You’re watching the newest episode of Breaking Bad. Things start to get real when Walter kills someone. Cut to commercial.

Ya know those local TV ads that run on cable sometimes? Low budget ads targeted at you and your neighbors for the car lot up the street, that carpenter guy who did your cabinets, and that gourmet pizza place–CZ Pizza–you sometimes call to have them deliver their thin-crust sweetness to your living room.

This is the 5th time the commercial raced through your eyes, into your brain, and dropped down into your stomach, where it gestates and grows into a strong desire for some Goddamn Pizza!


They give you that great garlic butter dipping sauce and a side of aged balsamic glaze that transforms the crust into a dessert-like experience to extend the goodness Indian Summer style.

Do you understand the beatific deliciosity of this pizza?

There’s no question, you really want this pizza, and you want it now.

So what happens next?

A. The pictures of pizza and your imaginings about what it must taste like are enough to fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger. You carry on watching TV.

B. You grab the pamphlet menu stuck to your fridge with the cute pizza-slice magnet from CZ Pizza and look at all the different options. The pictures are so great. You remember that time you had a Meatball Hoagy that was one part mess to five parts damn good! Finally, after looking at the entire menu, you feel stuffed and go back to watching TV. Satisfaction!

C. You’re not one of those simpletons who falls for commercials and images and menus. You want more. You’re a DOER! You record the rest of Breaking Bad for later. Now’s the time for action! You read the wikipedia article about pizza. You look up every pizza place in your area and research all the different toppings, flavors, cheeses, sizes and other variables that make for a transcendent pizza experience.

Five years later, you look up from your computer screen and realize something very important has taken place. You finally understand pizza. It all makes sense now. In fact, you’re a pizza expert. So you write a book about pizza, and let your pizza wisdom ring out around the world in 50 different languages. Your satisfaction is so complete, you never have to eat pizza again. Just thinking about it makes you feel full and content. You don’t even remember what TV show you were watching.

No, you’re better than that now. You only care about pizza. You’re too busy for TV now. Pizza is all that matters.

Funny thing is, if someone asked you–which no one ever will–when the last time you tasted pizza was, you couldn’t answer them. You almost forgot that you’ve never actually tried it. But what does that matter? You UNDERSTAND IT.

D. You want the pizza so bad, but you feel so guilty for wanting it. People like you shouldn’t want pizza, but you do want it. Temptation! You know the right thing to do is fight the urge to eat pizza. You mom told you not to eat it, and so did the preacher. The scientists and doctors told you it’s bad for you. If you eat the pizza, you’re going against all your resolutions to be a good person, to keep on track, to do the right thing. The experts agree, you shouldn’t eat pizza, so you don’t do it. You eat a celery stick and read the Bible instead. You hope that no one catches you watching Breaking Bad either. Good people don’t like shows like that.

E. You order the fucking pizza and eat it, and then you let it go. On with the show.


We interrupt this broadcast to let you finish your pizza during the final moments of the show. Come back when you understand just what the hell is going on here?


Here’s your personal invitation. You have 4 options:

A. Feel satisfied that you’ve accomplished something now that you understand this blog post.

B. Read more of the blog posts on the site. Maybe even check out the Command Z youtube videos. In fact, you might want to sign up for the email list, you can do that over in the right sidebar. You’ll get 7 days worth of videos and emails full of practical data to shake up your dusty brain. Watch the videos, read the emails, and make sure you understand everything we tell you.

You can rely on your vast knowledge of philsophy, science, religion, spirituality, self-development, productivity, and personal growth to help you categorize things, box them up, and do you best to forget about it. Agree with some of it, disagree with other parts, feel neutral about the rest. Just don’t think for yourself about it. Your habitual reactions will do just fine. Now you have an understanding that will serve you quite well. Serve you for what?

C. Not only are you going to read the entire blog, study all the videos, try all the exercises, and signup for the email series…you’re going to start a quest to learn and apply every single system for personal development ever invented. You’ll save up meditation points, you’ll find gurus and experts to teach you everything you need to know to advance yourself, raise your vibrations, get a ticket into heaven, evolve your brain, shift your consciousness, attain bliss consciousness, and feel compassion for every speck of dust that ever graced your tile floor.

