kate says:

i actually kind of happened upon your site at one point and just signed up. where could i get some understanding as to what this course is actually about?



that is a great question, kate. we will have a live q & a session on justin.tv/radicalundoing on friday january 14, 2011 from 2 to 3 pm PST. also, you can ask specific questions here and we will happily leave answers in the comments section for others to benefit from as well.

the course serves as an introduction to the radical undoing work. it will provide tangible exercises, concepts, and techniques you can use to get in touch with yourself. all the techniques we recommend have one purpose. that purpose is to point you back at yourself as the source of all truth.

most people in the enlightenment, spirituality, and self development businesses will serve you heaping portions of bullshit to keep you seeking forever outside yourself.

these techniques become yours as soon as you do them. the truth you experience is your truth. this three-part course gives a bit of a framework for putting aside seeking, spirituality, and beliefs once and for all. then it begins. what begins? you begin.

the three parts can be likened to this:

1. see what is going on.

2. destroy everything false.

3. deal with the wreckage.

for example: stretch your face for 5-10 minutes. do it very slowly. move and stretch all parts of it. as you begin to stretch, you will start to “see” what the exercise does for you. you will notice all the tension that gets held in the face…all the tension it takes to wear masks for other people all day, all week, all month and all life long.

next, you will, by stretching the face, start to break apart, or destroy, some bits of that tension. as the tension breaks apart, so do the masks you have been wearing. what awaits you under all the masks?

finally, by the end of the process of face stretching for 10 whole minutes, sense and feel what is going on in your face. don’t interpret the sensations. instead, just notice them. sensing and feeling the experience of the face after the stretching process is a form of “dealing with the wreckage.”

think of how this might apply to other areas of your body and other areas of your life.


UPDATE: 1.29.2011 Course Registration is now closed. If you still wish to attend, email us at: info@radicalundoing.com to let us know. We may be able to make room for you.

you are invited our first online course offering.

this three part course cycle will begin on saturday, feb. 5, 2011, and continue on the following two saturdays. class is from 2pm to 4pm each day.

each webinar will be two hours long and will be preceded one week in advance by a pdf course pamphlet (delivered to participants via email) containing original content, illustrations, assignments, experiments, and physical undoing exercise series pertaining to the theme of that portion of the course:

feb. 5: contraction, condensation, bitterness

feb. 12: expansion, force, evaporation

feb. 17: integration, circulation, equilibrium

the actual class time will include interactive discussion regarding the assignments that participants will already have completed, demonstrations of the physical exercises that participants will complete in the week after the webinar, questions and answers, etc.

the course will run on justin.tv

we will be hosting a free q & a session and test run on our justin.tv site on January 14 from 2 to 3 pm PST. all are welcome to attend. you will need a justin.tv free account to sign in to the chat.

classes will be protected by a password that participants will receive upon paying their full registration fee.

visit justin.tv to set up a free account before January 28. familiarize yourself with the website and visit the radical undoing justin.tv site here. bookmark that page. you will login there with the password on class days.

wednesday, october 20, 2010.

this evening we will be hosting the first of our weekly radical undoing & energized meditation classes in ojai, ca.

the class will be every wednesday from 5-6 pm at sacred space studio, 410 bryant circle, suite a.

each participant’s first class is free; subsequent classes are on a sliding scale from ten to twenty dollars.

see you there.

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