasy allow us to see only a dream.

Let’s take this from another angle.

When you believe something, your mind automatically filters out everything contrary to it. No, I’m not messing with you. Just crack open some textbooks and check out the studies. It’s no surprise that two people looking at the same object can have very different experiences. There are studies where people who saw a car crash were asked what happened. All 20 people gave a radically different story. So, what separates our experiences? Well, everything. We each live in a different dream. We see different things. Our brains filter reality differently because of our varying belief systems.

If language weren’t so ambiguous, we probably wouldn’t even be able to communicate. So, the more beliefs you add, the more filtered your reality. Your parents taught you to be a good boy and gave it all this meaning. You filtered reality to wall yourself off from doing things that would make you less of a good boy.

Maybe they even told you what it means to be bad and you put up more walls, things to avoid. Over time, there’s a minefield of places you can’t go. And those places are erroneous, yes. But they were put in your mind without your permission before you had the ability to think for yourself. If you actually examined your perceived limitations, you’d see right through them. But they are repressed deeply. And the rest of your life is built on top of those faulty foundations.

There’s a pain-retreat cycle. You avoid a wall and don’t want to look at what’s there so you just find some way to cover it up. Now that new belief has to be kept so you throw something else over it. You have this huge pile of repression governing your life, forming walls, all based on things you believed as a child. When Santa Claus was still real and the easter bunny wasn’t creepy for being in the house with a basket of eggs.

This is about going back THROUGH that. We tend to try to get away. Distracting ourselves constantly. Or doing alcohol or drugs. But if you are willing to do the body work, you can open up to reality a bit further and see what was forcing your decision making—the tension gluing it together—some old relic of a memory you avoided. It just evaporates. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

It’s like taking off a band-aid. One quick strike of pain, then nothing. But it doesn’t linger afterwards like a band-aid. The thing causing you pain is the all your false beliefs. Once a false belief disappears, the pain is gone. You feel a sense of relief and a bit freer. Yes, you read right. I’m not talking about something that’s going to blow a ray of sunshine up your back door and make everything peace on earth, heaven, god, jesus, and a parade of unicorns wielding a rainbow flag and riding in solving all world hunger. This is real work. Not that fake shit you got at the book store. And it actually works. If you’re willing to embrace a bit of discomfort as a necessary part of the process, you’ll have a radically different experience of life. An experience that’s impossible to comprehend from where you’re at now.

I got started working with undoing a year ago. I met Garrett online, we sent a few emails, and got to talking. It became clear to me that he was talking about a process I had already begun. I had already stood up and seen that everyone else is like this robot running. I’d been asking the big question, “Is this all there really is to life?” and had started really questioning my behavior. I was already trying to take down some invisible walls by reading books like Simpleology and other success-style titles. Now, while Simpleology is leagues ahead of most success books, it still gets caught up on a few things in the dream state.

I finally did my first undoing session over Skype with Garrett, and I must say, it absolutely blew my mind.

There’s this incredible feeling of deep relaxation. And it lasted with me for at least 2 weeks. It was like all the little things that bothered me, took on a duller quality. I could just relax and enjoy my breakfast without rushing around. And I started seeing more of the invisible walls than I had in the previous years of trying to undo myself. And once they’re seen in a real, honest moment of scrutiny, nothing untrue survives. And that’s what we’re really talking about. Undoing what is untrue in your mind.

Growing up, we are taught to put on all of these pairs of glasses, and to see language as reality, rather than a tool we use to communicate. This becomes evident when someone says something against one of your beliefs. You get a very PHYSICAL reaction. In fact, in extreme cases, your reptilian complex takes over and you become domineering and lash out. If you can be honest enough with yourself, you know that this has happened. Things aren’t just said to be good or bad. Because if you say they aren’t good. You feel a twinge of discomfort, like something isn’t right.

This is about undoing that. Getting down to reality and living there. In the place where what exists is what still exists when you stop believing in it. And it is all those untruths, beliefs, in your mind that are causing you so much turmoil and pain. That are causing you to be walled in. Unable to break outside the status quo. But, to be honest, this process goes further than even that.

Inside the Undoing 101 course, you’ll find out what’s REALLY holding you where you are. Why it’s so hard to make changes, and most importantly EXACTLY how to undo that. How to walk through the walls, and start seeing what you really want. And then go do it. In my experience, no one really wants what’s going on. No one wants a 9-5 job and to impress their neighbors as a main life goal. That just seems like all there is, but it’s not. It’s just a dream.