You’ll join groups, go to events, collect all the books, and become tolerant of all the systems of religion, spirituality, self-development, politics, science, personal growth, and philosophy. After all, all paths lead to the same place, don’t they? Where is that place? Oh nevermind. The point is that they all lead there, and its a GOOD place. It’s just gotta be!

Plus, you’ll be more productive than you’ve ever been. You help everyone you meet. People really like you now. You’re a good person. People tell you that you’re so understanding! You’re happy all the time. Well, not all the time, but most of the time. Well, sometimes you feel happy for a little while, you’ve just got to meditate more, train your brain a little harder, find a new system to embrace, stare at the face of your guru a few more minutes, life hack and mind hack your way to happiness, shun more of those pesky negative emotions, and keep it up. You’ll get there someday, and that’s good enough for now.

Then you write your book. You compile all those experiences you had into a whole new perspective. You’re ready to help people be just like you. You call it: Understanding is for Everyone. People read your book and they understand things better. You’ve made a real difference.

D. You want to transform your life, but you’re supposed to be satisfied. You’re not supposed to analyze your beliefs and assumptions about how things are supposed to be. You feel trapped in the guilt and shame of questioning things for yourself. You don’t want your friends and family to feel bad if you start disagreeing with them. Don’t make waves. Just know that you’re different on the inside, and that’s all that really matters. Even if no one really understands you, at least you’re still a good person, and that’s what matters, right? Do what you’re supposed to do, and don’t think too hard about it.

E. You start thinking for yourself. You let yourself become aware of the assumptions and beliefs at play underneath everything everyone else tells you, and you venture into uncharted waters, beyond the realm of understanding… Into a place where you’re the only arbiter of what’s true or false, real or unreal. Your assumptions and beliefs fall away automatically as you SEE them clearly and realize they don’t contain any truth you can verify at all.

The coolest part is, you get to see for yourself. You get to eat the fucking pizza and find out for yourself just what the hell’s going on. Other people and systems might have pieces of information that help you on your journey, but you walk the journey yourself. After awhile, the realization starts to dawn on you that Life is pretty fucking amazing, regardless of what your circumstances happen to be.

It’s not something you understand. It’s something you know. You don’t have to assume anything or know anything about it at all. It’s just true. Like riding a bike. You don’t have to understand it. You just ride the bike without thinking.


The exercises and material we present through Command Z exists for the sole purpose of helping people move out of the realm of trying to understand, to start the process of seeing through assumptions and beliefs, to initiate the journey of finding out for yourself just what the hell is really going on.

If you feel motivated and resonate with this, try out a guided undoing session. Scroll down to the bottom, click the button, and then use the code: CZOFFER to get your session for $111.

You’ll get to have an experience outside of your interpretations, judgments, ideas, and understanding about things. Once that happens, you can choose to keep going with your journey in whatever way you choose. The cool thing is, you’ll get to eat the pizza yourself, instead of just understanding things other people want you to believe about it.

Enjoy Everything,


What you see here is a visual representation of a collection of many of the words used in the Part 1 PDF included with Radical Undoing 101.

If you’re one of a unique handful of people born with a very particular birth defect known as “ThinkingForYourself,” you’ll be able to get a sense of what the course will do for you, just from looking at this graphic.

If not, it’s best to just let it inspire you, and then dive into the course and see for yourself. You can’t drink wine without opening the bottle. Same goes for your life.

Pull out the cork of tension and fear that blocks your creativity and enjoyment. See what kind of fine liqueur you’ve been fermenting all these years.

Check it out by clicking here.

Andrew, a student and client of many months standing, recently quit his job and has turned his boss into a freelance client, charging more money than he had previously made as an employee, and freeing himself up for more independent and creative work. Here’s what he has to say about how his experience of radical undoing helped inspire the shift:

One result of the Radical Undoing work I’ve noticed is the heightened experience of discomfort in situations I have grown accustomed to, but which no longer seem to benefit me. Sometimes this discomfort inspires a burst of activity in which easy solutions emerge for situations that previously seemed difficult.

