If you could learn anything you want,

quick, easy, and enjoyably,

how would that change your life? 

Discover the Secrets of Learning How to Learn

Art of Not Giving a Fuck Workshop 16: Learning How To Learn
For Monday’s workshop on Monday December 2, 2013 from 5:00pm – 6:30pm Pacific Time, you’ll learn and practice exactly how to use the Art of Not Giving a Fuck (NGF) to expand your awareness, access latent potentials, and free yourself from the garbage that holds you back from getting what you want.

The techniques are simple, but the Art of NGF is infinitely applicable in real-world situations in your life. The workshop is live, experiential, experimental and adventurous.

Have you ever wanted to learn something new quickly, efficiently, and simply, and be able to put it to use right away in your life?

Do you want to overcome the almost slave-like training all of us suffer through in public and private schools?

Many people have difficulty learning new things on their own. This happens for a number of reasons:

1. The Manipulated schooling we received as kids taught us to:
-sit still at a desk all day,
-blindly accept the disjointed and often inaccurate information presented to us,
-unquestionably obey and rely on authority figures who didn’t always have our best interest in mind, and
-believe this tortuous method of learning to be acceptable and normal.

2. Most of what we believe we’ve learned is actually just a mental database of categories, opinions, and second-hand stories.

3. Almost none of our education experience involves taking action based on what we want to learn.

4. We’ve learned how to find authorities to tell us what to do, instead of relying on the direct observation, curiosity, inspiration, and adventure involved in true self-learning.

There’s a simple secret to overcoming the inertia of the Manipulated form of schooling, and removing the blocks to quick, efficient self-learning and creative exploration.

You’ll get that secret during the workshop, and we’ll put it to the test with some experiments you can do during and after the show. See you there.


There’re 3 ways for you to participate:

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The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is about demystifying everything, walking through walls, and making radical changes in your life by diligently having fun, irreverently dismantling your limitations, and learning applicable skills and concepts so you can finally start experimenting, finding what you enjoy, and get some success on your own terms.

Not giving a fuck is not the same as being an apathetic asshole. It’s more of an art and science that can help you accomplish anything you want in a radically short time.

Yes, the name sounds crude, but it makes a very clear point. There are things you know you don’t want to care about, but they keep getting in your way.

There are very simple and enjoyable ways to stop giving a fuck, and start getting more of what you want. Each week, you’ll get tools, techniques, exercises, and experiments you can use immediately to start making changes in your mind, body, and habits.

The goals here are:

1. To prove that you can actually change your life through a 90 minute workshop.

2. To help you demystify every single aspect of your life.

3. To give you the BARE MINIMUM tools, concepts, and approaches you need to have a great time growing, evolving, changing, learning and DOING what you want!

Plus, we’ll cover any questions you have during the course every week. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, or a guest you want us to have on, just email me and I’ll make sure we do it.


One workshop for $37.

Subscription for $25 per week.

90 minute individual consultation $247.