This may sound weird, but keep in mind that’s only because everyone else is in the dream too. And one of those beliefs you were indoctrinated into without your permission is that if many people agree to it, it must be true. It’s that group dynamic that helps keep everyone’s hated lives in place. If you’ve the stomach for it, you might consider why that is. Why that belief was put into the world, and who benefits in the end. But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is, IS IT YOU? Does it benefit you to follow the herd? Or do you want to be the minority who actually enjoys their life, instead of just pretending to?

What you experience right now as enjoyment is really a watered-down version compared to what you can experience once it’s out of the way. It’s just all these pre-programmed little things in your mind. There is a whole nother level. And that’s just one of the benefits to this work. You will absolutely look back at your life, and just wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. You will see how trapped your mind and body were, and be glad you’ve moved forward, ahead of the rest of the flock.

Right now, the part of your mind that you think of as “you” is extremely small. It basically just observes triggers, someone swearing, a car coming at you, whatever, and then forwards that data to a database that tells you what you should do about it. Then you just do that. There’s very little real though. And again, this is not being said to insult you. This sort of programming is inevitable due to human physiology and the environment you grew up in. But what about actually becoming more alive?

Instead of just forwarding requests to a database and doing it without thinking, what if you learned to think for yourself? What if you beefed that up and were able to really move in new directions? That’s exactly the problem with what’s going on now. We watch movies and read books of great adventures and wonder why our life is a 9-5 grind followed by a dead end and a tombstone no one visits.

Well, if we keep asking the database, programmed experience, what to do, how can we ever go in new directions? If we keep carrying the same beliefs, filtering our senses, of course everything will look the same every day. Of course it’s the same shit on a different day. But what if you wiped all the glasses clean and stopped just repeating the same decisions? I think you can understand how that would start to take you into some new experiences. But again, it’s not that simple.

I don’t want to just leave this on the level most authors, where they just talk about the problem and then charge you $11.99 and ask you to buy again. I want you to get a real result. To undo yourself permanently. That’s why this course has those techniques in it. You will be able to ACTUALLY affect the things we are talking about.

This course is unique. Usually, you get hundreds of pages of fluffy theory and then some pseudo-scientific stuff to do. The theory is mostly there to convince you. Marketers know that perception is usually what is experienced. Science has shown how expecting coke in a glass, a person will taste coke. Even when it’s something different.

If they can convince you it works, your mind will subconsciously convince you that it does. Especially if you have a strong desire for real change in your life. Considering it’s false, you can see how people get caught up in a big rotation in the self-help, spirituality, and new age markets. They jump from one thing to the next looking for the best thing to influence them into a temporary high.

In this course, we aren’t interested in getting our hooks in your mind. I’m not doing this so I can sell you 10 things next and take over a portion of your mind. (That’s really how marketers talk about you behind the scenes. I know because I’ve been in those circles). I’m going to help you get their hooks out, to free yourself from what others have put into your mind WITHOUT your permission.

So you will no longer feel bad if you don’t do as your “supposed to.” If you love art, you’ll become more creative, and be able to do it without any pains of guilt. And the same goes for anything you want to do with your life. And if you don’t know what that is yet, soon you’ll be able to see it again. Your upbringing has atrophied your ability to be a real person, to make decisions, and to base your thought on direct experience.

You’ve been trained to lean on someone else and to look to others for advice. This is about looking only to you, and living your life to the fullest.

In spirit of that, this course isn’t going to weigh you down with a lot of junk theory. When we present the exercises, we don’t tell you what you’re supposed to experience. We’re not here to define your experience and give you new expectations. We just tell present the exercise, and leave it open for you to experience. Why?

Because that means none of your results are going to be psychosomatic. You’ll know that what you’re feeling is something real, not just your brain fooling you so it can feel happy.

A sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • A 100% counter-intuitive way to wipe out your brain’s built-in limitations. Rather than be stuck in stress and anxiety – You’ll  remove everything standing in your way, making it so easy to stay clear and level-headed that taking action feels…. almost automated!
  • How to easily keep your emotions in check. Dive into deep relaxation in a space of 30-60 minutes… then in that unbreakable state of mind, easily take the calculated actions required to build a life of income, enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • 100% Counter-Intuitive strategy #2: A tool I employ that makes it easy to stop my brain from sending panic signals to the R-complex, allowing the human part of my brain – the neocortex – to remain in control. If not dealt with, the reptilian brain often overthrows the neocortex – blurring your judgement and seizing control of your decision-making process. It will work just as well for you and requires NO special skills of any kind, and is built on a skill you already DO have but probably never recognized before now.
  • Overthrow the fake “Rules” your brain makes you follow. Instead, striking out into new territory to carve out a life that truly satisfies you.
  • Bonus: The 16-day Simpleology course “Command Z – Radical Undoing” Free of charge (Usually only available to Simpleology paid subscribers at $60 per month or $97 for the course.)
  • Bonus: The course includes a personal Radical Undoing session with Garrett. ($247 value)
  • More and more … (prepare to have your mind blown over the next two months)

The course is huge. You get 77 exercises, 159 pages of content, and over 300 minutes of audio discussion. You’ll be able to spend a lot of time here, and experience some truly radical changes in your life. I took it the first time a year ago, and I still use what I learned every single day.