Other times, the growing unwillingness to tolerate an inauthentic situation inspires an urgent desire to simply walk away. For example, I may have hated my job for years without actually doing anything about it. After some undoing sessions I may find the job causes so much discomfort that I can’t help but drop it completely, almost as an organic reflex.

This experience recently led me to a confrontation with what I had previously labelled “security”. I realised, alongside some anxiety, that I had tolerated miserable employment situations for years, believing that they provided essential security. What I had called “security” had been revealed as a prolonged emergency state that justified dependence.

The process of undoing seems to include a gradual demonstration that I’m always at risk of catastrophe, regardless of whether I’m braced for an emergency or not. Undoing may increase the motivation to let causes of discomfort fall away. The absence of preparedness allows space for new sensations and movements. Among other things, this appears to increase the potential for experiencing genuine joy.

Similarly, I recently saw through the expectation that “security” requires the regular delivery of apparent value from a centralised source (my job). Acting on this realisation allows space for me to engage in a decentralised range of enthusiasm-based endeavours over which I have more control. The anxiety associated with my employer-dependent job now outweighs the anxiety associated with the uncertain life of the freelancer. Opting to embrace unknown outcomes, rather than the continuation of restrictive work patterns, seems far more likely to inspire a joyful sense of adventure.


A brief selection from Garrett’s course booklet for the Student’s Choice Course. (Course unavailable. It was done live with no recording.)

The war between the true artist and Resistance is a war without end, thankfully. Without Resistance, no artist would ever get out of bed, let alone create magnificence on perpetual display in the museum of life.

 –Mr. G

As I repeat so often and fondly:


Find a place to park your rickshaw. Come inside and pull up a chair.

The show is about to begin.


Now that you’ve found yourself, or even better, found out that you have no self, the real work begins. Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve gotten deep into your body. You’ve done a lot of face stretching and some other radical undoing exercises. You’ve felt the simultaneous magnificence and horror of life in a body, and you’ve really started to enjoy it.


Now it’s time to take responsibility and create a life out of nothing. What does that mean? It means that you have no morality, no template of fixed responses to the circumstances of your life and no real basis for making decisions anymore.

You used to let fear guide you. Yes, you did. Now you don’t even have that as a guide anymore. The great absurdity of life and death are one and the same to you. Without a constant fear of death, how can you make any movements? How can you make any decisions?

Many have fallen from this precipice into lives of depravity, boredom, sociopathy. This isn’t necessary. You can spare yourself those fates.

But how?

By letting go of the past…anchoring yourself firmly in your body…and following joy and awe wherever they may lead you. The treasures of life are within your reach. Wrap your arms around yourself and you have found what every earnest seeker has sought. Close your eyes and stare into that profound darkness. Everything you find there is yours to keep forever.


Whenever you find yourself becoming a willing victim of past circumstances, events, people, places and things, try to locate these items in your immediate surroundings.

Do you see them anywhere? Can you pick them up and hold them?

No. They are ghosts and nothing more.

Every time these ghosts of yours show up to haunt you, look around and try to find them. Yes, there might be items in your home that keep the ghosts anchored there. Identify these items by how you feel when you look upon them. Then, exorcise your area by destroying the items. When it feels the worst, you’re gaining the most power.

Once you banish these ghost magnets to your local garbage abyss, they can never haunt you again. This is the beginning of letting go of the past: ridding yourself of the magnets you use to hold it in place.

It could be anything: a shirt, an old photo, a letter, a book…

You know what I’m talking about. You know how things make you feel. When they make you feel “bad,”


If you want to take this exorcise to the next level, deliberately place new items in your home, office, and everywhere else you consider your domain. Make every item count. Choose things that inspire and enthuse you. Let’s call these: MIRRORS OF JOY.

Fill your spaces with mirrors of joy. Feel how these items fill you with excitement. Hang them on your wall. Wear them. Read them. Enjoy.

This is what the New Agers wish they could understand when they tell you: LIVE IN THE PRESENT. The present is an ever-fluctuating stream that you can embed with codes to enhance your experience.

Create a space you can really love and enjoy, and that space will feed and nourish you constantly.

Fill it with sorrowful items, and that’s what you’ll get for dinner every night.