The structure of 101 is designed to make your experience both powerful and enjoyable. You’ll never get lost in the course with the easy-to-follow checklists. And rather than just giving you some stuff to download, the course is online in our community forum. You can meet other people doing the course, connect, ask questions, share experiences, and feel like you’re a part of something greater.

Right now, life feels like a lottery. Like whoever got programmed for it gets to live a good life. But that’s just an illusion, they’re all just as miserable and unable to enjoy their life as you have been. Some of them just pretend better than others. Beneath the surface there’s a fire of torment. And they don’t really enjoy that. As long as a person is in the robot phase of their life, that’s the case. You have the option of opting out of the lottery entirely. Of becoming and doing what YOU want. It’s your life. You should call the shots. If this course is something you want, I say do it. And don’t just listen to me. Listen to you.

If you’re ready to make that kind of radical change in your life. If you’re fed up with the usual grind and want to find more to life than just “Sucking it up,” this is what you’ve been looking for. If you can follow the simple instructions, you’ll feel it for yourself.

You can access the course in 3 different ways:

Basic Level: You get the Radical Undoing Course, plus a free Radical Undoing session. It’s all you need, and it’s awesome.

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The life you return to WILL NOT be the same life you left behind.

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It’s easy to say, “tomorrow,” but that’s just another one of those pesky beliefs. Like the belief that death isn’t coming for you, that there are infinite tomorrows. IF you really want to live your life, and live it to the fullest, to experience something more, it needs to start Right. Now.

Best Wishes,

Anthony Reed

P.S. What you’re about to learn will unshackle you from the built-in limitations of your brain. And you’ll learn directly from Garrett Daun and Riley Holland – the world’s top radical undoing experts.

P.P.S. If you are not totally convinced this is for you, please read the comments below from our clients.

Garrett is a 21st century springboard genius. By letting go of any preconceived notions and wholeheartedly diving into Command Z, this brilliant leader will guide you through a series of exercises which will inconspicuously, and then conspicuously, enhance the quality of your life. Whether it is physical tension, stress, psychological angst, paralyzing anxiety, or dark demons, Garrett’s work will transform your life.

Garrett is a highly sophisticated and fearless pioneer, who will open your mind, elevate your spirit and ease your body. They service he offers will untie, unlock, unfold, unfasten, and unwrap you; it offers personal benefits beyond your wildest dreams. The best part: Garrett obviously loves his work and is willing to share his expertise with you.

-Leslie M. Ojai, California

Having taken the Way Down course twice, I’m amazed by how repeatable it was. I noticed different layers and a very different experience with the exercises. I feel as though I made significant progress with the work and had a lot of fun. As before, several frustrating behaviours, problems and situations seemed to vanish or change without struggle. Even with the stress of the alternate personality exercise, other stressful situations became suddenly easy.

-Andrew B., Essex, U.K.

You are a terrific articulator of this work. I enjoyed the pamphlets, the way the were put together, and the material they included. The live broadcasts, both the spoken section and the exercise demonstration were tremendously beneficial. The interaction is also a key element.

-Justin B., Cameron Park, CA

I enjoyed the course. The face exercises alone made me feel more in the present moment. Also feel more confident. If this is free, your paid for material must be really something.

-Nicholas R., Huddersfield, UK

The course material was exceptional. It was apparent from the first class the amount of time and work that went into the material. It produced real results. I will never be the same. THANK YOU!

-Andrew T., Billings, MT

Thank you! I really look forward to meeting you! I want to be a part of moving this information forward. Keep up the good work.

-Brian G., Nashville, TN 

I really enjoyed the material, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I already see some benefits and was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth the material has gotten.

-Michael G., Buffalo, NY

The reptile part of your brain goes by the rule, “If you’re surviving, everything is okay.” Do you agree?

It does everything it can to stop you from doing anything new that might be a threat to your survival. But frequently misjudges. “Better safe than sorry.” Here’s the kicker.

Adventure and excitement only happen when you don’t know what comes next…