For Gawd’s Sake, Feel Good!

Register for the Course Here.

PS: If you’re wondering what C.L.A.W. stands for, you’ll have to find out in the course PDF… I’ll give you a hint. The “C” stands for Creativity. Can you guess the other 3? If you can, you win free access to the course.

Speak Up!

“Say what you mean, and mean what you say. I do.”

-Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland

When was the last time you yelled?

I don’t mean the last time you raised your voice in an argument, or shouted “go team” at a Civil War reenactment; I mean really, truly, honest to whatever-god-you-believe-in, full release, orgasmically yelled?

Probably not too recently. In fact, the very idea is enough to trigger anxiety in some people. (“Who would hear me? What would people think? Would the police come knocking down my door? What if they thought I was—*gasp*—weird?”)

And you know what else? Most people can’t do it. Even if you parachuted them into the middle of a desert, hundreds of miles away from any other “civilized” human, and promised them water, food and a jeep chauffeured by Henry Rollins if they just, for once in their lives, yelled like they meant it—they could not.

We all carry the consequences of our upbringing into the most wild of wildernesses. For most of us, that means we speak quietly, politely, and carry loads of tension in our necks, jaws, and throats to make sure we never make any of those sounds that got us into such trouble as children. We choke ourselves off, afraid of what we might say, afraid of making a mistake, of incurring the wrath of our caretakers—who are now long gone, but still haunt our psyches in the form of the deep, chronic tension they left behind.

Now before you start formulating arguments against the desirability of a culture in which people yell at each other all the time, I should be clear that that’s not what I’m suggesting. The problem isn’t that we’re not yelling, it’s that we can’t. And what that means, fundamentally, is that our self expression is restricted—and that means a lot more than keeping our voices down.

We’re afraid of being impolite, of saying the wrong thing, of what the “other person” might think about what we say. Our chronic muscular tensions seats a Greek chorus of self-doubt and second guessing.

So we limit ourselves. We think about what we say before we say it. We run it by the chorus and ask, “Is this safe? Would you be upset? Does this sound stupid?” And in the process, we restrict our self-expression to what we think is safe, culturally and socially acceptable, and put our true convictions, our true creativity, our deep, organic authenticity in a cage.

To break out of that cage, you need to dissolve the muscle tension where it lives. Without that opening, nothing else can happen. But with that opening, anything can happen.

In the video accompanying this post, I provide a few simple but powerful techniques to get that process started NOW.

The expressions of the “voice”—singing, speaking, writing, any type of self-expression—represent the only means you have of building a bridge between who you are inside to how the world outside sees you. It’s your responsibility to build that bridge, to allow yourself to be authentically expressive, without fear and apprehension about what others might think.

We’ll be going into more detail on the neck, throat, and jaw–how to detense them, and how that detensing relates to sex, anxiety, and enlightenment–in our upcoming student’s choice course.(Course no longer available.)

Until then, say what you mean, and mean what you say. I do.


Garrett conducting his first workshop in the olden days.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of you reading this have faced some dissatisfaction with what you have to do to make money. This is a common ailment in civilized cultures around the world. Hillary Clinton once commented that modern forms of work have become an epidemic affecting millions of people.

Every individual has to face this disease on his or her own terms. You have to decide if you feel truly satisfied with what you do to make money. If you’re one of the lucky or valiant few who’ve found a job you really like, I applaud you. But, if you’re like me, and you have a hard time working for other people in situations you’d rather not be in, I have some good news for you.

Going out on your own to do freelancing and/or starting a business is way easier than you might think. We’ve almost all been trained in school to be good workers, to follow orders and to leave most of our important life decisions in the hands of others. Unfortunately, not everyone has your best interests in mind.

I stumbled into freelancing and doing business almost by accident. It started with helping people with their writing projects and editing papers for others. Then, a friend turned me on to some online content-production companies who pay freelance writers. Finally, I undid myself so much and fell in love with the process of breaking free that I knew I had to start a business passing on my knowledge and experience to other individuals like myself.

The process took a number of years, and I failed many times. Those failures all became fertilizer for my next attempts, until finally, I started making it work. A lot of things in life work that way.

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Check out this video I made about the Spirit of the Entrepreneur and how to make money doing workshops. After you watch the video, read on, and I’ll go into a bit more detail about getting paid to do simple workshops and teaching people how to do things you love to do.

To find out more about the Esozone Codex and The Spirit of the Entrepreneur training, click on the links in this sentence.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out the Art of Not Giving a Fuck guide to business and work to establish a new foundation for your efforts, aimed at personal freedom and self-defined success, and the NGF Workshop on how to put on your own workshops for money.

I’ve covered the following points before, but they bear repeating over and over in as many places as possible.

The Basic Formula of Making Money Doing Workshops

1. Identify Hobbies, Interests and Passions

It’s a simple as taking a look at what you get excited about. What kinds of hobbies do you spend your time on? Even if you enjoy searching around online, there are people who would love to learn how to do it. Make a list of 11 things you like to do. Don’t worry yet if those things are profitable or not, we’ll deal with that later.

2. Make a list of types of people who might want to learn what you love to do.

For each item you listed in #1, make a list of the types of people who might pay you to teach them how to do the things you’re passionate about doing. Get as specific as you can with these types. Are they 65 year old women who want to learn how to use email, facebook and skype to stay in touch with family? Are they 35 year old men who are making $100,000 per year at office jobs who want to learn how to break out as freelance consultants?

Identify who these people are and where they spend their time, online and off.

3. Pre-Test the Ideas for Profitability. (Thanks to Ramit Sethi for his teachings on this one.)

For each group of people you’ve identified above, ask the following questions:

1. Are they able to pay for your services?

2. Are they willing to pay?

4. Go to where the groups of people spend time and talk to them.

If you answered yes to the above two questions in, choose your favorite idea of those that passed the test. Make a list of places the target audience spends their time. Go there and meet those people. Tell them about your ideas and potential services. If you can reach them online, send them emails and find out what you can do for them by getting clear on what it is they really want. More advanced stages of this include setting up a website, online surveys and research, and other techniques. For now, just go find people and talk to them about what they want in relation to the skills, knowledge, and resources you have to offer.

Find out if these people really want what it is you have to offer.

5. Build a workshop, service, and/or product out of your idea.

This can be a workshop like the one provided in the Esozone Codex, it can be a how-to PDF, or it can be an individualized service like teaching people how to write better, use computers or how to workout for maximum weight loss and muscle tone. Make sure you get excited about what you’re doing. Your excitement will add great value to your product or service.

6. Tell People About Your Workshop

Set a date, time and location for your workshop. We can help you with all the details in a Spirit of the Entrepreneur session, the Esozone Codex, and personal undoing sessions and training. Basically, you go to the places where your target market spend time, find out what they really want, craft an offer based on your findings, and put your offer in front of them. Talk to folks about it. Put up flyers. Put ads on local listings online and in local papers. Find teachers, leaders, and other network hubs in your market and create win-win situations for them, their clients, and yourself. Be creative and come up with other ways to share your offering with people.

It’s as simple as that!

It really is that simple. Trust that you’ll learn and adapt as necessary along the way. If you ever have any questions, find people who are doing something similar to you and ask them how they do it. You can learn anything you need to know, just like you did when you were learning about your hobby, interest or passion. Once you make sharing your knowledge and value with other people one of your passions, making money will excite you just as much as your other interests.

A Very Cool Secret…

A cool secret about all of this is:

When you make money doing something you love, you win at every stage of the game. You’ll always be satisfied with what you’re spending your time on. When the money starts to flow, it feels even better. You’ll know that for every dollar you make, you have added value to someone else’s life, and your own.

Why Make Money Doing Workshops?

Here’s why:

1. You get over your fears of public speaking and performance.

2. You get to directly interact with other people who share your interests and passions.

3. You learn the material you teach in much greater depth and detail than you would otherwise.

4. It’s a lot of fun.

5. You can increase the value of what you’re teaching and start charging a lot more for your workshops as you gain experience.

There are a hell of a lot of other benefits you’ll get out of putting on workshops, but I want you to experience those for yourself.

Best of luck in your journey of expansion and fulfillment.



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